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Dez Bryant made yet another ridiculous touchdown catch, and this one helped the Dallas Cowboys build on their lead against the Green Bay Packers.
Dallas blew a 26-3 halftime lead and was only up 29-24 following a Green Bay TD, but Bryant made a superb play to give the Cowboys a touchdown on third down. If you prefer to not save the image you want to print on your own computer, you can print it directly from your browser window. In some instances, you can simply click one time on the picture you want to print and then choose the print option for your browser.

If the drop down menu that pops up when you right-click on the image does not have a print option, choose to view the image and it will open on a browser page all by itself and you can print it that way. Romo just threw a pass to him on third down and hoped he could make a play, and he did by reaching over a defender for the score.
Don't worry about all those pesky ads and other unwanted items on the page, in most instances you can print only the picture you desire. The print option can usually be chosen by opening the File Menu and then clicking Print, or by clicking the print button, if it is available, in your browser window.

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