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When we go on our road trips, not all of our destinations are necessarily known to draw tourists.
That was where we found ourselves last night - in a small town halfway through the lower part of the  Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
The only restaurant in town was Bob's Big Boy and we were greeted by a giant moose dressed as Bob. For some reason, there was a moose dressed in another outfit in front of our hotel as well. This is the view that we saw from the car 90-percent of the time as we drove through the Upper Peninsula, which is sparsely populated. As we were driving, I saw a young bear cub romping toward the trees and the beach - pretty cool! We crossed into Wisconsin and stopped by a small restaurant that is a favorite among locals.
There were many types of cheese and while my husband likes trying out unique flavors, I figured that he wasn't up to having chocolate cheese fudge. An piece of a tree trunk makes a nice planter for annual flowers at the entrance to the Green Bay Botanical Garden.

As my loved ones know, when I am in a garden, I tend to walk off and disappear as I take pictures of plants. Curve your garden paths to add interest and a bit of mystery as to what is around the bend. I have a list of plants that I would love to have in my garden - but that do not grow in my desert climate. The Green Bay Botanical Gardens were filled with flowering peonies in a myriad of different colors. I have photographed peonies on previous trips, but I've never had the opportunity to see so many different-colored peonies in one place. Peonies bloom once a year in late spring into early summer depending on the variety and climate.
While peonies will grow in most climates, but they need cold temperatures in winter, so they do not grow well in zones 9 and above. Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra spectabilis) are another flowering plant that I would grow, if I could.
While I have seen trellises created from branches before, I think this is the best one I have seen.

Blue-flowering plants help to visually cool the garden, which can be welcome during the warm summer months. From a design standpoint, I like how a strip of blue phlox was planted to divide two separate plantings - don't you? Wild red columbine was planted throughout the garden, in order to attract ruby-throated hummingbirds, which is the only hummingbird species found in Wisconsin. From a decorated gate, a raised deck encircled with etched glass with the Packer emblem and a giant football statue - the neighborhood has it all. Advertising Disclosure: AZ Plant Lady may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services (including Amazon Services LLC), or your clicking on links posted on this website, at no extra charge to you.

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