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Pegmatite: Pegmatite is an igneous rock composed almost entirely of crystals that are over one centimeter in diameter. Topaz on albite: A crystal of imperial topaz on an albite matrix from a pocket in the Katlang Pegmatite of Pakistan. Pegmatites are extreme igneous rocks that form during the final stage of a magmaa€™s crystallization.
To be called a a€?pegmatite,a€? a rock should be composed almost entirely of crystals that are at least one centimeter in diameter.
Most pegmatites have a composition that is similar to granite with abundant quartz, feldspar, and mica.
Pegmatites are sometimes sources of valuable minerals such as spodumene (an ore of lithium) and beryl (an ore of beryllium) that are rarely found in economic amounts in other types of rocks. Giant spodumene crystals: Molds of giant spodumene crystals at the Etta Mines, Black Hills, Pennington County, South Dakota.
Himalaya pegmatite: A specimen of the Himalaya Pegmatite of San Diego County, California, that is famous for yielding gem- and mineral-specimen-quality tourmaline and other fine crystals.

The extreme conditions of crystallization sometimes produce crystals that are several meters in length and weigh over one ton. For example: a large crystal of spodumene at the Etta Mine in South Dakota was 42 feet long, 5 feet in diameter and yielded 90 tons of spodumene! Crabtree pegmatite: One of the most interesting pegmatites is the Crabtree Pegmatite of western North Carolina.
Because these dikes and pockets are small in size, the mining operations that exploit them are also small. In the early stages of crystallization, the ions that form high-temperature minerals are depleted from the melt.
Rare elements concentrated in large crystals make pegmatite a potential source of valuable ore. Rock & Mineral Kits: Get a rock, mineral, or fossil kit to learn more about Earth materials.
When viewing natural granite slabs one can easily fall in love with the virtual work of art that Mother Nature created over millions of years only to lose some of that love when it is cut up into the shapes and parts required to create a kitchen or bath countertop.

These are sometimes called a€?granite pegmatitesa€? to indicate their mineralogical composition. This is a pocket piece with feldspar, smoky quartz, cleavelandite, and a fantastic multicolor tourmaline crystal.
It is a granitic pegmatite that intrudes the boundary between two rock units in a dike that is up to two meters wide. Not so when used on shower walls, as the parts are quite often much larger than in countertop applications so the beauty and drama you imagined when looking at the slabs is still there, and even enhanced when installed on your bathroom shower. You should be mind full that natural granite is somewhat porous by nature so the use of a good sealer, such as Hoffman Kitchen & Bath's exclusive Firstline® sealers and care products, should be used to maintain the original beauty of a natural granite shower wall system.

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