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The Chicago Bulls shocked the Miami Heat on Wednesday night, ending their 27-game winning streak. Here’s a look at the 10 best, ranked in no specific order (except for the Best of the Best). Back To The Future 2 was right!… It’s October and the Cubbie are in the playoffs! Here’s your chance to support their bromance and start-up company as they put the DING in DINGER!
So as you might already notice, aside from bogging and working online, basketball is also a big part of my daily life and habit. I also play fantasy basketball and I did call my team Baguio Beans before adding a touch of ferocity and naming it Baguio Beanstalkers.
Danny Granger = Granny Danger – a picture of an old lady holding a 12-gauge shotgun.
For 10 years Clark taught children with Autism and Down syndrome, a job she fell into when assigned to be a substitute teacher in a special-education classroom. Growing up in Lake Forest, an affluent Chicago suburb, Clark was the only African-American student in her high school until her senior year.
When Clark tells people she's from Lake Forest, a neighborhood that according to 2010 census data is 90 percent caucasian, they ask if her father is a member of the Chicago Bulls. Clark's father is an acting, wrestling, ex-football playing army veteran who once chopped down 70 trees in 3 hours and served as Muhammad Ali's personal bodyguard.
Growing up the child of a celebrity, Clark learned from a young age to make light of unusual situations--like watching a coked up Hulk Hogan accidentally crash through your dining room table over Thanksgiving dinner.

Recently Clark stood in front of over 600 people in a room as resplendent as her father's once trademark gold chains. Clark was one of ten writers who won the Moth GrandSLAM, an annual competition held by The Moth, a non-profit dedicated to the art of storytelling. GrandSLAM winners tell a shorter version of their winning story at the Moth's annual fundraiser in New York City, The Moth Ball.
Erica Clark was one of ten writers who won the Moth GrandSLAM, an annual competition held by The Moth, a non-profit dedicated to the art of storytelling.
Clark recounted the time her mother, Phyllis Clark, tried to strangle her teacher for claiming that Clark couldn't keep up with the other students in her Lake Forest class. Despite her father's wishes Clark has wanted to go into entertainment since she was little.
Clark is a regular on Chicago's competitive stand-up comedy circuit, has performed across the country, and also hosts a morning radio show in Chicago.
Clark credits working with special needs students as teaching her life is better when you don't worry about what other people think and just have fun. Going forward Clark plans to continue doing stand-up, storytelling, radio programs and perhaps some guest appearances on TV shows. This site is NOT an official website, nor affiliate, for any universities, colleges, professional sports organizations, corporate entities, or the NCAA. I love watching basketball games online, via cable TV and even at our local basketball gym. More and more is being added daily but for this year and season, I will stick with my above favorite list.

I play basketball early in the morning at our local court, watch basketball at night or whenever possible and play fantasy basketball online when time permits me too. Erica Clark, 37, couldn't help but smile as the girl finished eating what she'd unabashedly taken off the shelf.
Last year she stopped teaching to pursue her burgeoning stand-up comedy career and she took something of them with her. Founded by writer George Dawes Green in 1997, The Moth hosts a popular radio program as well as numerous live, storytelling events and competitions. Perhaps what's most impressive is that she's done so with a permanence of selfhood rivaled only perhaps by her father's hairstyle—which he's maintained in a West African Warrior Mandinka cut since 1977. I even watch and follow closely basketball updates today either on PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) or NBA (National Basketball Association).
During summer barangays hold a basketball tournament and I m amazed how they get inspiration in naming their teams. When she finally did pick up her father curtly asked how she was, neglecting to mention the text. Clark doesn't cater to what may be expected of her as a female or African-American comedian.

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