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We recommend contacting Florida State University directly for more information about these costs. If you plan on taking nine or ten part-time credits, look at costs for full-time tuition as well.
Capella University offers CCNE-accredited online MSN and RN-to-MSN programs that are grounded in best academic and clinical practices and aligned to the needs of today’s nursing employers.
The online Master of Science in Nursing through Georgetown University’s School of Nursing & Health Studies allows you to tailor your education to your own unique career goals. The education market for Online Master of Science in Nursing Programs (also referred to as MSN online programs) is growing rapidly. Capella University offers CCNE-accredited online MSN and RN-to-MSN programs that are grounded in best academic and clinical practices and aligned to the needs of today’s nursing employers. This list is comprised of the best options available for earning an Online Master of Science in Nursing. Executive Summary: Georgetown is another prominent private university that has begun offering online graduate nursing programs. Executive Summary: Johns Hopkins University, one of the top medical schools in the world, now offers an online Master of Science in Nursing degree. Executive Summary: Western Governors University (WGU) is a respected nonprofit university that aims to provide excellent and affordable higher education opportunities to hardworking adults, in a flexible format . Unique Features: WGU sets itself apart by being competency-based, rather than credit hour-based. Executive Summary: Duke University, another of the most respected medical schools in the world, has recently embraced the medium of online education.
Executive Summary: Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and its nursing department is accredited by the Collegiate Commission on Nursing Education. Tuition: Graduate program tuition at Capella University is $375 per credit hour toward an Online Master of Science in Nursing degree. Executive Summary: Founded in the aftermath of the great depression, Kaplan University has always believed that education should  be available to all. Unique Features: Kaplan University caters to students from all walks of life- professionals seeking to advance their career, military personnel stationed abroad, and even stay-at-home moms. Executive Summary: With a 30 year history of providing advanced education for RNs, Loyola knows what RNs need from a MSN degree to advance in their career through further study of their specialty or making the transition into another aspect of nursing. Executive Summary: The University of Florida is one of the nation’s most prominent public research universities.
Tuition: Estimated tuition for the graduate nursing programs at UF is $11,954 per year for residents and $29,347 per year for non-residents.
Executive Summary: The University of Texas-Tyler Online offers students the opportunity to earn their degree from a respected public institution. In a few weeks Katy Winter will graduate with a master’s degree science administration, specializing in healthcare administration from the University of West Florida. Complementing her graduate degree is the bachelor’s degree she earned previously in health care administration, also from UWF.
While in high school, the Gulf Breeze native took advantage of dual enrollment programs at Pensacola State College, won a Bright Futures scholarship and was fortunate her father paid for her undergraduate degree. But when she decided to attend graduate school, her father said he would lend her the money, but she would have to repay the loan. While that’s a lot of money for Winter, a 23-year-old contract manager at the Escambia County Health Department, she is among the fortunate. Her relatively low student debt, coupled with her $36,000 annual salary, puts her in a much better financial position to pay off her loans than most students just out of college. Conversely, the typical UWF graduate today walks away with a diploma in one hand and a debt of some $20,000 in the other, says Shana Gore, director of UWF’s Office of Financial Aid. And that figure doesn’t include student loans secured through private lenders, such as Sallie Mae and participating banks and credit unions. Even that large a figure is below the national average of just under $30,000, according to the U.S. Overall, there are some 40 million Americans with an astounding $1.2 trillion in outstanding student loans.

And that figure is growing, Gore says, as colleges and universities continue to raise tuition and other costs as a result of sharp cuts in state, federal and private sector funding. Heavy debt loads are a millstone around the necks of millennials and other young, post-college age workers who, as a result, postpone home purchases, childbearing and marriages. Winter is no different; she is taking a large percentage of her salary every month to repay her father.
Otherd say college debt also is stifling young people who want to start a business or engage in something entrepreneurial.
As the numbers grow, and the economy suffers, colleges, universities and students themselves are fighting back, taking a proactive approach to managing and mitigating student debt. That form compiles financial information about the student and their family, and is used by UWF’s Financial Aid office to determine eligibility for federal student loans, state grants and work-study programs.
Financial literacy is becoming more prominent in high schools, and even some middle schools, says Patty Veal, director of public relations for Pen Air Federal Credit Union. Pen Air sponsors a sponsors a financial academy at Washington High School, and under its Biz Kids Program offers resources to teachers, including a 65-episode, DVD boxed-set that form a curriculum for high school teachers to instruct students on managing finances and student debt.
In 2014, Veal said Pen Air donated 41 of the professionally produced box sets to area schools.
Although use of the DVD set is voluntary, Veal said, “I do know in Florida there are proposals on the table to have financial literacy mandated at high school level. UWF also offers financial literacy events twice in fall and twice in spring where all students are invited. Each college and university participating in the federal student loan program is given an annual default rate, along with the number of borrowers who are current with their repayment. For the University of West Florida, the student loan default rate has averaged around 9.5 percent over the past several years. UWF keeps an eye on its default rate and has access to demographic data that can help determine which students and graduates are likely to go into default on their loans. Gore said she also frequently sees students trying to buy a house, but are in default on their student loan, and, thus, are precluded from closing the sale. Often, students will need more than $5,500 a year, and turn to private lenders, a move that UWF discourages.
Another aspect of teaching students financial literacy is ensuring college graduates have a realistic expectation of what their salaries will be once out in the real world.
The latest data from the Florida Board of Governors’ office shows the median wages of undergraduates employed in the Sunshine State one year after graduation is $32,900.
With no end in sight to rising tuition costs, along with associated living expenses for college students, Gore says she is encouraged by some positive trends among parents and students.
Rick Harper, assistant vice president, and director of the Office of Economic Development and Engagement, said this cost-conscious trend among students and parents is taking hold at UWF and at Pensacola State College.
It describes salaries, employment prospects, typical student loan levels, and other information pertaining to various programs of study at Florida’s public education institutions.
The average annual federal student loan debt of $4,600 carried in 2011-12 by a UWF student was about 16 percent less than the state average, Harper’s data shows. Gore said student debt, and frequency of borrowing, is on the down trend as student and parents try to stretch available dollars in the face of rising higher education costs. These courses are designed for students that would like to earn credit toward their undergraduate degree, but require the flexibility of a self-paced learning environment.
Some of the most prominent names in nursing education have begun to offer online programs for nurses seeking advancement in their careers through further education.
A graduate nursing degree from any of these schools will be of great value for any nurse seeking to advance his or her career in the field and the plethora of options offered between all the schools listed ensures that any nurse considering a Master of Science in Nursing Degree will find an attractive option listed.
Georgetown was founded in 1789 and is one one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious private universities. News and World Report’s National Universities ranking, Georgetown is the nation’s oldest Catholic university and offers students personal attention from world class faculty, and four distinct Master of Science in Nursing programs designed to suit the individual student’s needs. WGU offers students four Online Master of Science in Nursing program tracks: MS Nursing Education, MS Nursing Leadership, MS Nursing Education (RN-MSN option) and MS Nursing Leadership (RN-MSN option). The Master of Science in Nursing program at Duke is one of the best, as expected of a world class university.

It strives to provide exceptional education to the adult learner, equipping them to be the best in their professional field. This type of  curriculum allows students to acquire the most in-demand skills and expertise in their field, providing them with the competitive edge that will translate into a successful career. Drexel is ranked #2 in Student Services and Technology, and Student Engagement and Accreditation by U.S. They continue to live out that philosophy today by providing innovative educational programs which equip their diverse student body for successful and dynamic careers. Kaplan offers small class sizes to allow faculty to focus time on each student, providing for an exceptionally satisfied student body.
Loyola isn’t just in the business of pumping out degrees, they are in the business of making leaders.
News and World Report, their online Master of Science in Nursing program is ranked #7 in Student Engagement and Accreditation, #2 in Faculty Credentials and Training, and #1 in Student Services and Technology, making it the all around highest rated program on the honor roll. Founded in 1853, UF is the oldest university in the state of Florida and prides itself on having been one of the top universities in the state throughout its century and a half of operation. News and World Report ranks UF the 54th best university in the nation, the 44th best nursing school, and its Online Master of Science in Nursing program is well-respected. The program, intended for working professionals, is ideal for students that need to bend their pursuit of an MSN program around their busy, fluctuating schedules. News and World Report’s top 100 western universities and its online MSN degree is ranked #3 for Student Engagement and Accreditation on U.S. She will graduate with a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of West Florida in a few weeks. Students approved for federal loans, which are not collateralized, also must maintain at least a 2.0 grade average and complete at least 67 percent of the courses they attempt.
Rick Scott signed a law requiring that an Economic Security Report be published annually by Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity. Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, authored the bill to provide families with the information they need to make the best choices about education alternatives, Harper said. Some prominent schools are Johns Hopkins, Duke, and Georgetown among many other quality options for online nursing masters programs. A respected institution such as Johns Hopkins offering an MSN online is good not only for nursing students studying in that program, but for all nurses pursuing an online MSN because it further validates the online medium of education in the field. Anybody fortunate enough to enroll in this program will enjoy the benefits, both personal and professional, that accompany a world class education.
That translates into students being able to draw on real-world experience they already have, to complete their assessments faster, which in turn saves money. Capella offers eight total MS Nursing tracks, including four for the student holding their BSN: Diabetes Nursing, General Nursing, Nurse Educator, and Nursing Leadership and Administration.
Drexel’s academic commitment is to creating highly competent professionals that are prepared to go above and beyond the expectations of their employers and has been successful in this endeavor.
The MS Nursing program at Kaplan offers four tracks: Executive Leader or Informatics track, Nurse Educator, Family Nurse Practitioner and Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner.
Loyola University New Orleans is also ranked the #9 university in the southern region by U.S. The feedback we’re getting has been very positive, and the students love learning this way. Johns Hopkins offers a quality, comprehensive education for nurses seeking to take their career to the next level. The opportunity to earn an online graduate nursing degree from one of the world’s best universities is rare, and expensive, but few degrees carry as much weight.
It requires that no state agency, including state universities, can recognize same-sex marriages. This includes recognition for the purposes of in-state tuition as outlined by Florida law," according to a statement by Joshua D.

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