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I applied to FSU in the middle of December and got an acceptance call in the beginning of January (roughly 3 weeks).
If anyone is going to the admitted students day tomorrow and wants to grab a beer I'm staying at aloft, send me a pm. The restoration of four turn-of-the-century (1850's) homes and their relocation to the FSU campus on Phase I and the design of an addition to the College of Law, containing classrooms and offices on Phase II. Rodriguez and Quiroga is a professional association dedicated to the practice of architecture, urban design and interior design. Our faculty adds value by delivering a program of study that prepares students to enter the worlds of law, business, or government at the highest possible level.
My app just went complete yesterday.I am pretty sure this thread is intended for those who have decided they're attending FSU Law and have committed for this coming fall. Currently exploring my housing options.Does anyone know of any admitted student events besides the one coming up on the 23rd?
The school encourages close working relationships among students and faculty; expert faculty members are accessible to students and teach them outside of the classroom as well as inside the classroom.
Students may also design their curriculum to gain in-depth knowledge of United States law in fields such as commercial law, environmental law, intellectual property, administrative law, international law, and other areas.
More than 30 student and service organizations allow students to become leaders at the law school and active participants in the legal community. Students benefit not only from working with the law school’s outstanding faculty and students, but also by establishing professional relationships with other LLM students from around the world.
The Student Bar Association serves an active student government role and coordinates many law school-sponsored social activities, community projects, and programs.
I went by the school this weekend but I really want the guided tour to get a better look at things. It's going to be a weird adjustment, but since I have real ties to UF it's garnet and gold for me from now on!Now that the application process is drawing to a close I'm bringing my focus to bear on more worldly concerns, namely getting my financial situation figured out, securing housing, and considering how much prep work I want to do to curb my anxiety and (hopefully) get me ready for the rigors of being a 1L. The Student Bar Association received the 2010 Public Interest National Achievement Award from the Law Student Division of the American Bar Association and in 2012 received the Henry J. I only applied to a few schools, UF included, but I still am on the 'pending' list for UF and don't expect to receive any scholarship aid. Located in Tallahassee, a city with more than 500 law firms and numerous government agencies, Florida State University College of Law is just steps away from the Florida State Capitol, the Florida Supreme Court, and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida.
Each student works with a faculty adviser to design a curriculum that best meets the needs and goals of the student.

I didn't see a view like that anywhere when driving by this past weekend.The building in the picture is the law school. I'm not super familiar with the city, but I can tell you that the area around Tallahassee abounds with opportunities for fun beyond partying and boozing. Law School Enrollment More than 600 students are currently enrolled at the Florida State University College of Law.
LLM students are fully integrated into the Florida State University law school community, beginning with a program that includes not only classes to introduce LLM students to the American legal system and the culture of legal study in the United States, but also social events to initiate relationships with faculty, administrators, and other students in the law school community. Perhaps this travels down from the professors—FSU “has a knack for recruiting talent,” apparently—who have a tremendous following amongst the students. Students must successfully complete at least 24 credits in order to attain the degree, which is normally completed in one year.
In 2008, 2009, and 2012 the Law Student Division selected Florida State as the “SBA of the Year.” Career Services The law school provides assistance to law students, graduates, and legal employers through its Placement Office. The Gulf of Mexico, including the best beaches on the planet (Panama City Beach) are just a couple of hours away.
Students have access to a list of more than 600 alumni who have volunteered to be available to answer questions about job search strategies and networking. The moot court team, coached by “engaged alumni and Tallahassee lawyers” is on a winning streak. I'm from west of Tallahassee, so I'm looking forward to being closer to Jacksonville and Orlando. Students also are encouraged to take advantage of the law school’s individual career counseling services.
My favorite sports team is playing the Jaguars this year, so hopefully I can make it to the game.Now, as for me, now that I am committed, I've begun my search for a residence in earnest.
Students also have the opportunity, depending on their performance in the LLM program, to apply as a transfer student to the College’s JD program.
That’s probably why [we] received the best SBA award two years running,” surmises a student. Classrooms are equipped with technology podiums that allow professors to present multimedia lectures. A strong wireless infrastructure allows students to utilize the Internet throughout campus.
The College of Law offers academic counseling (including a written manual on understanding bar requirements) for LLM students seeking to tailor their curriculum to meet the requirements necessary to take the bar examination in particular jurisdictions.

Though the buildings are admittedly “not the best facilities” and definitely “need improvement,” the school is “making improvements slowly,” and students appreciate this year’s big changes now that the massive courthouse across the street has become part of the law school. For specific questions on the requirements for bar admission in particular states, students should consult the bar admission agency in the jurisdiction involved. The distinctive feature of the Research Center is that its faculty proactively trains students and other faculty members to produce highly sophisticated, cost-effective legal research. For example, the Research Center offers specialized courses in efficient research relating to environmental law, economics, business and tax law, and international law. People often study and outline together here, and “everyone is friendly and willing and able to help you if you have a problem.” “I love it here.
I would definitely go here all over again,” says a 3L.* The Princeton Review is not affiliated with Princeton University. Our 50,000-square-foot Advocacy Center is devoted to using the third year of law school to better prepare students for immediate entry into the legal profession. It houses five courtrooms for advocacy training, suites of offices for our business faculty and environmental faculty, and offices for the faculty and students serving clients in our Public Interest Law Center.
The law school’s Office of Student Affairs offers a roommate referral service available to all students.
Environmental Law and Policy Building on its highly ranked environmental law program, Florida State University College of Law offers an LLM in Environmental Law and Policy. The degree offering gives JD holders the opportunity to concentrate in or enhance their knowledge of environmental law, land use law, natural resources law, and energy law. Incoming students are matched with program faculty members who will mentor them and help design a curriculum that will best suit their interests, educational backgrounds, and professional needs. Students in the master’s program work closely with the law school's nationally recognized faculty members who teach a broad range of courses in the fields of environmental law, natural resources law, land use law, and energy law. In addition to a rich array of courses taught by legal experts, students benefit from Florida State’s location in Tallahassee. Students may take advantage of related courses offered by other departments at Florida State, which is a major research university. Florida’s capital city gives LLM students diverse opportunities to work with government agencies, administrative tribunals, public interest organizations, the state legislature, and leading private law firms.

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