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The Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that targeted the new federal-health reform law, ruling that state lawmakers included misleading wording that could not be fixed. The Republican-controlled Legislature approved Amendment 9 primarily as an effort to allow people to opt out of a new federal requirement that they eventually buy health insurance or face financial penalties.
But four voters filed a lawsuit to challenge wording in a ballot summary that voters would see when they go to the polls.
But the court rejected that argument Tuesday, with Justices Peggy Quince, Jorge Labarga and James E.C. Justices Barbara Pariente and Fred Lewis also agreed to reject Amendment 9, though they did not sign onto the main opinion. Canady wrote an opinion saying the court should follow the lead of the 2004 case and the Legislature’s desire for voters to cast ballots on Amendment 9. But Mark Herron, an attorney for the four voters who challenged the amendment, said justices can’t simply eliminate wording approved by the Legislature. Health News Florida Capital Bureau Chief Jim Saunders can be reached at 850-228-0963 or by e-mail.

Over the years, corporations have shown a nasty habit of misleading consumers for commercial gain — especially when it comes to the “diet” industry.
In reality, manufacturers remove the fat to get that “fat-free” label, but don’t tell you they’re dumping in a whole bunch of other vile things — like high fructose corn syrup or scary-for-your-body chemicals —  to replace that missing fat and retain flavor. The court rejected state arguments that it could simply eliminate a ballot summary that included the disputed wording and let the rest of the proposal go before voters. Scott Plakon, a Longwood Republican who helped sponsor the proposed constitutional amendment during the spring legislative session. Instead, he asked the court to simply eliminate the ballot summary and put the full text of the amendment on the ballot — a move that justices made in 2004 on another disputed ballot proposal. But despite flavors like “Revive” or “Balance,” Vitaminwater is chock-full of sugar and carbs, without any actual juice. If you’re starving, you’re more likely to reach for three boxes of those sugar-packed Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies. He vowed to bring back a revised proposal next year with the goal of putting it on the 2012 ballot.

Unless you’re taking baby sips, that 13 grams of sugar is going to turn into 30 grams really fast. But are these diet and fat-free versions of practically everything — from soda to microwave popcorn to meat — really better for you? The lining from a bag of microwave popcorn is actually full of chemicals — which can leach out into the popcorn after it’s been heated.
Coca-Cola was even sued on the grounds that Vitaminwater was masquerading as a “health” drink. It might sound over-cautionary, but multiple studies have found the presence of chemicals like PFOA, which is linked to infertility.

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