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Florida State University, distinguished as a pre-eminent university in the state of Florida, is identified by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education as engaged in very high research activity, the highest status accorded to a doctoral-granting university. Florida State University's 15 colleges offer more than 275 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, professional and specialist degree programs, including medicine and law, covering a broad array of disciplines critical to society today.
Florida State University is an affiliate school of the Florida A&M University NROTC program. With Florida State University being only a five minute drive from Florida A&M University, most midshipmen do not have trouble commuting to either university. Once, a bachelor’s degree was more than enough to secure a respectable, professional career. Some students of traditional college age may go straight from undergrad to graduate school, putting off employment for the chance to start out at a higher position than entry level. Pace is an urban, metropolitan university in the heart of New York City, walking distance from Wall Street, City Hall, and the World Trade Center (where part of the university was once housed in the former North Tower). Iowa State (full name: Iowa State University of Science and Technology) has the distinction of being the very first land-grant university in the US, and its excellence in technology, agriculture, veterinary medicine, and engineering puts it on distinguished lists such as those from US New and World Report and The National Science Foundation.
Since Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is way too much to chant at a football game, everyone knows it as Virginia Tech. NC State, a highly-ranked public research university in Raleigh, NC, has a long history of excellence in agriculture, engineering, and textiles, and an unusually high ROI for a public university, over $450,000.
UMBC only offers a few online graduate programs, but the ones they have are well ranked from national publications. Popularly called Penn State, Pennsylvania State University offers online students a spot on its   World Campus, and your degree administered virtually will be the same as those obtained residentially. With an ROI of over $344,000, UMASS surely can be trusted with concerns to your long term goals of a successful career path. Most often called just “Auburn”, located in its namesake city, AU is home to more than 25,000 students and 1500 faculty members. Located in West Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue University is the flagship university of its state, boasting 6 state campuses and a global campus encompassing a diversity of students from 126 countries. As an online student at GWU you will have access to more than 200 master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs.
Columbia University was originally named Kings College in 1754, and quite fitting as this private Ivy was and always has been a college for the elite of society.
Mississippi State University, commonly known as MSU, has plentiful online graduate programs available to the their students, offering Teaching, Business Administration, and a highly ranked Engineering program, among many other quality choices for an advanced degree. Also referred to as UNL or just plain Nebraska, the university is located in Lincoln and is the states’s oldest and largest university. You can get a degree from UCLA, all while residing on the other end of Interstate 40, nearly 3,000 miles away in a rural, small town in the middle of North Carolina.
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, also known as A&T is the largest Historically Black university in the nation. Central Michigan’s online school is commonly known as CMU-Global and is headquartered at CMU’s main residential campus in Mt.
Florida State's College of Business is home to an accounting department that offers students both undergraduate and graduate accounting degrees.
Programs - Results from a survey conducted by AAA on Florida State University's Accounting Ph.D program.
The wide-ranging scholarship of FSU faculty and graduate students is nationally and internationally recognized for its contributions to science, business, government, culture, and society.
Midshipmen attending Florida State University will take the classes for their degree at Florida State while also taking Naval Science classes at Florida A&M University. But it’s become quite common now for non-traditional students, already placed in their career, to return to school and earn higher education credentials to move up in status and pay.
Located in the twin cities of Urbana-Champaign (of course), UI is a highly-ranked Public Ivy (a public university with the quality of an Ivy League institution) with very high research activity according to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Pace is best known for its schools of Law, Nursing, and Business, as well as the Actor’s Studio MFA program. A large public university in Blacksburg, VA, Virginia Tech is considered one of the top public universities in the US and a center of research in science and technology, especially their highly-ranked colleges of Engineering and Agriculture. UH is known for its highly ranked law and business schools, but their online program is also impressive, with unique offerings such as a Master of Science in Foresight (helping clients anticipate changes and challenges in the future) and Subsea Engineering (the only master’s program specializing in underwater engineering for the petroleum industry). But whatever you call this fine institution, you will have plenty of online graduate programs to choose from.
As a leading institution in Science and Technology it’s not surprising many of their offerings are through an MS or MA degree.

A world-class institution offering more than 60 accredited graduate programs, Penn State Online is an excellent choice for those looking for flexible, convenient, yet academically rigorous programming taught by the same accomplished faculty as students experience through the on-campus programs. A high ROI coupled with a relatively low cost of attendance (about $750 per credit), UMASS frankly makes a lot of sense when deciding on which online program you should pursue at the graduate level. Once affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church, it went from a small private liberal arts school to a large public institution known for its varied academic program, most notably its architecture and engineering departments.
With cutting-edge majors like MBA for STEM Professionals and a MS in Global Entrepreneurship, it’s obvious Purdue is conscious of successful career options.
Founded in 1881 as the states Agricultural College, they soon became the flagship school of South Dakota.
The offerings of online graduate programs opens that door slightly wider for those who may not meet the criteria to attend the school in-person. Located in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, the university began as the Agricultural and Mechanical (A&M) college of the state of Mississippi in 1862. A public research university located in Greensboro, NC, A&T provides 3 master’s and 1 doctorate degree. Whether you are interested in Business, Communications, Education or Health Sciences, you will find serious programs designed for working adults both with part-time and full-time options. Florida State's accounting program is well respected and is ranked by the Public Accounting Record. That means, in most professional fields, a master’s degree has become a necessity for advancement.
For professional adults who want to continue working while they build their educational resume, or workers who see a graduate degree as a ticket from unstable jobs to stable careers, online graduate degrees make a lot of sense.
Even their liberal arts degrees are technology-directed, with master’s degrees such as Information Design and Communication.
UI Online offers more than 40 online master’s degrees in Education, Computer Science, Public Administration, and many others. Pace offers several online graduate degrees in competitive fields, such as Executive MBA, MA in Nursing Education, and Management for Public Safety and Homeland Security. For a master’s degree in technology or engineering, Virginia Tech is a sure bet, with a strong ROI and reasonable tuition rates. As a public university, UH’s tuition is affordable, and its ROI is a healthy $400,000, making the University of Houston a top ten online graduate value.
The university offers many online master’s degrees, in diverse fields including Healthcare Leadership, Security Management, and Environmental Policy and Management.
From MA, MS, MSW, MLS to EdD, you can earn your advanced degree at UA from the comfort of home while you continue working your current job or maintain family obligations.
From Biotechnology to Geographic Information to Science Writing, prospective students will find exciting opportunities to enhance their current career paths. The online graduate programs at UMKC are designed for high participation and community involvement between online students.
News & World Report Best Online Graduate  for 2015, and their Online Master program in general ranked in the Top 10 by the Fiske guide on “Best Buy” colleges. News & World Report as well as Affordable Colleges Online and Military Friendly School rankings, SHSU Online prides themselves on delivering over 25 degrees acquired fully through their online format. They are most interested in providing working professionals the technical training they need for career advancement and competitive edge. As beautiful as the New England college towns and cities of Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell and Worcester are, the northeast is typically considered a high cost-of-living area of the country. On top of that, Purdue is reported as having an incredible $440,400 ROI, making this a stable choice for online learners, despite the slightly high cost of attendance (just over $1k per credit). With 175 fields of study, according to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, they are classified as a research university with high research activity. It can be entirely completed online without ever having to step foot in the state of Virginia.
The most appealing aspect of choosing Columbia University for your graduate program, of course, is their incredible return on investment.
For curious degrees like Agronomy, German Language Education or Textile History & Quilt Studies, The University of Nebraska truly delivers.
Online programs allow flexible schedules that working adults can negotiate, and convenient content-delivery at home means not add driving to a campus to your daily commute.
There are also many degrees in tech fields such as Systems Engineering and Computer Science, as well as less common degrees such as Construction Management and Quality Assurance. As a Public Ivy, UI has a high ROI, over $540,000, plus the reasonable tuition rates of a public university – a combination that reliably means a good investment.

Pace’s ROI is significant, and unusual degree offerings such as Doctorate of Professional Studies in Computing give Pace an advantage in online education. The University of Scranton Online offers an acclaimed, accredited MBA degree in numerous specializations such as Accounting, Healthcare Management, and International Business, with a solid ROI and the good name of Scranton to recommend it. UA is a public research university located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and is the flagship of the University of Alabama system. JHU, the first research university in the Western Hemisphere, is ranked among the most prestigious universities world-wide, a leader in higher education.
At a low $245 per credit, their affordability alone would be enough them on our list, but a solid education gives them a real advantage. They have a Learning Management System for all online programs, a portal online students can access at anytime, further emphasizing their effort to promote ease and flexibility for those possibly already working full-time. News & World Report currently ranks them #4 in Best Online Information Technology Programs for 2015. What could be better than gaining the ROI and reputation of a nationally known and top ranked institution’s degree from the ease of attending from your home!
However, do note that many programs are completed entirely via the web from your personal computer.
However, JMU is situated in the most beautiful western part of the state in a hamlet college town named Harrisonburg.
UNL helps you complete your graduate degree without having to quit your job; the distance education program works with students in the academic process to successfully finish their chosen degree path.
UCLA offers full-time or part-time options, flexible class loads and distinguished instructors you can expect from a university of this caliber.
They also have an incredible high-quality website defining all they offer; it is obvious they are passionate about raising the bar for online education. From Energy Systems to Automotive to Manufacturing, UM uses the convenience of online learning for qualified students  to earn a master’s degree from throughout the United States and nearly 50 countries around the world. They have MS’s in Agricultural Education, Information Technology, and Instructional Technology, and a Phd in Technology Management. News & World Report ranks their Business program #9 nationally in their 2014 ranking, and The Princeton Review features them in their 2014 annual guidebook of the Best 295 Business Schools in the nation.
All of these reasonably-priced options, as well as a high ROI of well over $450,000 makes Southern Poly a top graduate education value. With a per credit cost of $334, UA proves to be light on your pockets, all without forfeiting excellence, as seen in its consistent ranking as a Top 50 public university in the nation by U.S. Instructors are always available for direct contact to ensure academic success throughout the duration of your chosen program. Completed 100% online from your home, a degree from UMBC will be equally as rewarding as attending their resident programs while saving you the extra costs associated with on-campus graduate programs. With a $603,300 20-year ROI, you can count on MST delivering as a financially successful option for your future. Situated in the Shenandoah Valley, it makes for a lovely visit during season changes, particularly  from Summer to Autumn.
The focus for ASU Online is creating an environment that invites the student to participate, coupled with award-winning faculty and courses designed with state-of-the-art technology, providing an advantage for those choosing ASU for their graduate degree.
At $650 per course credit they are considered a bargain option for many concerned with the cost of obtaining an advanced degree.
UM’s online course are taught by the same world-class faculty that their resident programs employ, ensuring quality and cutting edge content. Voted a Best Value College by Princeton Review in 2014, as well the Top 10 of Online Graduate Nursing programs in the nation by U.S. Online students may want to book a trip and see the Dukes play at some point in their academic career! From Enrollment Counselors, Academic Advisors and Success Coaches appointed to every student, the support one gets at ASU Online sounds quite impressive.
While using the latest online technologies, the global UM student becomes part of the greater learning community at the University of Michigan. Or check out one of their unique programs such as Interior Architecture, which is in fact the only online MA of its kind offered anywhere in the US!

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