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Advocate for Florida State is a project of the FSU Office of Governmental Relations in partnership with the Alumni Association and FSU Foundation.
The Florida Senate and House are currently convened in a special legislative session that may last until Saturday, June 20, to finalize a budget for FY 2015-2016, which starts July 1. An additional $5 million in preeminence funding is needed for FSU to remain competitive in attracting top-tier faculty. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs are central to FSU’s preeminence designation and performance excellence, and an additional $5 million is required for enhancements to the University’s STEM programs.
Performance-based funding was instituted last year and provides state universities that exceed Board of Governors benchmarks with additional revenue.
The above investments are essential to Florida State moving into the Top 25 nationally among public universities. Initial funding for the Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science (EOAS) Building was provided in previous years and FSU now requires $36.1 million for EOAS construction. For the planning phase for the Interdisciplinary Research and Commercialization Building (IRCB), $5 million is needed.
In 2008, the legislature suspended payments to the Courtelis Matching program, so gifts that qualified for a state match since then were placed on a priority list tracked by the Board of Governors. Then in 2011, the Courtelis Matching program was suspended and, consequently, no gifts from that point forward qualified for a match. Please send an Action Alert through the Advocate for Florida State website to your legislators, encouraging them to support Florida State University’s priorities as they finalize the coming year’s budget.
Advocate for Florida State assists alumni, faculty, students, staff and friends in communicating to state elected officials the University’s goals and priorities, including funding and policies that maintain Florida State’s standing as an outstanding international teaching and research institution. These 20 institutions were chosen for several factors that put them ahead of other online graduate programs—due to the: nature of the coursework, degree of thoroughness and complexity of the curriculum, 100% online availability, sufficient financial aid availability, and an education that give students more than just classroom experience. Florida State University offers distance education students an extremely well-reviewed online Bachelor in Criminology. Through rigorous coursework, and with vigilant guidance of professors and advisors, students gain an enormous amount of experience through Florida State’s online Bachelor of Criminology. Upon graduation from this prestigious online program, students will be well-prepared to enter the work-force or continued education programs. Fort Hays State University offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degrees in criminal justice to online students.
Despite whether students choose the BA or the BS track, they will receive a solid foundation of coursework in justice studies and criminal justice. In a wide range of coursework, Florida Tech students learn many pertinent skills of the field, such as how to analyze components in criminal justice including crime trends, statistics, victimology and crime prevention; and apply legal concepts including due process, criminal liability, use of force, and search and seizure.
Applicants must submit a completed online application, official high school or GED transcripts, and any official college transcripts or transfer credits. There are many career options for students enrolled in Florida Techs’s online Bachelor in Criminal Justice, such as corrections, juvenile justice, homeland security, and intelligence. Applicants must submit a completed online application, the nonrefundable application fee, and official high school or GED transcripts. Working with some of the most crucial defense and law enforcement departments in the country, UMUC provides students with an experience-rich and highly challenging program. UCF advisors work closely with undergraduate criminal justice students to create the perfect curriculum. Upon completion of this online undergraduate program, students demonstrate knowledge of legal aspects of policing and criminal justice processes, and will have the ability to enforce fair and equal protection within their communities.
Capella University is an esteemed distance education institution, and can be found on virtually every list of top online programs.
Applicants must submit a completed online application, the nonrefundable application fee, official high school transcripts, and Military transcripts if applicable.
Some exciting career opportunities reported from alumni within the field of criminal justice include FBI agent, internal affairs investigator, K-9 officer, cybercrimes investigator, and intelligence analyst! NSU of Louisiana offers an outstandingly professional online curriculum in criminal justice that gives students who have a vested interest in law, the opportunity to concentrate their degree through a compelling Prelaw and Paralegal Studies specialization. Exiting the program, students will have accumulated a large array of skills and techniques to apply toward a career, as well as prestigious graduate programs.
Arizona State University consistently appears on lists of the best online degree programs, and the Bachelors in Criminal Justice degree is well-reviewed by numerous reputable sources. Throughout their degree program, online students are challenged by an expert faculty and demanding curriculum, and will thoroughly prepare them for careers such as a police officer, DEA agent, probation officer or correctional counselor. In New England College’s online Bachelor of Criminal Justice, students are immersed in coursework that draws from a large area of disciplines, such as psychology, policy, law, ethics, forensics, and communication.
Students will have the opportunity to enter into an exciting array of employment positions such as crime scene investigator, police officer, private investigator, revenue agent, and cybersecurity professional. The University of Massachusetts Lowell is well-known and recognized for its online programs, and the Bachelor of Criminal Justice is no exception. The highly specialized coursework from UMAss Lowell gives students a unique perspective into the criminal justice discipline.
Southeast Missouri State University offers three concentration options within its online Bachelor of Criminal Justice curriculum. Depending on which one of the three concentration options a student picks, they will be prepared for a bold line of employment. Students are released from this program with an extremely well-founded knowledge of the discipline.
Colorado State University-Global Campus offers distance education students a huge array of specializations through which they will refine their undergraduate criminal justice program. Applicants must submit a completed online application, the nonrefundable application fee, and official high school transcripts, as well as any applicable transfer credits. This article is a ranking of the top 15 most affordable online social science degree programs. This list is comprised of the most affordable accredited online social science programs available.
Ashford University is a for-profit university at a price that is cheaper than many non-profit universities. Thomas Edison State College provides students with one of the most unique and flexible paths to their bachelor degree. The social sciences program at Regis focuses on qualitative and quantitative research methods, and the utility of their application to questions of social groups and social interaction. Roger Williams University offers students the chance to complete their degree through their General Studies in Social Sciences program.
The Interdisciplinary Social Science at FSU degree provides students with a strong foundation of the principles and methods of the social sciences. The goal of the social science degree program at UMA is to provide students with the foundation necessary to successfully evaluate a wide variety of situations and make decisions based on their evaluation. A public university located in Troy Alabama, Troy University offers 13 bachelor’s degree programs and 14 master’s programs online. The second largest non-profit academic institution in the state of California, National University offers students the opportunity to earn a high quality education, at a distance, for an affordable price.
Brandman University was originally established by Chapman University for the specific purpose of providing education services to the El Torino Marine Corps Air Station. Colorado State University: Global Campus is one of the most comprehensive online learning centers offered by a public university.
The online social sciences degree program at Granite State encompasses both social and behavioral sciences.
The University of North Dakota achieves its incredible affordability by charging online students the in-state tuition regardless of their location. Included below are a couple of bonus entries that demonstrate the kind of graduate program somebody studying the social sciences might enter.
The Master of Science in Social Sciences program at Ohio University is the perfect place for students seeking to advance their understanding of their field, move into an academic position, or supplement knowledge acquired from a previous degree. Capella University offers students the unique opportunity to study issues of public health through the lens of social and behavioral sciences.
In drawing up a shortlist of entries, we thus cross-referenced multiple other “best” and “most affordable” rankings from reputable sources, and proceeded to pick out out those colleges that repeatedly appeared on both types of rankings (affordability and academic quality). Before developing our final ranking, we considered other accolades, recognition from publications, praise from students, etc. The University of Wyoming in Laramie offers classes on campus as well as web-based programs through its Outreach School. Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia holds the honor of being the biggest evangelical Christian college worldwide.
Alabama-based Columbia Southern University comes in at number nine on OnlineU’s latest list of the best online colleges, which is based on education statistics, course feedback and affordability.
Nebraska’s Bellevue University has received the stamp of approval from Affordable Online Colleges, which in 2013 ranked it the second best value for money online college in the country. Computer science, applied statistics and tourism management are just three of the online master’s programs offered at Colorado State University, whose central campus is located in Fort Collins.
Online undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering and nursing are available at Stony Brook University, but it’s the New York-based institution’s web-based master’s programs that have garnered it particular acclaim. OnlineU rated Old Dominion University’s remote master’s in counseling program at number 13 on its 2014 list of most affordable online counseling degrees in the nation. According to website OnlineU, the University of North Dakota’s online master’s degree in social work is the most reasonably priced of its kind in the country, costing only $4,969 annually. American InterContinental University-Online has locations in Atlanta and Texas, but its online campus hub is situated in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg, Illinois. Colorado Technical University received the seal of approval from CEO magazine in 2012, with the publication naming its online MBA program among the best ten of its kind across the globe.
Greenville’s East Carolina University can be proud of its online graduate programs in nursing, with U.S. The University of Northern Colorado boasts a top-ranked online master’s program in education, with U.S. Both USA Today and The Princeton Review rated Florida State University the fourth-best valued public college in the country in 2010.
The University of Massachusetts offers online master’s degrees in many areas, including computer science, business administration, mental health counseling and criminal justice. Southern New Hampshire University – which is located between Hooksett and Manchester – is well regarded by, ranking eighth on the website’s list of the best online colleges in the world.
Located in Corvallis, Oregon State University comes in at number ten on website Affordable College Online’s 2013 list of the best U.S. American Public University – which is part of the American Public University System, along with the American Military University – boasts, “Among the ten U.S. An impressive 95 percent of Capella University alumni have said that they were “satisfied or highly satisfied” with their time spent at the Minneapolis institution. Potential online undergraduate students should put Central Michigan University at the top of their list of colleges, as U.S. Arizona State University in Tempe boasts the second-best online graduate business program in the nation, according to U.S.
Minnesota’s Walden University describes itself as a “global leader in online education” and is well rated by the bulk of its international students: more than 90 percent say they are either “satisfied or highly satisfied” with the school, it claims.
According to Washington Monthly magazine, Western Governors University in Salt Lake City is “one of the most unassuming but revolutionary institutions in American higher education.” Among its programs are a host of bachelor’s and master’s options in education, information technology, nursing and business. To register,  CLICK HERE; fill in the requested information which takes less than ten (10) minutes. However, Florida State still had more than $10.5 million in prior gifts waiting to be matched before the 2011 suspension.
For this ranking, we present the most affordable online colleges with better-than-average graduation rate compared to the pool of online colleges overall.
Careers for graduates include detective, child welfare caseworker, crime intelligence analyst, victim advocate, corporate security specialist, private investigator, fish and wildlife officer, and social services case manager.
Recommended, yet not required, documentation includes a personal essay, letters of reference, and updated program reports. Coursework refines necessary skills and techniques for the criminal justice professional, so that students may enter their future career with expertise.
These Justice Studies programs are highly respected by many journalistic resources and will provide students with an excellent array of academic and alumni benefits. Having gone through rigorous coursework and student projects, graduates will enter the work-force with numerous resources. Students will develop a global perspective of the overall process of criminal justice, from investigation and arrest, to court and prisons. Throughout their academic career, students develop and refine invaluable skills with some of the nation’s leading defense professionals.
WSU graduates from this program go on to achieve positions in top law enforcement organizations, or in prestigious continued education programs. This prepares students for positions in local, county, state, and federal justice agencies, private security organizations, and related field; as well as for challenging graduate programs. This Bachelor in Criminal Justice allows students to concentrate their degree in a meaningful direction, and gives them hands-on experience in virtual simulation scenarios. This program is designed to enhance the skills of professional and novice criminal justice students.
Students of the Prelaw concentration in particular have a bright future in continued education and as criminal justice lawyers.
Working closely with professors, students establish a firm understanding of criminal justice systems and processes.
Working in many different environments, graduates have enhanced critical thinking skills and demonstrate a high degree of dedication to the profession. A challenging curriculum prepares students for a promising future in many different areas of criminal justice and homeland security. Offering professional and intriguing major coursework, combined with a strong liberal arts curriculum, students gain enormous benefits at UML.
Working with professors and advisors, students can build exciting concentration areas through elective courses. Each of these specializations provide fascinating coursework that instill many applicable skills and theories. Through electives and internships, SMSU students gain a broad array of useful skills to apply toward a career in law enforcement, corrections, or areas of criminology. Having gained formidable experience in internships and real-world scenarios, graduates of this online program can enter the workforce with confidence. In any one of the eighteen impressive areas, students will gain a thorough professional education. It’s easy to dream of ivy-covered red-brick buildings of higher learning, and as it turns out, there is no better place in this country for classical brick architecture and manicured gardens than the South.The thirty colleges and universities on this list are considered to be some of the most beautiful college campuses in country, and the most beautiful in the South. A social science degree is considered a basic building block for many careers within the field. At its core Social Sciences are about humans, the choices we make, and the consequences of those choices.
The Social Science Studies major at UNLV is designed specifically for students that want the flexibility to create their own custom major studying the social sciences.
The social sciences program at UMUC is designed to prepare students to apply the knowledge they acquire in a wide range of professions and situations. The school’s online programs may not be ranked, but it has one of the highest enrollments of any school in the United States at 63,000 students.
The program is designed for flexibility, and graduates will find they are ready for the workplace, or advanced study in a variety of fields depending on their goals. The program is designed for flexibility, and allows students to focus on areas of interest to them, relevant to their professional goals.
Students may choose from 12 different concentrations, studying multiple disciplines, or just a couple concentrations as they desire.
Students will learn the research methodology, and how to interpret contextual information common among all the social sciences, and gain an understanding of the various social science fields. The program also emphasizes important organizational and interpersonal skills, which are necessary for students that seek to effect change in major private or public organizations. The social science program at National is designed for students that wish to earn a teaching credential in a subject, while studying that subject from the perspective of social science.

The school has since grown, and become independent of Chapman, but remains committed to the high academic standards for which Chapman is well known.
Not only does the school offer a wide range of programs, but it adds programs every year and provides students with online education of the highest quality. The program is designed to provide students with an education that will act as a foundation for careers in public service and advocacy.
The school has made huge strides in recent years, increasing the number of programs they offer.
These are a just a couple of the online graduate programs available to students with a degree in social sciences.
The program is specifically designed for professionals that find they need to study two or more areas within the social sciences as they earn their graduate degree. The social science program is designed to help students not only understand public health issues, but to understand the contexts from which many of these issues arise. Luckily, there are schools all over the country that offer a host of online bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees at exceptionally reasonable prices. Its distance learning courses include online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in areas such as nursing and education as well as doctorates in education administration and nursing practice. Columbia Southern students are given a helping hand when it comes to finances, as any books required for distance learning courses are included in the pricing.
In 2007 the school also claimed the United States Distance Learning Association’s 21st Century Best Practice Award, which is given to organizations or businesses that demonstrate “outstanding leadership in the field of distance learning.” The non-profit institution offers fully online master’s programs in subjects such as leadership and coaching, healthcare administration, technology innovation, and entrepreneurship. Bachelor’s options, meanwhile, include courses in liberal arts, psychology and anthropology. News & World Report’s 2014 Best Online Graduate Nursing Program list, which places the university’s classes within the top 20 in the nation.
News & World Report placed Sam Houston State University’s offering seventh amongst the top online graduate information technology programs in the nation. Its facilities have caught the eye of the Computerworld Honors Program, which recognized the college’s web-based virtual campus as its “Best of the Best” in 2009.
The college’s principal campus is situated in Colorado Springs, although it also has local in-state branches in Pueblo and Denver as well as out-of-state locations in Missouri and South Dakota. Distance learning undergraduate and graduate courses at Kaplan include those in nursing, psychology and criminal justice, and the university also offers MBAs. News & World Report, Ball State University holds the honor of having not one but three of its online master’s programs in the top 20 of their kind in the country for 2014. News & World Report rating its offering eighth in the nation for 2014 – one place higher than its ranking the previous year. News & World Report’s 2014 list of the best graduate online business courses in the country.
News & World Report’s 2014 rankings, the University of West Georgia in Carrollton can lay claim to the fourth-best online master’s in business degree in the nation. Online bachelor’s in subjects such as English, liberal arts and global affairs are also available, as is an associate degree in information technology and a doctoral program in nursing practice. News & World Report listed North Carolina State University at Raleigh as a provider of one of the top 20 best online education master’s programs in the nation. Students have also commended Capella’s course content and teachers, with one saying that the master’s degree program in counseling was “fantastic.” Among the college’s various accolades is the National University Telecommunications Network’s Distance Education Innovation Award, which it won in 2006.
News & World Report ranked it as having the best online bachelor’s courses in the country for 2014. Employers like the college, too, as it’s reported that an amazing 97 percent say they would offer a Walden graduate a job. These donations are critical to the construction of facilities and FSU asks that this program be reinstated and that the prior-gift backlog be fully funded.
Criminal justice demands many faculties and an understanding of a litany of areas such as law, ethics, politics, self-defense (in some cases), crime, victimology, and more. Social Science disciplines include archeology, anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics, history, political science, and more.
The ranks of schools was determined by affordability, and priority was given to schools that have been recognized for excellence in online education by the higher education rankings of U.S. Critical thinking, information literacy, and an the ability to recognize issues as macro or micro level issues, are among the many things the program teaches students. The social sciences program offers students a strong foundation in the social sciences, while also offering concentrations in political science and government, and history. It is indeed possible for students to earn a degree from TESC without ever actually taking a class from the school. With tuition over $30,000 per year, it isn’t one of the cheapest online social science degree programs.
The study of Social Sciences at Troy is designed to help students understand of how each of those disciplines work, how they are connected, and how to evaluate various professional, personal, and political situations through the lense of social science. The social science program at Brandman is designed for students seeking an interdisciplinary understanding of subjects like political science, economics, and other social sciences. The social sciences program is designed to train students to think critically, and quickly, making them highly adaptable, and effective in the ever changing global job marketplace. The program is also a strong choice for students that wish to seek a more specific application of the principles through graduate study.
UND offers strong online programs, with the name of a well known state university to back them up.
One is a direct continuation of the study of social sciences, while the other is a degree designed to help students translate their social sciences knowledge into the field of public health. Studying online shouldn’t mean a sacrifice in terms of quality, either, as many of these colleges provide top-ranked courses and award-winning teaching. With undergraduate fees beginning at just $108 per unit for Wyoming residents, this academic institution is an affordable option for many.
Liberty offers online master’s degree courses in everything from accounting human services counseling to public health and Christian ministry, while bachelor’s programs include the likes of aeronautics, paralegal studies and nursing. The online college also offers a ten percent discount on tuition and “exclusive scholarship opportunities” for employees and members of its learning partner affiliates – as well as their spouses and children. Undergraduate web-based programs, meanwhile, include those in graphic design and international security and intelligence studies. News & World Report ranked the school’s online graduate nursing courses on its 2014 list of top 20 national programs in this category and its online education master’s within the top 25.
The Beaumont, Texas-based school offers an entirely online bachelor’s in communication and an web-based bachelor’s completion program in applied arts and sciences. The college’s policy of keeping all online courses priced at residents’ rates means that its programs offer real value for money, with web-based undergraduate tuition coming in at approximately $362.82 per credit. What’s more, the school’s online graduate education courses also fall within the top 20 in the U.S. American InterContinental’s online learning services include My Unique Student Experience (MUSE), which allows students to work through course content “in a way that suits their individual learning style best.” This program earned a CCA Innovation Award from the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities in 2010. In addition to its acclaimed MBA, Colorado Technical offers online master’s courses in subjects such as homeland security, information technology and criminal justice.
One distance education student praised the professors on her course as being “helpful” and “willing to assist” those in their classes, while another said that his program has “created an opportunity for [him] to learn and grow.” East Carolina’s online tuition rates are another distinct bonus, as they total just $149 per unit for resident undergraduates and $220 for resident graduate students. The ranking magazine rates the Muncie, Indiana-based college at number 11 for its online master’s in education, while its web-based graduate business and nursing programs place at 17th and 19th, respectively. The school runs a main campus in Greely and other facilities in Colorado Springs, Loveland and Denver.
This highly regarded program is just one of the Gainesville-based college’s many master’s options, which range from aerospace engineering to fisheries and aquatic science. The magazine also placed the school’s program at number 12 on its 2014 list of the top online information technology graduate courses in the country. Southern New Hampshire offers over 40 specialized MBA courses online as well as web-based bachelor’s and master’s programs in history, psychology, nursing and sport management. also frequently selects it as one of the world’s top 25 online colleges and universities. The college ranks number nine for its online master’s course in engineering and number four for its web-based information technology master’s.
Online bachelor’s and master’s course options at the college include military history, transportation and logistics management, and sports and health sciences. The school’s courses are mostly online, but it does offer distance learning bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D programs in subjects such as nursing, public safety and psychology. Its online graduate education program is acclaimed, too, with the magazine rating it number three nationwide. The university offers bachelor’s and master’s courses in subjects ranging from business administration to nursing, information technology and criminal justice, as well as doctoral programs and certificates. One of the chief advantages of this non-profit institution is the affordability of its tuition costs, with fees for its undergraduate business and information technology programs priced at under $6,000 per year. We consulted each school’s website to confirm that they offer at least one undergraduate degree online.
This discipline is in particular need of competent, level-headed individuals who can dispense fairness and justice while protecting their communities.
The purpose of academic programs that focus on social science in a general way, is to provide students with an understanding of the research methods, and perspectives, held in common by all of these various disciplines.
This makes the major ideal for students with a strong sense of what they want to do with the degree. Students can choose the way in which they take UND’s social science program from one of two ways. Best of all, perhaps, a lot of online programs are extremely flexible; in other words, completing a degree can be fitted around work and personal commitments, regardless of geographical location.
In particular, its online bachelor of business administration program was ranked number two on website Get Educated’s 2013 “Best Buy” list. Columbia Southern’s programs include MBAs in human resource management and marketing, bachelor’s and master’s in criminal justice administration and occupational safety and health, undergraduate and postgraduate certificates, and a doctoral program in business administration. One online student at Colorado State’s graduate school of business praised the program as “excellent” while also acknowledging the “top-notch teachers.” Tuition fees depend on the course taken but range from $524 per credit for master’s students – even non-residents – making education very affordable for those who want to study at the school. Stony Brook postgraduate students can also choose online master’s in liberal studies and human resource management, while advanced graduate certificates in coaching and higher education administration are available, too. Meanwhile, online master’s courses feature such fields of study as clinical mental health counseling, teacher leadership and health promotion. News & World Report ranks the Norfolk, Virginia-based school’s online graduate nursing courses as being within the top 25 in the country as well. The University of North Dakota also boasts one of the top 40 graduate business programs nationwide, as ranked by the U.S. The university – which is based in Huntsville, Texas – has a wide variety of online degrees at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels, including undergraduate programs in general studies and general business administration. An MBA and master’s in healthcare management, information technology and education can all be pursued online at American InterContinental, with bachelor’s options also available in accounting, fine arts and criminal justice.
Bachelor’s in healthcare management, nursing and psychology are also available, as are doctorates in computer science and management and associate degrees in the likes of accounting and general studies. What’s more, that same year OnlineU rated the school’s online public health master’s course as the ninth most affordable degree of its kind in the country, with its annual tuition cost coming in at $11,550.
Options on hand to potential distance learners at the college include bachelor’s completion degrees in health services management, communication and industrial technology. The school’s online division also received the University Professional & Continuing Education Association’s Strategic Innovation in Online Education Award in 2014. Its online bachelor’s programs include nursing, American Sign Language and a completion degree in sociology, while further online options feature the likes of master’s degrees in sports coaching and criminal justice. There are also bachelor’s degrees offered in sport management, geology and biology, along with doctoral and specialist education options. Elsewhere, the Princeton Review praised the university for being “one of the best overall bargains, based on cost and financial aid,” and its tuition fee per unit confirms that statement, coming in at only $282 for online graduate courses. News & World Report, securing a place among the publication’s top ten national distance learning programs for 2014. News & World Report’s 2014 rankings, while its Lowell campus picked up the Sloan Consortium’s Ralph E. The Kansas-based institution also ranks as the second most affordable college for an online counseling master’s program, according to website OnlineU’s 2014 ratings.
Tuition fees are low, too, coming in at $320 per unit for undergraduates and $960 for a full course. Programs can be taken through Oregon State’s Extended Campus (Ecampus) facility, with remote learning options including bachelor’s programs in German, political science and anthropology. Despite these high ratings, however, the Raleigh-based college won’t necessarily break the bank when it comes to tuition fees: the cost for some of its online bachelor’s programs is as low as $218 per credit for North Carolina residents. American Public University is also well regarded in the working world: according to its website, 93 percent of those who have employed alumni of the West Virginia-based school say they would consider taking on its graduates again. Tuition fees for Capella University bachelor’s degrees are no more than $360 per credit – with scholarships, grants and financial aid also available to help assist with education costs.
The Mount Pleasant-based college also has that all-important affordability factor, with its standard credit rate for bachelor’s-level online courses priced at $370. According to several of those taking its entirely online courses, the college provides value for money as well, with one remarking, “The tuition is cheap compared to other online schools and the accreditation is on point.” Teaching costs for its master’s programs can be as little as $525 per semester credit hour, which includes textbooks and other study materials.
The school’s credentials are impressive, too, as it has become the first wholly online college to offer teacher training with National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education certification. The initial set of colleges offering an online degree and for which graduation rate* and net price data were available numbered 193. The programs are perfect for students seeking a career in an industry or role that interacts with multiple parts of the human experience on a regular basis. Several scholarships for the Outreach School’s students are also available to help reduce tuition costs. The school’s general tuition rates keep it financially competitive, with a graduate fee of $490 per unit for full-time students and $535 for part-timers. Tuition rates are an exceptionally reasonable $200 per unit for undergraduates and $265 for graduate students.
At Bellevue not only will students be spoilt for choice; they’ll hopefully have a little money to spare, too.
In 2014 the school as a whole was named the 20th most affordable public college or university in the U.S.
Preparation programs are also available in areas such as ESL and counseling and development, as is a doctorate in education leadership. Old Dominion’s extensive list of online degree options includes bachelor’s in medical technology, computer science and psychology, while business administration, public administration and sport management count among its online master’s courses.
Library science, victim services management and digital forensics are just some of the options available at master’s level, while online students may also pursue a doctorate in developmental education administration. All online bachelor’s and associate programs are priced at the very reasonable fee of $325 a unit, while all web-based master’s cost $585 per credit hour.
Kaplan additionally placed 13th on OnlineU’s 2014 Most Affordable Colleges for Online Education Degrees list, tuition for a master’s program costing just $7,700. And English, software engineering and occupational safety are just a few of East Carolina’s master’s programs. Ball State additionally offers bachelor’s completion programs in business administration, nursing and general studies, partially online doctorates in education and nursing, graduate and undergraduate certificates, and teacher licensing. The University of West Georgia also offers online master’s, specialist and doctoral degrees in education, a web-based bachelor of science with a criminology major, and online certificates and endorsements. Florida State’s online bachelor’s courses also include those in interdisciplinary social science and criminology, while an MBA and degrees in social work and library and information studies are among the university’s master’s options, as are nurse leader and educator programs. Plus, the college assists students by providing tuition reimbursement or financial aid if necessary. The school also offers master’s in education, natural resources, and fisheries and wildlife administration, as well as MBAs and counseling and adult education master’s with online elements. The facility’s commended online section also offers remote MBAs and master’s courses in subjects like animal science and sports management, plus undergraduate and graduate certificates, doctoral programs and teacher licensing. Among the school’s further distance learning options are undergraduate programs in administration, political science and psychology, while master’s choices include programs in nutrition and dietetics and teacher leadership. Online master’s programs at the college include American media and popular culture, English as a second language, and information management.

Besides which, it was recently honored with the 21st Century Award for Best Practices in Distance Learning for the fourth time since 2008 and received the Sloan Consortium’s Ralph E. The average graduation rate among these was 54%; all the schools in this ranking outperform this mark.
In the event of a tie, the higher-ranking campus was chosen by the author based on characteristics such as natural terrain and climate, historical significance, or academic reputation.30.
The ideal social science program will provide students with the tools they need to be successful on a basic level in these careers, and the knowledge necessary to pursue an advanced degree in social sciences generally, or one specific area of social science. However, that’s what we endeavored to do – make sure that each college has received significant recognition for both a) the quality of its teaching programs and b) how reasonably priced it is. All university courses – including the school’s online programs – are Higher Learning Commission certified.
In addition, payment plans are obtainable, allowing students to spread the cost of a course over a year.
Tuition fees are competitively priced at $375 per credit for online undergraduate programs.
One of the major plusses of studying at the university is the price point of its fees, which are an exceptionally low $223 per unit for most undergraduate courses and only $250 for Texas residents in postgraduate programs.
A Ph.D in English is also entirely web-based, as are certificates in global health and cyber security. Online bachelor’s courses at the school include general studies and social science, while master’s options feature varied degrees such as social work, forensic psychology and space studies. Those taking wholly online programs can benefit from the university’s waiver for out-of-state tuition fees, whilst its web-based master’s degrees are offered at $505 per credit, inclusive of all charges.
Surveys suggest that an impressive 91 percent of the university’s graduates were more than satisfied with their education, saying that their academic experience exceeded expectations. The college curriculum also features an impressive 28 graduate certificates, while post-master’s nursing certificates and supplementary teacher licensing courses are available, too. Its tuition fees cost an affordable $277 per unit for inhabitants of Indiana taking most undergraduate online courses and $307 for in-state grad students. The university’s fees for online master’s courses start at the reasonable rate of $458 per unit for residents, while resident undergraduates pay $306.78 including all fees.
However, as the university also states, “Financial factors should not deny any student the opportunity to attend… and successfully pursue their degree objectives.” So to keep learning affordable, it offers loans, grants, scholarships and help finding employment. For those not seeking a degree, however, there are also online-study certificates available in subjects such as event management and information architecture. Tuition fees at the University of Massachusetts differ by campus and course but are around $465 per unit for a master’s program – meaning students can complete an online scheme for less than $1,500. Fort Hays State also offers educational specialist degrees, endorsement programs, and online bachelor’s options in political science, psychology and marketing. Its tuition fees are reasonable, with most of its undergraduate-level online courses priced at $271 per unit. Graduate certificates in a variety of subjects are also part of the university’s web-based options.
Arizona State’s online bachelor’s courses are equally varied – including religious studies, justice studies and history – while online certificates are available as well. Meanwhile, Stony Brook’s online graduate program fees for residents offer value for money at $455.45 per credit hour.
Financial aid, flexible payment plans and third-party billing help keep Lamar’s courses accessible to all, regardless of income. Per credit costs demonstrate that Old Dominion is a good choice when it comes to a quality education for less, with undergraduate distance learners paying as low as $285, and postgraduate students $412, per course credit.
Thanks to the university’s enviable reputation and initiatives such as Ecampus, studying online at Oregon State has become very popular. A competitive price structure means that some remote graduate courses can cost as little as $482 per unit with no further fees, regardless of whether students are residents. Anderson University IndianaAnderson, IndianaWebsite  Anderson University is a private Christian liberal arts university accredited by the Association of Theological Schools and the Higher Learning Commission. Located on 70 finely landscaped acres in Virginia Beach, Regent University consists of classical, Georgian-style buildings, one of which is the Founder’s Inn and Spa, a hotel and special events venue that has become a luxury destination for tourists when its not hosting large school events. Sitting on the shores of swampy Lake Hollingsworth, Florida Southern College is made up of dozens of Wright’s structures, almost all of which are connected by esplanade roofs which provide a shady escape from the hot Florida sun.
Student housing is located near the manicured quad, which has proven the preferred gathering spot of students from all years. Though every building on Samford’s campus is aesthetically pleasing, the Hodges Chapel especially stands out.
A large pylon, erected in 1956 for the university’s 50th birthday, welcomes students and visitors to campus with the campus motto, “The Spirit Makes the Master.” Guthrie Tower, Centennial Mall, Cherry Hall, the South Lawn, and the statue of Dr.
On those beautiful Kentucky days, students especially enjoy the scenic pathways, bridges, benches, and picnic tables in Diddle Park and Fort Lytle.26. The campus includes many characteristically southern architectural features, such as the historic Colonnade.
The chapel is believed to have been designed in part by Lee’s son, and is done in the late Victorian style with brick and limestone.25. The Spanish-moss covered campus has a number of historical buildings, many of which are designed in the traditional southern style. The Heritage Tower is one of the most recognizable images of the University, but it’s the Heritage Grove, consisting of many interesting buildings and sports complexes, that is considered to be the campus’ most noteworthy feature.24. The crown jewel of this beautiful campus is undoubtedly the arched entrance and lofty bell tower of Agnes Scott Hall, the building which earned the college a spot on the U.S. Center and Papa John’s Stadium, it includes enough southern historical charm to earn it a solid spot on this list. Located in Old Louisville, U of L is surrounded by the largest grouping of Victorian homes in the United States — many of which are occupied by students. The university has continued to purchase large tracts of Louisville land to preserve as part of the university, among which has been the Speed Art Museum and the Confederate Civil War Monument. Notable campus buildings are the Rauch Planetarium, the Covi Gallery of the Hite Art Institute, and the Portico at Brandeis Law School, which serves as the final resting spot for Supreme Court Justice Louis D.
Its most recognizable buildings and features include its grassy, tree-lined Quad, Swine Palace, Greek Theater, and Pentagon. LSU’s ivy-covered brick buildings have also appeared in movies such as “Pitch Perfect,” “Glory Road,” “The Reaping,” and “Dukes of Hazzard,” among others.21. George School of Law is exceptionally grand with its white pillars and a clock tower directly inspired by Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.
But despite the beauty of the Law School, it is the Woodruff House which garnered Mercer a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.
Built in 1836 by local architect Elam Alexander, Woodruff is a gorgeous antebellum home designed in the Greek revival style.20. Augustine, FloridaImage SourceAs if ocean views, palm trees, and an outdoor swimming pool weren’t enough to land a school a solid spot on this list, Flagler College also owns one of Florida’s most beautiful historic buildings. Originally built in 1888 as a luxury hotel, the Ponce de Leon building is now used as a residence hall for Flagler students. The Spanish Renaissance revival, located mere blocks from the beach, boasts a marble staircase, beautiful rotunda, and castle-like turrets. In addition to Ponce de Leon, Flagler has been steadily purchasing other historic buildings in the area to renovate and add to their gorgeous campus.19. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods CollegeSaint Mary of the Woods, IndianaWebsite  Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is a Roman Catholic, four-year liberal arts women’s college accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
The University boasts a gorgeous botanical garden that spans nearly 700 acres, meaning students and visitors of the 729-acre campus are always surrounded by thousands of varieties of plant and tree life. Not surprisingly, the University was named a National Landmark for Outstanding Landscape Architecture by the American Society of Landscape Architects’. Of the campus‘ many gorgeous buildings, the most iconic is undoubtedly the Old Well, a neoclassical rotunda said to provide anyone who sips from its water fountain with good luck.18.
The 100-acre campus is an assortment of oak-lined green spaces and graceful buildings, nearly all of which have been designed in different styles. Most notable, however, is the facade of Gibson Hall, Tulane’s inaugural building, which was completed in 1894 by the local firm Harrod and Andry. The elegant stone facade is described as Richardsonian Romanesque, and has been listed on the National Registrar of Historic Places for more than 35 years.17. The University’s 340 acres, which includes massive Reynolda Gardens, is alive with thousands of maples, magnolias, oaks, cedars, and other trees that alight in reds and yellows. Add to the natural beauty a series of neo-Georgian buildings such as Wait Chapel and ZSR Library, and you’ve got one of the South’s most gorgeous college campuses.16. Originally founded in 1925, Rhodes’ Oxbridge-style quad is crowned by an imposing stone library. But it’s the Avenue of Oaks that secures Rhodes a spot amongst the most beautiful of college campuses. Completion Program, Political Science, Psychology, Religion and Cultural Studies, Sociology, and Technical Education and Industry TrainingFor more information: University of Central Florida19. Rollow’s Avenue of Oaks now runs from North Parkway to Palmer Hall and is the crowning jewel of an already gorgeous campus.15.
Surrounding the quad, with its iconic campanile and 25-bell carillon, are several Greek revival buildings.
Many of these buildings, including the president’s home, were built before the Civil War and those that survived the fighting are still being used today.
The historic campus also boasts an arboretum, and several cultural centers including an art museum, a natural history museum, the Allen Bales Theater, the Marion Gallaway Theater, Morgan Auditorium, and the Frank M. Much of the campus consists of Lullwater Park, a 100+ acre space dedicated to preserving the natural environment of the South.
Students can enjoy the many hiking and walking trails, as well as views of the university president’s Tudor-style mansion. In the center of campus, the quad is flanked by a number of historic buildings, the most notable of which is the ornate Pitts Theology LIbrary, which has been included in the National Register of Historic Places.13. Ole Miss was founded in 1848 with only one building, the Lyceum, a classical brick building with clean lines and white plaster accents.
The nearby School of Medicine, another imposing building of Greek revival architecture, was used as a Civil War hospital for both Union and Confederate soldiers.
And finally, The Grove, a shady green space lined with oak, elm, and magnolia, is the place of worship for what many in Oxford, Mississippi describe as the religious experience that is Football Saturdays.12. The Italianate-style Kirkland Hall serves as the campus’ orientating landmark and the official welcome for Vanderbilt’s thousands of visitors each year.11.
Manning, and buildings constructed by the famed Ralph Adams Cram (who also designed a number of other buildings mentioned on this list), it’s no wonder University of Richmond, known for its red-brick, Gothic-style buildings, was named the Most Beautiful College Campus in the country by The Princeton Review in 2000.
Situated on 350 acres in the hills of Richmond, the university boasts a number of acclaimed buildings known for both their beauty and historical significance. Most notably, Jeter Hall was completed in 1913 and shortly after used as accommodations for nurses stationed at the campus hospital during World War I. And the campus’ large expanse of green space doesn’t get any prettier than Westhampton Lake.10. Located in the heart of North Carolina, its expanse of gardens are used for both aesthetic and educational purposes. Its 525 acres feels more like a well-kept park and includes stunning plant life, flowers, trees, and the beautiful Fonville Fountain (in which swimming became forbidden in 1986). Johnston Hall, originally built in 1926 as an orphanage, is now used as alumni offices and holds a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. Movie buffs may recognize Elon University as one of the filming locations for Spike Lee’s hit, “He Got Game.”9. Originally founded in 1897 by an evangelist and his associates to encourage spiritual and intellectual growth in the Blue Ridge Mountain area, Montreat has been a 4-year college since 1945. The campus consists of numerous stone buildings which, in autumn, are framed by a plethora of red and yellow trees.
Nearly twenty hiking trails covering roughly thirty miles weave through and around campus, some of which lead to Lake Susan, a popular gathering spot for students looking to boat, swim, and picnic. No wonder the 112-acre campus is so frequently referred to as the “little mountain paradise.”8.
The buildings are a mix of current and traditional styles, though every building was designed with a wealth of windows to take advantage of the mountain-top view of seven different states.
Flowers and trees are plentiful, and its no wonder Covenant students are estimated to spend nearly 90% of their time outside of the classroom.7. The Wren Building, designed by none other than British architect Sir Christopher Wren of St. Paul’s Cathedral fame, is a gorgeous and imposing building topped with an iconic weather vane which bears its founding date: 1693. Sunken Garden, a grassy area near the quad, stretches from Wren to Crim Dell Pond, and is usually seen dotted with sprawling students. Charming Duke of Gloucester street connects the 1200-acre campus with the lovely historical town of colonial Williamsburg.6.
Most of those 21 buildings were designed by famed architect Ralph Adams Cram, who had a hand in a number of buildings mentioned on this list.
The crown jewel of the College is often considered the 130-acre equestrian center, which houses the school’s seven riding teams and is often seen with horses grazing in paddocks and students riding around on horseback. The college was designed with visual coherence and symmetry in mind, and with the Blue Ridge Mountains providing a gorgeous backdrop, it’s undoubtedly one of the prettiest in the South, if not the whole country.5.
Most notably, the Duke Chapel, with its heaven-reaching spires and ornate stone work, is one of the most recognized buildings in the United States. Much of the chapel was designed by Julian Abele, one of the first prominent African-American architects.
Throughout its history, the chapel has been awarded a number of awards for its architectural and historical achievements. Other architectural gems on the Duke campus include the Karl and Mary Ellen von der Heyden Pavilion and the Rafael Vinoly-designed Nasher Museum of Art.4.
The Asian-inspired gardens include bamboo, irises, and even a former Buddhist temple (now called the Place of Peace). Its Georgian-style buildings surround a gorgeous lake, at the center of which stands Furnam’s iconic bell tower. An 18-hole golf course sits amidst miles of popular walking trails, one of which leads to a replica of Henry David Thoreau’s home.3. Most of its 27,000 acres is made up of fields, lakes, forests, and mountains through which walking-, bike-, foot-, and horse-trails weave. To promote its expanse of natural beauty, Berry frequently organizes group hikes, archery, and even deer hunts in autumn. Making up campus proper is a series of English Gothic-inspired buildings, including Ford Dining Hall and Ford Auditorium, both of which are named after the school’s largest benefactor, Henry Ford. To top off the beauty, reflecting pools and fountains are abundant, and are often seen in images of the college.2. Composed of classical, Gothic-style architecture, the campus boasts a number of notable buildings, the most postcard-perfect of which is undoubtedly All Saints, a chapel originally inspired by University Church at Oxford and Notre Dame in Paris. All Saints has been featured in hundreds of magazines over the years, and has repeatedly been named one of the most beautiful buildings in the United States. Sewanee itself, located on 13,000 acres in the Cumberland Plateau, overlooks the Tennessee Valley.
Its natural surroundings consist of forest, lakefront bluffs, garden ravines, and a running stream lined with daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips.1. Originally designed by Thomas Jefferson, who chose its founding to be one of only three achievements to be listed on his tombstone, the University is a prime example of Jeffersonian architecture, complete with its famous neoclassical rotunda inspired by the Pantheon in Rome. Colonnades, red-brick buildings, manicured gardens, and the innovative terraced lawn all contribute to the beauty of this iconic campus. 50 Most Affordable Online Colleges with High Graduation Rates 2015 30 Most Beautiful College Campuses in the SouthComplete Guide to Choosing the Best College (Mini-course)Are MOOCs the Future of Online Education?

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