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See how you compare to accepted students and get the real-time data with a free Cappex account. Higher grades and test scores almost guarantee admission.Note that there are quite a few red dots (rejected students) and yellow dots (waitlisted students) hidden behind the green and blue on the left side of the graph. Forged in large-firm environments and two decades of practice with my own firm, I litigate and provide advice in business matters in Georgia, Florida and Puerto Rico. The high-involvement attorney-client relationship requires utmost mutual trust, respect and confidence during fluid and high-stakes circumstances. For matters requiring additional professional resources or expertise, after obtaining consent of the client, I associate co-counsel who share my core values.
A little about me personally: Family lore has it that I was born on a snowy day in Toledo, Ohio.
Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia (post-baccalaureate studies in economics, finance and statistics). American Arbitration Association, 2003 to 2013, member of National Roster of Commercial Arbitrators. President of Amherst College Alumni Association of Georgia, February 1992 to May 1997, Treasurer, 1999 to 2004, arranging receptions and other alumni social gatherings, interviewing prospective students, and serving as principal contact for college officials and over 250 alumni throughout Georgia concerning college affairs. Vice chairman of Southern Center for International Studies Young Professionals Division, Atlanta, Georgia, June 1995 to March 1997, working with chair to advance young professional agenda consistent with the internationally renowned center for scholarship on international affairs.
Chairman of Legal Task Force of the Latin American Association of Atlanta, January 1995 to March 1997, acting as principal legal contact to this United Way agency and working with volunteer attorneys in sponsoring community education programs, advocacy, and legal clinics for Georgia’s Hispanic community. Member of Board of Trustees Georgia Council for International Visitors, Atlanta, Georgia, October 1996 to December 1997, serving to promote relationships with international visitors of demonstrated promise.

Radio guest (in Spanish) on WBMJ 1190 AM, San Juan, Puerto Rico, regarding the “Puerto Rico Public Corporation Debt Enforcement and Recovery Act” June 30, 2014. Book presentation (in Spanish), Puerto Rico City, Una Novela, Libros AC, Santurce, Puerto Rico, Nov.
Television guest (in Spanish) on WPBA Channel 30, Atlanta Public Television, regarding legal aspects of starting a business, February 13, 2011. Television guest (in Spanish) on WPBA Channel 30, Atlanta Public Television, regarding legal entity selection for businesses, January 7, 2007.
Television guest (in Spanish) on WPBA Channel 30, Atlanta Public Television, regarding income tax law, October 20, 2002.
Television guest (in Spanish) on WPBA Channel 30, Atlanta Public Television, on the judicial system, September 1, 2002. Television guest (in Spanish) on WPBA Channel 30, Atlanta Public Television regarding contract law, November 7, 2001. Speaker (in Spanish) on a regular basis for the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on legal aspects of starting your own business from 1997 to 2005. Speaker on the sale and protection of software in Argentina, December 14, 1994 conference sponsored by Hi-Tech Roundtable of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. The identities of representative clients will be provided upon request with the consent of each client. Some students with grades and test scores that seemed to be on target for Florida International University did not win admission.
My experience in state and federal courts and arbitration fora includes creditor rights, business torts, antitrust, distribution law, corporate control, securities, tax controversies, construction defects and commercial insurance coverage disputes.

My ultimate concern is to achieve the client’s objectives founded on realistic expectations, proper motives and my duty to conclude matters efficiently and ethically.
A few months later, I was baptized in the tropics of San Juan, Puerto Rico where I grew up part of my life. Note also that some students were accepted with test scores and grades a little bit below the norm. Periods of my childhood and early adult life were also spent in Texas, Connecticut, Massachusetts and England.
My first regular job was delivering newspapers on a bicycle, a job I credit for my esteem of accuracy, timeliness and dependability. The admissions folks want to see that you have taken sufficient college-preparatory classes. In 1990, I moved to Atlanta, where I took the adaptive step of changing my name from David Martinez to David Martin. When I am not practicing law, I like to travel and write about economic development and tax policy.

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