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See how you compare to accepted students and get the real-time data with a free Cappex account. Higher grades and test scores almost guarantee admission.Note that there are quite a few red dots (rejected students) and yellow dots (waitlisted students) hidden behind the green and blue on the left side of the graph. The history of Florida International University (FIU) dates back to 1943, when then-Senator Ernest Graham presented the initial proposal for the creation of a public institution of higher learning in South Florida to the state legislature. The Board of Regents appointed the founding president of FIU, Charles “Chuck” Perry, as FIU’s founding president in July 1969 after conducting a national search. Florida International University is accredited to award baccalaureate degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SAC).
Applicants must complete 18 academic units in an institution of higher learning’s preparatory curriculum. Florida International University offers its students the opportunity to receive financial assistance in order to get an education that will open doors in their chosen careers and provide other wonderful opportunities. Please Note: Additional requirement may apply, depending on the financial aid program awarded to the student. Financial assistance comes from a variety of agencies to assist students meet the expenses of getting a college education—state, federal and local governments, private organizations, individuals, and community organizations. Students who wish to live on campus will be glad to know that FIU offers quality campus housing. Florida International University has a multitude of traditions from its student spirit groups, student spirit events and alumni association occasions. Every semester, hundreds of FIU students line up in order to spin the large cube that is in front of Deuxieme Miason building because it is said to give good luck in tests and examinations to all those spin it.

The Turtle Pond, located between the Green Library and the Ryder Business Building is where the FIU’s Kissing Bridge tradition takes place. Another FIU superstition that new students will find interesting deals with the seal that is engraved in front of the Graham Center on the FIU main campus, and the seal that is engraved in the WUC at the FIU campus located in Biscayne Bay.
Florida International University has been used as the set of many different films, music videos and TV shows. Some students with grades and test scores that seemed to be on target for Florida International University did not win admission. Although Senator Graham’s bill did not pass, he was persistent in presenting the proposal to his colleagues, counselling them on the state’s need for its own university.
At just 32 years of age, Perry was the youngest president in the State University System’s record and at that time, he was also the youngest university president in the nation. Financial aid includes gift aid, which comes in form of scholarships and grants; as well as student loans and work-study programs.
Arrangements are even in progress to acquire Miami Fairgrounds’ land in order to construct a housing and entertainment mini city, which will have four to five housing towers, 2 new parking garages, a shopping complex in between the Wertheim Performing Arts Center and the Florida International University Stadium.
Florida International University has more than thirty fraternities and sororities which are grouped into 4 governing councils: NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council), IFC (Inter-fraternity Council), MGC (Multicultural Greek Council) and PC (Panhellenic Council).
The institution’s largest student spirit group is the Panther Rage, which can be seen at every athletics event. Legend is, if one kisses another on the bridge, that person will stay with the other person forever! It has been said that stepping on the seals will delay a student’s graduation for several years, or reduce the student’s chance of graduating at all!

Miami Vice,The Fix, and Burn Notice are just some of the productions that have been shot at Florida International University. Note also that some students were accepted with test scores and grades a little bit below the norm. The bill instructed the Board of Regents and the state Board of Education to start the process for the establishment of a state university in Miami. That is why even on very crowded days, students at FIU are known to go around the seals in order to avoid stepping on them! The FIU Golden Panthers participate in all NCAA Division I Sun Belt Conference sports, excluding men’s soccer, for which the school participates as an affiliate member in Conference USA. The admissions folks want to see that you have taken sufficient college-preparatory classes.
Haydon Burns signed the bill into law in June 1965, thus marking Florida International University’s official founding. The airport’s deserted air traffic control tower became Florida International University’s first building. Charles Perry made a decision that the tower should NEVER be demolished, the building still remains on FIU campus, where it is referred to as the the Tower Building, Public Safety Tower, and Ivory Tower.
The building is also the former site of the Florida International University Police Department.

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