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The history of Florida International University (FIU) dates back to 1943, when then-Senator Ernest Graham presented the initial proposal for the creation of a public institution of higher learning in South Florida to the state legislature. The Board of Regents appointed the founding president of FIU, Charles “Chuck” Perry, as FIU’s founding president in July 1969 after conducting a national search. Florida International University is accredited to award baccalaureate degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SAC). Applicants must complete 18 academic units in an institution of higher learning’s preparatory curriculum.
Florida International University offers its students the opportunity to receive financial assistance in order to get an education that will open doors in their chosen careers and provide other wonderful opportunities. Please Note: Additional requirement may apply, depending on the financial aid program awarded to the student. Financial assistance comes from a variety of agencies to assist students meet the expenses of getting a college education—state, federal and local governments, private organizations, individuals, and community organizations. Students who wish to live on campus will be glad to know that FIU offers quality campus housing. Florida International University has a multitude of traditions from its student spirit groups, student spirit events and alumni association occasions.
Every semester, hundreds of FIU students line up in order to spin the large cube that is in front of Deuxieme Miason building because it is said to give good luck in tests and examinations to all those spin it. The Turtle Pond, located between the Green Library and the Ryder Business Building is where the FIU’s Kissing Bridge tradition takes place.
Another FIU superstition that new students will find interesting deals with the seal that is engraved in front of the Graham Center on the FIU main campus, and the seal that is engraved in the WUC at the FIU campus located in Biscayne Bay.
Florida International University has been used as the set of many different films, music videos and TV shows. Demographics for the Northwest region can be found at Business Florida's interactive map of Florida. Northwest Florida’s natural springs and sugar white beaches have long made this region a popular vacation destination. Businesses in Northwest Florida enjoy easy access to key southeastern growth markets via interconnected highways, railroads and shipping lines. Military 44,000 highly trained military personnel are on active duty at six Air Force and Navy installations across the region, and an estimated 6,000 retire from military service here each year, often seeking second careers and bringing the strong work ethic and advanced technical skills they acquired while in military service to area employers. Students and young professionals 103,000-plus students are enrolled in the region’s eight colleges and universities and, it seems, a good share of them join the workforce following graduation. Changing cityscapes In Tallahassee, the $30-million Cascades Park, with its 1,500-seat canopied amphitheater, opened in 2013. Wonders down under and beside the seaNorthwest Florida’s Gulf Coast is legendary for its beauty and recreational amenities. Floridians turned sharply more pessimistic in August, driving consumer confidence down to the lowest point of the year.
A small group of top Florida political leaders prodded the federal government to be more aggressive in rooting out political corruption in the state capital. The impact of the conference wasn’t just that it drew the largest crowd in its three-year history, it’s the kind of crowd that came.
UCF has decided to delay opening its downtown Orlando campus to August 2019 — a year later than planned.
This weekend, what will you be doing to get ready for the (possible) tropical system headed to Florida? An affluent population – Not only increasing in numbers but also in wealth, the per capital person income of Floridians is $39,267 (2008) showing continued year-on-year growth.
Abundance of BMV housing stock – More than 500,000 homes received foreclosure notices in 2009 bringing to the market large numbers of high quality stock at up to 70% Below Market Value prices.
Whether you are a Canadian family, an International student or a school, we are here to assist all of you. We are not just any company that accepts your application and hope to get you into a school.

What are you waiting for, satisfy your curiosity, surf through our website, review all the schools available to you for consideration, find out what are the requirements to qualify to be an International Student to study in Canada. In honor of Black History Month and in celebration of our collective swimming history, USA Swimming salutes swimming athletes who have made history for the sport and for the African American community. Fred Evans was the first African American to win a collegiate swimming championship, winning the 100 yard breaststroke at the 1975 NAIA swimming championships for Chicago State.
Evans has been an advisor to USA Swimming in the beginning of the Make a Splash initiative and the International Swimming Hall of Fame’s African American Outreach Swim Program. Anthony Nest of the University of Florida became the first male swimmer of African descent to win an NCAA championship in 1990, winning the 100 meter butterfly.
In 1998, Nesty was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame as an "Honor Swimmer". In 1981, Charles Chapman because the first African American to cross the English Channel, braving cold water, currents and a distance of more than 20 miles.
Sabir Muhammad is one of the most well-known African American swimmers for his achievements in the sport. In 1998, Muhammad led Stanford to its 17th consecutive Pac 10 Championship and 8th NCAA Team Championship where he swam the fastest relay split ever in the 50 butterfly. In 200, Muhammad competed in the Short Course World Championships, winning silver and bronze medals and becoming the first African American to win a medal at a major international swimming competition. In his career, Muhammad broke 10 American records, became a two time Short Course World Championship medalist, a four-time U.
Anthony Ervin, swimming for Cal Berkley, was named the Pac 10 swimmer of the year in 2002 and won the 100 yard freestyle at NCAA Championships three years in a row from 2002 to 2002. Ervin retired at the age of 22 after his Olympic performance only to return in 2012 when he again made the Olympic team, this time earning a 5th place finish in the 50-meter free. In 2006, Jones became the first African American man to break a world record in swimming at the Pan Pacific Games as part of the 4 x 100 free relay. Jones became the second African American to win an Olympic gold medal as part of the legendary 4 x 100 free relay team in Beijing that upset the heavily favored French team and set both Olympic and world records in the event. Although Senator Graham’s bill did not pass, he was persistent in presenting the proposal to his colleagues, counselling them on the state’s need for its own university. At just 32 years of age, Perry was the youngest president in the State University System’s record and at that time, he was also the youngest university president in the nation.
Financial aid includes gift aid, which comes in form of scholarships and grants; as well as student loans and work-study programs.
Arrangements are even in progress to acquire Miami Fairgrounds’ land in order to construct a housing and entertainment mini city, which will have four to five housing towers, 2 new parking garages, a shopping complex in between the Wertheim Performing Arts Center and the Florida International University Stadium. Florida International University has more than thirty fraternities and sororities which are grouped into 4 governing councils: NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council), IFC (Inter-fraternity Council), MGC (Multicultural Greek Council) and PC (Panhellenic Council). The institution’s largest student spirit group is the Panther Rage, which can be seen at every athletics event. Legend is, if one kisses another on the bridge, that person will stay with the other person forever! It has been said that stepping on the seals will delay a student’s graduation for several years, or reduce the student’s chance of graduating at all!
Miami Vice,The Fix, and Burn Notice are just some of the productions that have been shot at Florida International University.
By clearing the land, installing some utilities and jumpstarting the permitting process, these vacant sites will become more appealing for development.
From 2005 to 2010, the number of 25- to 34-year-olds living in Tallahassee alone grew by 20%, thanks to the capital city’s quality of life, jobs and social opportunities. For divers, there’s the Panhandle Shipwreck Trail, 12 underwater wrecks from Pensacola to Port St. Karen Holbrook, interim president of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, lists the features, amenities and developments that make the school an appealing choice, and describes the Embry-Riddle University system's reach and research. Canada International Students (CIS) works in many communities across Canada in most provinces,and especially in British Columbia, including small towns in beautiful rural areas and every major city in B.C.

At CIS, our main focus is to make all the students comfortable and get accustom to our culture and surroundings as soon as possible and be able to concentrate on school sooner. With our comprehensive application and matching systems, we design a homestay program that is especially for you.
We are official Agent for all the schools that are introduced and highly recommended on our website. If you have any questions, would like to request for further information or would like to register with us and let us assist you with all the services required to get your child to Canada to study, please do not hesitate to contact us. Evans was also a three time NCAA Division II National Champion in the 100-yard breaststroke and national record holder from 1975-1977. He was honored by OSHOF in 1983 with resolutions from the State of Illinois, Washington D.C. Nesty would win the event for a total of three consecutive years and also win the 200-meter butterfly in 1992. National Team, qualifying for the World University Games in Edmonton, Canada in 1982 serving as team captain. Chapman was the first example of African American’s proving their capability of successfully swimming the channel along with the field of white contenders. Muhammad earned and accepted a full scholarship to swim for the Stanford Cardinal in 1994 and was the first African American to compete for the varsity men’s swim team. Upon graduation, he collected seven Pac 10 titles, 25 All American honors and three NCAA, U. Jones set a new world record for his swim to earn a place on the team with a time of 47.61, a time that stood as record until broken in 2009.
The bill instructed the Board of Regents and the state Board of Education to start the process for the establishment of a state university in Miami. That is why even on very crowded days, students at FIU are known to go around the seals in order to avoid stepping on them! In Pensacola, hotels and office buildings are planned alongside the 5,000-seat ballpark where the AA Blue Wahoos play. All the students, when you work with our company you can expect the kind of personal attention you would give (and receive from) your own family and friends. When you register and apply to study in Canada with our company, we can give you the assurance that we are recognized by all the schools as official Agent. Allow us to provide you with a stress free and reliable service and get your child to Canada and have a wonderful experience. A native of Trinidad and Tobago and a citizen of Suriname, Nesty swam for Suriname in 1988 and became the first swimmer of African descent to win an Olympic gold medal at the Seoul Olympics.
National Team since 2006 and served as the first major ambassador for the USA Swimming Foundation’s Make a Splash initiative. The FIU Golden Panthers participate in all NCAA Division I Sun Belt Conference sports, excluding men’s soccer, for which the school participates as an affiliate member in Conference USA. And in downtown Fort Walton Beach, the planned "LandmarkCenter" will include a hotel, condos and 36,000-sq.-ft.
Through its nine academic colleges, Texas State offers nearly 200 undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. We want to be as approachable to you when you have any questions or require directions in any way, seek advise when needed and comfortable to talk to us when you need to. Haydon Burns signed the bill into law in June 1965, thus marking Florida International University’s official founding.
The airport’s deserted air traffic control tower became Florida International University’s first building.
Charles Perry made a decision that the tower should NEVER be demolished, the building still remains on FIU campus, where it is referred to as the the Tower Building, Public Safety Tower, and Ivory Tower. The building is also the former site of the Florida International University Police Department.

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