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A resume or writing sample (optional for master’s students; required for doctoral students). Director of Doctoral StudiesSchool of CommunicationSuite 3100, University Center C, FSUP.O. Lynn University is a highly-regarded, medium-sized private university located in Boca Raton.
If you make a deposit on your tuition by March 31, you will be more likely to get your choice of housing, get to pick your classes first and get your financial aid estimate earlier. If you pay your tuition in full by March 31 you will get a $650 dollar discount on your fall semester tuition. Lynn University offers unique, quality programs at its seven colleges and schools, including the Burton D.
Lynn University’s athletes, the Fighting Knights, participate in NCAA Division II competition. Most of us cringe at the memories of college housing, stuffed in tight quarters with sterile surroundings and just enough space to get your work done. These colleges boast everything from a stress relieving ball pit to televisions in every room. Osprey Fountains is The University of North Florida’s newest housing complex which opened in 2009. The Callaway House is one of the most premium student housing options on the market – At the University of Texas, and across the Unites States. Ivy House and Windsor hall are the Luxury Residences of the University of Florida – that’s even what they go by! At the University of Houston, you can enjoy urban style living with all of the essentials you need. The Metropolitian isn’t a dorm owned by FIDM, but it is one of the only four housing complexes available to students and owned by private companies. We just couldn’t pick the best house in the Max Palevsky Residential Commons, so we included them all! Sontag and Pomona are the newest residential buildings on Pomona College campus, which won the Builder’s Choice and Custom Home Design Awards in 2013.
Student Village is Boston Universities newest residence hall, or halls – as it is comprised of 33 Harry Agganis Way and 10 Buick Street, its two towers.
Students can find plenty of space at UC Davis’s Cuarto Area which is located in Davis, California and comprised of three Halls – Emerson, Thoreau, and Webster. Some of the many perks of living at Newman Towers at Loyola, are having a walk in closet, full service kitchen, and even a convenience store on the ground floor of your dorm.
This modern dorm was built by acclaimed international architect Helmut Jahn, and has a room type for every student, including singles, suites, 2, 3, and 6 bedroom apartments. With its amazing views, its proximity to the White House, and private dorms and private baths, you can enjoy the opulence of city living in the D.C. All of NYU’s dorms are exceptionally located with stunning views and unique features, but Founders hall is on display today as NYU’s newest residence hall! At Montclair University, you have the option of staying in the Village Apartments as a junior or senior.
The University Village Suites are a freshman only housing option, and still offer all of the perks of apartment living that are usually only available to upperclassmen!
Hurst Hall was completed in 2006, and has high end features for its residents that make this dorm a luxury for freshman and upperclassmen.
Depending on your definition of luxury, staying in a Yurt in the middle of the Andirondacks could be your ideal location! The University encourages anyone needing assistance in accessing content found on the University's website to contact the FGCU office or department that maintains the webpage. For your convenience, we offer maps that will help you get to campus, as well as those that will help you find your way around once you are here. Documents in Adobe PDF format require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.You may download this free application from Adobe's Web site. In addition, doctoral applicants should have a minimum of a 3.3 in their master’s degree work. Lynn University is unique in requiring students to complete an international study experience prior to graduation.
On those snowy winter days, students have a short stroll down the hall to enjoy the in house dining options, game rooms, and workout facilities. Not are the rooms spectacular, with private beds and baths, fully equipped kitchens (even a Keurig!) , walk in closets, and your very own washer and dryer,  but the building amenities are comparable to a stay in a tropical oasis. It boasts in house amenities such as a fitness center, video game room, convenience store, and library for studying.
No matter if you want to live in your own apartment, or with 3 other people, there are eight different floor plans to choose from. These 1-2 bedroom lofts have 10-foot ceilings, kitchens with refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, and granite counter tops, and can either come furnished or unfurnished.
Students are regulated just like they would be in in a dorm, but they have the amenities of a 5 star hotel!

These apartment style dorms include their own kitchen areas, colorful paint, and a beautiful view from floor to ceiling windows.
Each of these buildings has their own culture and history, but they all have similar floor plans and amenities. This building is super eco-friendly, with air condition in each unit that shuts off when the windows are opened, daylight sensors, electrical cut-off switches and low water use fixtures. On display today is Hurlbut Hall, which as shown above, has fireplaces in many of the rooms (perhaps not in use however!). In Hurlbut you can either have a single with a shared hall bathroom, or be a part of a six person suite, bathroom included.
Rather than luxury amenities, you’re surrounded by a rich history and your own private space within it.
Students can enjoy kitchens that are shared with no more than 6 people, and as little as two, central air, and furnished living, dining, and bedrooms. Additional amenities include bike routes, learning communities, a TV studio, lounges on every floor and communal spaces with work areas and conference rooms with video conference equipment and media facilities. The main attraction for this student housing area is its two swimming pools, spa, and landscaped courtyards. Apartments can house up to four students, and include either one or two bedrooms per suite.
These luxury suites can sleep four to eight students and come furnished with beds, desks, dressers, electric stoves, refrigerators, sinks, and cabinets, and also include a dining table with soft chairs to enjoy your meals. Rooms in founders are spacious suites with their own adjoining bathroom. In this 26-story building, you will have some of the most amazing views in the city. These modern residences foster a sense of community, bring students together with study spaces, lounges, a courtyard, and the LV Pavilion right next door with game rooms, meeting spaces – and even a bike repair shop! Living in a brand new facility with state of the art features is a perk in itself, but once you step outside and take in the mountain view you’ll realize why this is one of the best places to live! Not only do these 4 resident apartments come with a full kitchen, living room, and one or two bathrooms, but the complex also has a outdoor pool and basketball court. Living in a 1, 2, or 4 bedroom suite includes a mini kitchen, a shared bathroom, a built in bar with stools, and all of the necessary furniture. The rooms are typically doubles, each with a private bathroom, microwave, refrigerator, and individual room temperature. While rooms are typical dorm style, with two to three beds and furnished with desks and dressers, the real luxury is the view.
At this central Pace University building, its all in the same building and classes are just a short elevator ride away. As the college admission rate continues to rise and schools look for ways to attract future students, luxurious amenities are becoming popular for students who want to make their living experiences comparable to a luxury vacation. If the thought of having to live in cramped quarters makes college seem like a nightmare, check out our list to find options for living in style while you get your degree!
Inside has all of the essentials; gaming, fitness, and executive meeting rooms, and a spa which includes a sauna, steam room, and tanning beds. Each comes fully furnished with leather couches, stainless steel appliances, a kitchenette and hardwood floors. Ivy house is a female-only residence with a sun deck, private jetted jacuzzis, a living room with a fireplace and big screen tv, and a gourmet kitchen.
Located in the heart of LA and right across the street from the fashion institute and all of your classes, this is the closest housing to FIDM.
This apartment is eco friendly with its innovative window insulation feature – and each apartment can be individually heated or cooled.
Not only does this award winning building have plenty of lounges equipped with all of your entertainment needs, there’s also a giant ball pit to play in for those times you just need to let off some steam. In the common rooms you will find beautiful architecture and wood-paneled walls, along with a fireplace in each one. You can either live in a 3 or 6 bedroom suite, each with a common living room and kitchens on each floor.
In this dorm your close to a library, late night restaurant, and a perfect lawn for picnicking.
As a liver on the lawn, you’re expected to keep your door open as a part of tradition.
Amenities in the buildings have just about everything you need from laundry rooms, music practice rooms, reading rooms, and even a market and Dunkin Donuts open until midnight.
The plush, dorm style living includes Tempurpedic beds in the rooms, a fitness center complete with a dance studio, and a rooftop garden. There is a full service dining room, an area for snacks, and large community villages for shopping and dining. The dorms, or apartments, have high speed internet, air conditioning, elevators, wireless internet, cable, full service kitchens with mini fridges and microwaves and also come equipped with desks, beds and furniture. Additionally, the building includes a recreational lounge, music room, workshop for special projects, and vending and ice machines. Much like paying normal housing costs, this building lets students have their own individual lease so that you’re not responsible for flaky roommates rent.
They describe them as ‘hotel-style’, so you can expect all of the same amenities, except for maybe a mini-bar and daily replenishment of shampoo and conditioner!
Some rooms have a bay view, and the lounges on each floor have balconies to take it all in.
These yurts ensure you’re in a serene environment and surrounded by the great outdoors.

The floor plans in this building are either a single or a double room, and many beds are lofted to provide more space.
The primary differences between the two emphasis areas are the (1) nature of the courses you take, (2) different faculty members traditionally associated with each, and (3) emphasis area distinction itself, which may be of importance based on your career plans. The rooms in Windsor, the co-ed house, hall have their own kitchenettes and attached luxury bathrooms and are a bit bigger than Ivy House. And of course, every urban loft needs roof terraces, sky lounges, an exercise room, and a private court yard. Each apartment has a private balcony, a kitchen with GE appliances, a vanity, living space, and large windows with beautiful views. When its time for a snack, Johns smoothies are the best option – having won the World Smoothie awards 5 times!
Floor plan options go from single rooms, to four room, and include a kitchen, living room, and one or two bathrooms depending on your layout.
Skylights primarily light the 5th floor, and in all of the rooms there are no overhead lights inside of the suites. The best thing about these houses is that they each foster a sense of community by participating in individual traditions that range from weekly tea time, spring camping trips, midnight soccer in the fall, and annual Super Bowl and Oscars night parties.
The draw of living in this dorm is definitely the historic and unique touches that are in each spacious room. Bedrooms even come with your own rocking chair to place outside your room to take in the view. The school also boasts of having its own bakery and a large, separate kosher kitchen with a full menu. The dining hall has reached ‘gold status’ for exotic fare like their famous burger crumble tacos and even have served shark! With over 500 students on campus, there’s also plenty of bike parking and a full service activities center. This building is conveniently located right across from the Lerner Health and Wellness Center, and in house dining options include Dunkin Donuts, Pita Pit, and Potbelly’s. The in house Hoot Restaurant and Peace Cafe make sure you’re never starving, or having to brave the elements for a bite to eat! The buildings in this complex, which even include larger apartments mostly for graduate students, form a central courtyard. Also in the same building are dining options, shared community space, and free laundry facilities. As a research-oriented institution, The Florida State University is committed to preparing the next generation of communication scholars.
Active students can enjoy the tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, along with a putting green and lighted running track. These two housing options offer rooms that are much bigger than traditional dorms – and their cheaper too! In addition to these luxuries, Gulf Coast students can also enjoy gas grills, tennis courts and recreation fields, and a computer and study center.
Students Residents are expected to be exemplary members of the lawn community, and strive to be leaders and scholars. Just about every part of South 40 is now available to be named after you, including the dorms, for a hefty donation.
This dorm is a two minute walk from several dining options, and only two blocks away from Union Square Subway station for easy access to the rest of the city and classes.
The community amenities include a computer lab, study room, community kitchens, laundry rooms, lounge areas, game rooms, and an art gallery. The building has shared community spaces, laundry rooms, study rooms, a ping pong table, and a spacious courtyard. This is an alcohol-free building, so students 21 and up are generally discouraged from living here. Outside there is a heated pool, sundeck and covered spa, along with a courtyard with all of the grilling essentials.
These dorms are nothing short of luxurious, but with warm weather all around, you may not ever want to go inside!
Each unit in the complex also has an Academic Services center, with workstations and scheduled academic support and resources. Lawrence University is specifically designed for students interested in outdoor leadership. You’re surrounded by shopping and nightlife, but you also have the option to stay in and enjoy the private theatre and community lounge with a billiards table.

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