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From its opening in 1913 as a normal college for women, with a two-year course in teacher preparation, it has grown to a thriving university of more than 10,500 students, offering degrees from the associate to the doctorate. This regional perspective is entirely consistent with the university's founding and history. Although the college was founded in 1906, no funds were appropriated for it until 1911, when the state allocated $30,000.
The early students were required to wear a school uniform and paid ten dollars per year for tuition and twelve dollars per month for board and laundry. Soon after Reade's retirement and his replacement by Ralph Thaxton (1948-66), the Board of Regents declared that in 1950 GSWC was to become a coeducational institution and would be renamed Valdosta State College. In 1993 the college became Valdosta State University (VSU), the second regional university in the University System of Georgia.
In 1926, the Alumnae Association of Georgia State Womans College, formerly South Georgia State Normal College, held a "Ceremonial of Being Glad for our College" as part of the first Thanksgiving Homecoming. Not too long ago, historically speaking, there was a haven at the place we now know as Valdosta State University.
The viability of college radio has been an issue in need of close examination for some time now. While academics are the main focus throughout college, sports programs can be a key aspect as well, especially at large universities. Throughout the fall semester at FSU, the football team is essentially the main focus almost every weekend. While the basketball team is not as popular as the football team, attending at least one game throughout the semester is always a good pastime, especially if it’s a big game, such as Clemson or Duke. And for those who enjoy partaking in athletics simply for the fun of it, there are several intramural sports teams offered here at FSU.
CONNECTTWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMOREFlorida State football announced their 2015 schedule, featuring typical ACC games against Miami and Clemson and complete with out of conference games against Texas State, the University of South Florida and Chattanooga.At home, FSU will get rival Miami, Louisville, USF, Syracuse, Texas State, NC State and Chattanooga. The official ring of Tarleton State University embodies the pride and possibility that have built our heritage of excellence and achievement since 1899. This beautiful, commemorative ring was designed by a committee of alumni and students with the goal of achieving a unique and meaningful design. The Tarleton State University class ring was the first ring in the world to feature series numbering as part of the design. The official Tarleton State University ring serves as a constant reminder of the lifelong friendships and incredible achievements that you have gained.
The Southeastern Conference announced the 2015 SEC football schedules Tuesday evening on the SEC Network. How do you think auburn feels now, at Kansas state, at Mississippi state, at ole miss, at Georgia, and at Alabama? Florida, Georgia and Tennessee all got help with so many home games to start their seasons. As a regional university, Valdosta State is charged with meeting the professional and general educational needs of its south Georgia service area, which stretches from the Atlantic Coast to Alabama, encompassing forty-one counties and 31 percent of the land area of the state.
In 1906 a group of local legislators and concerned civic leaders worked hard for the passage of legislation to establish a college,which was named the South Georgia State Normal College. Over the next decade the college added African American students, faculty, and administrators, and Valdosta State continues to promote diversity and actively recruit minorities in all areas of campus life. Walter Martin (1966-78), presided over a time of physical expansion of the school, including the construction of the Odum Library, the Education Center, the Fine Arts Building, the College Union, a science administration building, and five dormitories.The student body grew, the Division of Nursing (now the College of Nursing) was established, and many programs expanded, including those in graduate education.
VSU consists of five colleges (arts, arts and sciences, business administration, education, and nursing),a graduate school, and two divisions (aerospace programs and social work).
With the advent of new forms of technology aimed directly at fulfilling the uses and gratifications of a music-filled world, even commercial radio has seen a decline in listenership.
To this end, Graduate and Undergraduate Student papers relating to VSU history will be posted here. Whether you’re playing on a competitive travel team, involved in an intramural team simply for fun, or an onlooker in the bleachers, any sporting event makes for an exciting day or night out.
Football games are not just a 4-quarter game; they are an all day event, starting with tailgates and ending with celebrations at the bar. Beer, nachos, and time with friends is generally the excuse for people to set foot in the Civic Center to relax and watch the game on a Saturday afternoon or dull weeknight.

While I have personally never attended a game, I have been told that they’re perfect to watch on a comfortable and sunny Florida day. Sometimes, it’s the perfect way to get your share of exercise, relieve stress, and meet a close group of friends without the commitments of constantly traveling to play against competitive teams.
Students are highly encouraged to support their fellow Noles at these events, so points will be given to their FSU card card each time they swipe into an event.
On the road the Seminoles will face off against Florida, Clemson, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech and Boston College, which will take place on a Friday.Overall, though the schedule lacks the marquee matchups of 2014, it should serve as a good proving ground for a young FSU team that will be replacing a large amount of contributors.
It is a lasting symbol of your lifelong connection to that heritage and the people and experiences that are your Tarleton State University. The top of the official ring is adorned with the traditional border of the University seal encircling the Tarleton "T"- embracing you as a member of the Tarleton family. As graduates and alumni order the new ring, a series number is etched into the outside of the ring adding to the tradition and meaningful achievements it represents. The official ring also tells the world that you are loyal to the Tarleton heritage and proud to be affiliated with the prestige and distinction reserved for Tarleton alumni. Interestingly, the schedule permits only one SEC bye week per team, as the last two seasons there have been two bye weeks. Valdosta, at that time a prosperous cotton city, is located very close to the Florida state line, midway between the coast and Alabama. In 1922 the school became a four-year college, and the legislature changed the name to Georgia State Woman's College (GSWC). The elaborate costumed festivals came to an end early in the 1950s, supplanted by events planned to include both men and women. In fall 2001 approximately 21 percent of the student body and 6 percent of the faculty were African American. To accommodate the rapid expansion of programs, in the 1990s a new building boom began, with careful attention given to maintaining the Spanish Mission style established in existing campus buildings. She expressed gratitude for the intellectual and social gifts the college had bestowed upon its graduates and current enrollees.
If you are interested in publishing campus or regional research on our website, please contact us.
Florida State University has several competitive and intramural teams to offer both male and female students who enjoy partaking in any type of athletic programs. While it is most students’ goal to attend every home game, work or school can sometimes deter this, depending on schedules. The women’s soccer team is also big at FSU, as they recently just won the National Championship. This is extremely beneficial to those who want first priority when claiming a ticket for big football games that sell limited amounts of tickets due to high demand. Two warmup games start the Seminoles off, before facing off a much-improved Boston College team.October should be the hardest month for FSU, with back to back to back games against Miami, Louisville and Georgia Tech. Whether your ring has #1 or number #2,862 etched on the outside, it should be a valued treasure for a lifetime. Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishments and welcome to the Tarleton State University alumni family.
By that year the school had grown to 402 undergraduates, and the training school to 108 students.The financial hardships of the Great Depression brought major changes to GSWC. Throughout the 1980s the college established off-campus sites across south Georgia and began receiving state and federal grant funds to develop curricula and programs.
The teams range from soccer, basketball, football, bowling, volleyball, baseball, lacrosse, water polo, and the list goes on. Being that FSU held the title of the National Champions throughout the year of 2014, the home games progressively became popular; every home game of the year was completely sold out this past season.
However, the one football game that everyone should attend, including friends and family members, is the notorious rivalry game against the University of Florida, played at the end of November every year.
It’s relaxing compared to that of a football game, but sometimes, that’s just what you need since your ears may slowly be starting to go deaf from the noise in Doak Campbell Stadium. Women’s volleyball is another very competitive sports team that can actually get extremely rowdy during a rivalry game. There’s also the dance and cheerleading teams for both guys and girls, which is a privilege to be a part of, considering you can travel with the football team for each away game. The higher amount of points you have from attending events, the better chance you have of scoring a ticket to a big game.

Symbolizing the modern aspect of Tarleton, the ring features the impressive architecture of the administration building. With the land and money in hand, the trustees then hired a president, Richard Holmes Powell (1913-33), who was state superintendent of rural schools in Georgia. The training school, popular with the town from its inception, was ordered closed in 1933 by the chancellor, and the school was made a four-year liberal arts college.
In 2003 VSU offered a total of fifty undergraduate majors, twenty-three masters degrees, nine educational specialists degrees, and doctorates in education. As you can imagine, this created an unbelievably exciting atmosphere in the stadium, especially for intense, nail-biting games, such as Notre Dame. Another exciting game is held during homecoming weekend, which is generally in late October.
I know they aren’t the best but they are better than a lot of the teams other people play. They find hands-on opportunities to succeed in research, leadership, and excellence as early as freshman year.
His energy and enthusiasm were instrumental in the development of the college for its first twenty years.
Teacher training was drastically deemphasized for five years or so.During the tenure of GSWC president Frank Robertson Reade (1935-48), New Deal programs enabled the school to expand physically from three to seven buildings. Greek organizations were formed, with fraternities leading the way, and intercollegiate athletics became a part of campus life when the Rebels, an all-male basketball team, was formed.The focus of the school broadened as well.
In recent years the master of social work has been a growing program, as have master's degrees in public administration, nursing, business, and communication disorders.VSU has established partnerships with area colleges and universities, offering courses on four two-year college campuses and two military bases and through distance education.
The intense energy from the fans literally makes the stadium vibrate, as students shout and stomp on the bleachers, cheering on the Noles to win.
His travels in the West led him to choose the Spanish mission style of architecture for the institution's buildings, a style that has been maintained throughout the years. The Powell Library, dedicated by first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, was a centerpiece of this construction. Programs in premedical, predentistry, and prepharmacy education were added, and the sciences became more prominent. It has an active international program and sponsors faculty exchanges on every continent in the world.
During World War II (1941-45), GSWC emphasized politics and science in its curriculum, and in 1943 the Bachelor of Science degree was added.
Business became a popular major after 1950, and the education department began expanding its secondary offerings.
Since becoming a university, VSU has virtually eliminated its remedial studies program and has raised its admission standards substantially.In December 2001 Hugh Bailey retired after twenty-three years as president of VSU.
After all, we held the record of winning 29 games in a row, so we became just a tad bit spoiled by our undefeated football team. Extracurricular activities centered on projects designed to aid the war effort, such as scrap metal drives, USO dances, a War Bond Scholarship campaign, and Red Cross activities. The college's tradition of attracting students from south Georgia, an area historically undeserved educationally, continued.
Moody Air Force Base, located about ten miles from campus, provided the male participants for many patriotic parties. Zaccari's administration began by focusing on strategic planning to strengthen the university in the twenty-first century. Despite the impressive growth of recent years, the school remains grounded in a concern for students' development and in meeting the educational needs of south Georgia.
Discover the latest and breaking news for #BlazerNation, as well as schedules, rosters, and ticket purchases.
Your support enables scholarships, athletic excellence, facility upgrades, faculty improvements, and more.

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