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NewslettersExclusive and Limited OffersInstitutional Sports Information and Promotion Newsletter.Sign Up Free! What I do if I got problems during checkout ?If you got an email with the completed transaction, we got your order even if you got an error.
Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is about more than refunds; it is about a promise to deliver total satisfaction. All our sport equipment are guarantee no defect, we will replace any defect equipment at no cost and as fast as possible. Contact us if you want to know about your equipment guarantee before or after your purchase. Well in case you missed it, I have lost complete control of my mind and decided that since there is really no college sport of major note going on right now (sorry gymnastics which just ended–who knew?) that I would look at the nicknames in the Big Ten. Regardless of the true origin, the word has taken on a truly unique Indiana spin, becoming a mark of pride. Our Stanford University Flag is the official flag flown over the College Football Hall of Fame and from stadiums and arenas across the country. All merchandise is officially licensed and manufactured under authorized agreements held by their respective licensees.

All team insignias, logo colors, designs, and products are approved by the selected university or college and are processed through third party licensing representatives, if applicable. And who knows?  They may even be able to come away with the impressive road victory at Lane Stadium. If you made a checkout with paypal but you missed the paypal checkout button, contact us and we will resend the payment link via email. This officially licensed flag is made of durable, 100% polyester and is designed with 2 heavy-duty metal grommets so it is easy to hang. We will help you contact manufacturers of the products you purchase for all the guarantee time. That much is known but there is a lot of disagreement about what it actually meant back then.
The fact that it can be used by no other institution makes it far superior to the run of the mill Tigers, Eagles and Bulldogs. This site is NOT an official website, nor affiliate, for any universities, colleges, professional sports organizations, corporate entities, or the NCAA. The Stanford University Flag measures 3'x5', is constructed of 2 ply 100% nylon, includes quadruple stitched fly ends, has double-sided embroidered school insignias, and metal grommets.

This high-quality flag is decorated in the team colors and proudly displays the official team graphics in the center and Realtree camouflage background. Well, in addition to lack of college sports news going on, the Big Ten also boasts some really unique nicknames. Since the university is the flagship school in the public university system, it makes sense for them to adopt Hoosier as their nickname. Uses of it ranged from offensive (for example, hick) to more sporting terms like woodsman and outdoorsman. Since our Stanford University Flag is 2 layer constructed, the insignias are viewable and readable correctly on both sides.Fly your Stanford University Flag with our tailgate flagpole or 6' aluminum flagpole and adjustable flag bracket.
A poem written by an Indianianite (so glad Hoosier is the official demonym) used the word extensively and it stuck. I think this goes without saying, but the University pre-dates the Gene Hackman classic flick by just a few years, so it isn’t in tribute to that fine film, so where did it come from?

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