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The cost of living in South Florida is lower than many other major cities including New York, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Sports fans can enjoy the Miami Dolphins football team, the Miami Heat basketball team, the Florida Marlins baseball team, and the Florida Panthers hockey team. When it comes to education, there are many options for public, private and charter schools, as well as magnet programs in South Florida. Another reason to look for South Florida Homes - miles of beautiful beaches and acres of parks offer outdoor activities for everyone. South Florida has been a coveted piece of land since the early 1500’s, following its European discovery by the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon.
Detail from Norma Salt's 'Picasso's Cat--El Gato,' on exchibit at the Flagler County Art League. In “Picasso’s Legacy,” Robert Ammon’s “Pablo and Olga” takes off on wonderfully reconfigured—and only seemingly distorted—portraits such as “Woman Facing to the Right” and “Woman With a Cap” to create a two-headed portrait of the artist and his first wife: him looking in one direction, she looking in the other, fittingly, since Picasso’s wandering eyes and libido split that union, though she remained married to him because he didn’t want to split his property with her. Norma Salt entered an acrylic pun of her own with “Picasso’s Cat–El Gato,” the cat’s head managing to look more devious than the mice scurrying behind it, the black cat itself sitting primly on a parquet of red cubes.
It’s the second show at the Art League’s newest location at City Walk (which is no longer City Walk: the place is renaming itself City Marketplace), after its inaugural “A hero’s Call” last month. There is no better time than now for young African-Americans to pursue a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) education, according to University of Central Florida engineering educator and researcher Pamela McCauley-Bush. According to Nielsen’s 2011 The State of the African American Consumer report, African Americans are major consumers of technology with the buying power of nearly $1 trillion annually. In addition, one of the reasons so many consider South Florida homes - Florida has no personal state income tax and has favorable tax advantages for those looking to start or relocate a business. Tastes from these regions are found in the restaurants, entertainment, culture and festivals. The University of Miami, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Barry University, Lynn University, Nova Southeastern University and other colleges are all located in the region.

Whether you are searching for existing or new homes from Boynton Beach to Miami, there are plenty of choice cities and communities. The 300 year period of international rivalry between England, Spain and France ended when the United States gained possession of the state. Janson’s standard text on the subject are familiar with his illustration of creativity: Pablo Picasso’s “Bull’s Head,” made of two bicycle parts—a handlebar and a seat.
He had to make it and see it, to make it work, which it magnificently did (it hangs in the Musee Picasso in Paris). Hence, possibly, Ammon’s divided twosome (though Olga, bright though red-eyed, appears far less anxious than Picasso in his Blue-Man-Group look).
Francis Ward decided to take Picasso’s “Violin and Grapes” and translate it to “Guitar and Dog.” Michael Ingram’s “For Old Long Time” is a more literal reproduction (or re-orientation) of Picasso’s “Old Guitarist,” from his blue rather than cubist period.
Best in show went to Pat Fadden’s “Mama Said,” a mixed media piece with elements of light and dark in a small crowd of lightly brushed faces, half faces and no faces that dominated by one presence near the center of the canvass. Bush, associate professor in the UCF Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems, once had to overcome immense hurdles to become the first African-American female granted an engineering Ph.D. Bush is passionate about helping women navigate their way to success and leadership roles in male-dominated STEM fields. Fulbright Scholar for her internationally recognized research on mathematically modeling human factors and related risks in disaster management. Highlights include theatre, lectures, opera, ballet, concerts, the famous Art Basel, the Miami International Book Fair, and so much more. South Florida served mainly as a center for trade and maritime activity until the 19th century.
Ingram’s guitarist preserves Picasso’s shapes but displaces the blue to background and to the guitarist’s skin lighter shades while brightening up his clothes in greens and yellows and turning the guitar into a balalaika.
Maybe more might have had the word gone out to the two local high schools, where there’s no lack of energetic attempts at taking on old and more modern traditions.

Her book, Transforming Your STEM Career Through Leadership and Innovation: Inspiration and Strategies for Women, published by ELSEVIER Academic Press in 2012, is a practical, research-based guide for individuals, organizations, communities and any academic program desiring to increase innovation and hone impactful leaders.
The railroad opened up South Florida to greater amounts of agriculture, tourism and settlement. Perhaps for lack of enough entries, the show includes a few pieces that, while compelling in themselves, don’t necessarily have a connection to Picasso (at least not in the direct sense of the term, though some artists will argue that, like Homer with literature, there is no such thing as art that, since the turn of the last century, doesn’t have a connection to Picasso). First Place went to Judi Wormeck for her “Fish Tale,” a collage of cat, fish and rusty colors. She is also a graduate of Dartmouth College’s Advanced Minority Business Executive Program. The art league has changed its rules: artists can enter up to three pieces, rather than up to two, and the requirement that the work was no older than two years has been dropped, which risks encouraging more tired or recycled work at the expense of new creations. Support an organization, such as the National Society of Black Engineers, with a modest donation. Yet  their combination into what Picasso made of them very much is a work of art, a “visual pun,” as Janson describes it, that makes us “also sense that it was a stroke of genius to put them together in this unique way.” It looks as simple as child’s play. The military brought thousands more to the area during World War II for training and many veterans, loving the mild climate and lifestyle, contributed to the new population boom. South Florida also became more popular with tourists who started to stay year-round rather than just during the winter months.

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