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Actively participating in infrastructure projects across the base, Life Safety Designs, Inc.
Life Safety Designs, Inc. ‘s  fire alarm, access control, and security systems stand watch over the Sysco Foods Jacksonville Distribution Center.
Following the contract installation of the original networked Notifier fire alarm system, Life Safety Designs, Inc. Life Safety Designs, Inc.’s footprint on the campus at the University of Central Florida continues to expand and evolve.
Located within the Mayo Clinic’s Jacksonville, Florida campus, the Inn at Mayo Clinic is serviced by Life Safety Designs, Inc.’s qualified technicians and inspectors.
During the initial construction of the Marriot Courtyard Hotel in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Life Safety Designs, Inc.
From contract installations, additions, and upgrades to routine service, inspections, and monitoring services, LSDI continues to watch over the Sysco Foods’ valued employees and facilities. LSDI is actively expanding the campus wide Mass Notification System, a valuable and potentially life saving solution to relay valuable information and instructions to a wide audience in an urgent manner. From simple projects to complex, multi-system networked installations, LSDI demonstrates the knowledge and fortitude to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. LSDI protects Hangar 511, the largest structure of its kind in the Navy, with state of the art fire alarm, video surveillance, intercom, paging and access control systems.
LSDI services the fire alarm, access control, and video surveillance systems employed at the terminal.
From the launch complexes and cavernous buildings at the Kennedy Space Center, to the tracking complex at the Merritt Island Launch Annex (MILA), LSDI systems protected integral elements and provided essential communications pathways. A vital cog in planning, supporting, and executing logistical efforts in support of the Marine Corps Maritime Prepositioning Force, MCSF Blount Island is undergoing significant upgrades and expansion to facilitate its mission. LSDI’s system protects the civilians and military personnel charged with planning, designing, and managing construction projects in excess of $2.4 billion dollars annually from over 22 field offices for the Navy and other governmental agencies. The state of the art facility provides training for the Navy’s most recent aircraft addition, the P-8A Poseidon, which will replace the longserving P-3 Orion aircraft. Expansion of the fiber optic backbone was necessary to support the increasing demands on this valuable cruise, cargo, and naval port.
The expansive hangar is home to a squadron of elite helicopters and personnel specializing in Airbourne Use of Force and drug interdiction missions. The fire alarm system in this upscale one and two-story shopping facility is serviced and maintained by LSDI technicians.
LSDI personnel service and maintain the fire alarm system, along with completing annual inspections and provides central station fire alarm monitoring services.
LSDI personnel inspect the fire alarm system annually and provide ongoing maintenance and support to protect the Mellow Mushroom facility, employees, and customers. LSDI technicians provide ongoing maintenance and repair functions, while the inspections department ensures the fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems maintain code compliance and operate as designed. The contract included an upgrade of the existing fire alarm control panel and an expansion of the current field devices for the existing 415,000 sq ft warehouse facility.

The heavy machinery complex sells and services large earth moving and heavy industrial equipment. LSDI installed standalone Notifier NFS-3030 fire alarm control panels for each generatiing unit and fabricated custom control cabinets to meet SEC’s unique plant needs. Recently, LSDI enhanced the fire alarm system to accommodate the Banana Room Expansion under a separate contract.
Producing Silk Soymilk, the facility relies on the ongoing maintenance and support of LSDI technicians to ensure that each system operates with maximum efficiency.
In addition to ongoing maintenance support, LSDI provides NFPA inspections of the fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems at this village-like wooded campus. LSDI installed a specialized fire alarm system capable of protecting the unique requirements of a large scale aircraft coating facility. Under multiple contracts, LSDI installed fire alarm, nurse call, and specialty systems as required to meet individual campus needs. LSDI installed fire alarm, security, and video surveillance systems to guard the campus through a series of projects. Through multiple and ongoing contracts with both private contractors and the University itself, LSDI is actively working to expand the depth and breadth of this invaluable system. LSDI installed a MNS capable of transmitting time sensitive messages campus wide in the event of an emergency.
Continuing to deliver outstanding services, LSDI continues to provide fire alarm system maintenance and repair. LSDI installers and technicians provided video surveillance, CATV, aerobics sound, main auditorium sound and projection, and nurse call systems for the new community center.
Following the initial installation, LSDI provided annual fire alarm inspection and fire alarm monitoring services to the hotel’s owners. Fire sprinkler and backflow inspections at the Inn are carried out by LSDI inspectors as directed by the NFPA.
LSDI personnel inspect the fire alarm system in accordance with NFPA guidelines to ensure this vital system operates as designed. LSDI installed the fire alarm system as part of the renovation of its famed Florida and Georgia Houses.
LSDI technicians maintain the proper working order for this system in the exclusive spa area, ensuring the hotel’s guests receive immediate attention when a need arises.
LSDI provides peace of mind with an annual service agreement, covering all components of the fire alarm system with an all-inclusive maintenance agreement.
LSDI played an integral role in replacing the existing fire alarm system and continues to provide expert installation service as the original fire alarm replacement continues to expand across the campus. Under multiple contracts, LSDI installed fire alarm systems throughout the main hospital and accompanying Medical Office Buildings.
In addition to the annual NFPA fire alarm inspection, LSDI installed fire alarm, paging, and intercom systems in specific areas across the campus under numerous contracts. Following installation of an elaborate fire alarm system in the new Cancer Hospital, LSDI developed a comprehensive maintenance agreement to provide ongoing maintenance and inspection of this vital life safety system.

To gain a further understanding of LSDI’s capabilities, please explore the showcase of successfully completed projects by LSDI across many market segments.
LSDI is proud of its contributions to further NASA’s mission to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research. LSDI welcomes the opportunity to expand its presence at NSB Kings Bay, home port of the U.S.
With six squadrons of the P-8A Poseidon scheduled to be based at NAS Jacksonville, this facility will serve a vital role in training naval aviators for years to come. Incorporating the Mercedes-Benz Autohaus designs, the Sales Operations Southern Region Office supports 102 Mercedes-Benz dealerships across 12 states and the Parts Distribution Center supports 70 Mercedes-Benz dealerships with parts support. LSDI conquered the unique challenge of upgrading and replacing the fire alarm system in an active industrial application, as the station continued to generate power for its network of Florida customers throughout the project. LSDI welcomes the opportunity to partner with contractors and facility owners to provide leading edge protection for large industrial facilities. In addition to performing service and maintenance, LSDI inspects the fire alarm system annually per NFPA guidelines.
LSDI technicians continue to provide ongoing maintenance support for this valuable partnership that trains local residents to work in the aircraft industry and services commercial aircraft from around the globe. In addition to the ongoing maintenance support, LSDI provides NFPA governed inspections of the fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems. The highlight of this system is the ability to project an audible announcement across campus, allowing campus safety officers to relay critical information throughout the campus, including those in remote outdoor areas. In addition to inspecting the fire alarm system, LSDI provides fire sprinkler system inspections. LSDI worked directly with TPC Facility Engineers to craft a custom agreement that provided the level of service and response its members expect. LSDI technicians and inspectors have an active presence throughout the campus, actively maintaining and inspecting the fire alarm system to ensure optimal operation of the system at all times. As the hospital continues to expand and evolve to meet the increasing demands of a growing population, LSDI expands and adapts the fire alarm system to comply with stringent AHCA and NFPA guidelines.
To ensure the system is in proper working order, LSDI personnel inspect the fire alarm system according to NFPA guidelines on an annual basis.
LSDI’s presence on the Mayo Clinic property extends to the life safety systems deployed in the Marriott branded on campus hotels that serve its patients, families, and guests.
LSDI worked closely with hospital personnel to craft a budget friendly plan to insure maximum benefit to the hospital and eliminate unforeseen costs.
Recently, LSDI was awarded a service contract for the entire FSCJ network of FSCJ campuses..
In addition to the ongoing maintenance support provided by its technicians, LSDI provides inspection services throughout the campus to ensure the vital life safety system operates properly.

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