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TranscriptsIf you are needing a transcript from Puget Sound Christian College, please contact the registrar for Hope International University in Fullerton, CA. If all the world's GMO crop fields in 2012 were sown together, it would blanket almost all of Alaska. As the FAO notes, in most cases these GM technologies are proprietary, developed by the private sector and released for commercial production through licensing agreements. Include organizations you’re involved with and be sure to highlight your leadership roles and responsibilities within that organization.
At the end of you resume, list the specific skills that set you apart from the competition. When sitting down to write your first resume, you might feel as lost as you did on the first day of classes.
If you are a member of Greek life, you can surely understand that it occupies most of your time. Our experiment is off to a great start—let's see if we can finish it off sooner than expected. The company has been trying to obtain unrestricted permission to plant its genetically modified corn in the country. Adoption of GM technologies has also spurred a range of social and ethical concerns about restricting access to genetic resources and new technologies, loss of traditions (such as saving seeds), private-sector monopoly, and loss of income of resource-poor farmers.

In 2012 they surpassed industrial countries in their share of the world's GMO crops, the group reports. For more of her stories, click here.Mother Jones is a nonprofit, and stories like this are made possible by readers like you. Formatting a resume can be difficult for many first timers and can also be what helps employers decide whether to pass or trash your resume. These small-scale farmers now make up over 90 percent of all farmers growing GMO crops, the group states. The farmers fear that widespread planting of the modified corn will contaminate native breeds. If possible, include quantifiable information such as the number of events you planned, the number of people you led or the number of dollars you raised.
Yet, with the right wording, Greeks can really use their work within their chapters to help boost their resumes. Last week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a 2007 case Monsanto filed a against Vernon Hugh Bowman, a 75-year-old Indiana farmer. And most importantly, they’re looking for a resume that correlates to the desired position. Instead, consider listing your GPA for only the classes in your major, because often those grades tend to be higher than your overall average.

Bowman, Monsanto claims, violated the corporation's patent rights by buying and planting second-generation Roundup Ready seeds, which Monsanto contractually forbids. To get started, follow our 5 steps, check out our top resume examples and even send us your college resume for a makeover. Make sure to use past tense unless it’s a position that you currently hold and write in the third person.
If you don’t have enough material, you may include one or two significant experiences from high school.
Example labels for this section are: Professional Experience, Work Experience, Related Experience or Employment. Label this section one of the following: Organizations, Community Involvement, Activities or Campus Involvement.
Or you can use this section to share your hobbies: surfing, yoga, traveling, playing the saxophone etc. Choose from any of these labels: Skills, Interests, Publications, Additional Skills and Interests, Passions, Languages.

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