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Eugene, OR—Head Coach Phil Keebler announced the University of Oregon’s 2013 schedule that includes a 14 game regular season.  Only five of the Ducks 14 regular season games will be played at home. The 2013 season will kick off on February 6th with a home game under the lights against Western Oregon University, the 2012 PNCLL DII Champions.
The Ducks will then fly to southern California to face Chapman, and Stanford at UCLA in the Pac-12 Shootout.  After hosting Washington the following week, the Ducks will head to Boise to take on Boise State and Colorado.
Sonoma State and Chico State will then come to Eugene in successive weeks to take on the Ducks in two out-of-conference games. The Ducks will then head down to northern California for their spring break trip to take on the Golden Bears of Cal, and the Cougars of BYU.
Oregon will travel to Bend, OR, to face the Idaho Vandals, then visit Portland State, and face Oregon State at West Linn High School.
Tonight, Florida State faces another early road test in conference play against the Maryland Terrapins. Tonight, the Seminoles take on a 9-4 Maryland Terrapins team that entered the season with a significant amount of hype.
Earlier in the week, we had the opportunity to discuss the upcoming match up with Ben from Testudo Times, SBNation's Maryland Blog.
This is the second time I've said this in a week, but the ACC seems very weak this year, or at least middle-heavy.
At the time of writing this preview, Maryland was ranked 41st in the Pomeroy rankings with the 55th and 47th ranked offensive and defensive efficiencies respectively. Greivis Vasquez is their go to guy and will likely be one of the better players in the ACC this year. Greivis Vasquez is an outstanding player and one would think that Maryland's success is dependent on Vasquez. With the exception of Wisconsin and Cincinnati, Maryland has only seen one other team in the top 100 for defensive efficiency. The Seminoles will go with Kitchen, Dulkys, Singleton, Reid and Alabi to start tonight's game. Florida State football, recruiting news: FSU has its second scrimmage, Da’Vante Phillips shines.
Florida State football, recruiting news: FSU has its second scrimmage, Da’Vante Phillips shines. An irony is that Kyle had allegedly gotten into his Chevy Tahoe in order to avoid doing something illegal.
Long was to be a rising star for the Florida State Seminoles' baseball team, but Thursday, January 8 the team announced that the freshman was leaving FSU. No word yet on which school Long will choose next, but since the statement notes that his family wishes him to be "closer to home," the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech, each of which recruited Long heavily, seem like possibilities. He was probably just depressed because he only has it better than 99.9999999% of the rest of us. Kyle should have stayed closer to home in the first place, but was trying to escape his older brothers shadow,such big shoes to fill. December 29, 2008 SCHENECTADY NY A?a?¬a?? A city police officer has been arrested for the second time in two months.
Lewis has been charged with two misdemeanor charges of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and aggravated driving while intoxicated for allegedly having a blood alcohol content of greater than 0.18 percent. He was acquitted in June of a violation harassment charge, which stemmed from allegations that he grabbed and pushed his wife in a dispute over their child. December 29, 2008, Louisiana - Shreveport police officer Michael Welch was charged with driving while intoxicated in Louisiana after a traffic incident.
Welch was booked at the Shreveport City Jail on charges of suspicion of drunk driving in Louisiana around 4:00 am.
Welch is a three year veteran with the Shreveport Police Department, assigned to the Uniformed Services Division. December 17, 2008 Palm Beach, Florida - A police officer in Palm Beach County, Florida was arrested on December 13th for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Palm Beach County includes Belle Glade, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Springs, Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach. December 30, 2008 OSWEGO, NY - OSWEGO, NY -- A Fulton police officer was charged with two counts of drunken driving Sunday after a hit-and-run crash in the city of Oswego, police said today.
Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward said Monday that Police Chief Orlo Green called him Monday morning and told him that Brown, who has worked for the department since August 1997, was arrested in the city of Oswego. He said the chief told him the department would be handling the case as a personnel matter. Kudos to Howie for stepping up and dealing with the press when it would have been so much easier to issue a no comment. Actually SOTLR, your original point was a cut and paste of an article no one wanted to read. No, the point was the original press release didn't even need to be made in the first place. Knowing Kyle personally, I can say that he is a great baseball player, student, and person. Kyle is a great kid from a super family and I'm glad he wasn't injured behind the wheel as so many kids are. The Long's have been great people and great for the community and it is too bad this kind of news gets broadcasted but thats life i guess. Oh and BTW I'd suggest you refrain from reading people's post if you want to censor others because you disagree with their comments.
It's not an indictment on his parents, or of his school, or of his brothers, or of anything else. It's kind of funny how nearly all of us have things like this happen in our families and in most cases we deal with it quietly, understand what happened, and forgive. I agree with the comments that this is not news, and to my knowledge the Hook is the only one reporting it. A also agree with the comments about Kyle and the Longs: he is a very good kid, and they are a great family. I've known the Long's for years and they are all good, upstanding members of our community. I am totally surprised to learn that anybody was under the impression that The Hook was the only news outlet reporting this DUI arrest. Another interesting point, the local Magistrate's Office makes available to the local media outlets almost any arrests that come across their desk each day.
As for your efforts made to supply supporting facts to my ignorance and stupidity, maybe you should stop and take the time to recognize the facts.
I'm not sure where you got the idea that I was confusing guidance and professional counseling.
Sick of the Rambo haters, since you seem to think I unjustly single out cops all the time, and since you claim to be a teacher, I want to prove that I can change my ways - just for you. January 10, 2009 WILLIAMSPORT, PA -- Police in central Pennsylvania say they have arrested a veteran elementary school teacher and seized 72 pounds of marijuana from her home. Police in Williamsport, Pa., say they arrested 52-year-old Beth Camp on Friday along with her husband and son and charged them with possession with intent to deliver and other counts.
School officials say Camp has taught in the Williamsport Area School District for nearly 25 years. Sorta like the BART police officer who stood up, drew his firearm, and shot a handcuffed 20-year-old kid in the back and killed him recently? Which actually reminds me, my daughter has 2 more years (age 18) before she has to file her lawsuit for damages by a local cop back when she was 5 years old. By the way, while we're discussing lawsuits and DUI arrests, this is pretty interesting stuff. The state’s attorney is dropping DUI cases left and right of defendants arrested by Haleas.
Sick, If you have another obsession, toy trains for example, it would be much more entertaining to read about that for a change rather than skipping over your very worn out current line of rant.
Weary, I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe that one cop falsely arresting close to 650 people for DUI can't hold your interest. Silly Old Troll, Lacking Reason since the cop was from Chicago and this is a local blog-the article does not hold my interest. Silly Old Troll, Lacking Reason- You really cite internet etiquette and then say I lost because I called you a silly old troll. It's a local blog-cutting and pasting articles not really related is a violation of good sense and debate. No one is saying "yeah, corruption" but putting articles about out of town bad cops in this thread is silly. While discussing off topic replies, you aren't part of the solution when you are part of the problem by continuing to post off topic replys about off topic replies. Looking back, it seems you really went over the edge once I mentioned our sorry public schools yesterday.

Silly Old Troll, Lacking Reason-The very fact that you think public schools is reason I took issue with you brings into focus the problem. U-Hoo, you can uncheck the box asking for e-mail notification when fuure comments are posted. A college baseball player has academic problems and then later fails a field sobriety test. As for #3, that is his business to work out with family, though he is an adult at this point. Then you can go to college and play college football with an NCAA full football scholarship.
The Hook needs sports news like this in each issue: this seems to be getting a lot of responses.
Furthermore, when Kyle refused to take a Breathalyzer test at the scene of the traffic stop, he could have possibly been below 0.08% (legally drunk in Virginia).
Well, if I was the commonwealth attorney I would supoena records from The Hook so as to identify you, and then I would have a subpoena issued for you as well if Kyle decides to go to trial.
I doubt seriously that any friend of Kyle's that WAS with him would come to a public thread and say he was drunk. Speaking of lawsuits, did you see where the family of Bay Area Rapid Transit cops have been sued for $25 million in the wrongful death shooting of Oscar Grant. I feel bad for the kid's parents, because no parent--no matter how rich or famous--aims to have their child end up in such a predicament. Regardless, of who his father is the boy made poor choices and should have to pay through the nose. And for all of the goody-goody-two-shoes newcomers to the area, it wasn't really that long ago that the judge Kyle would be going in front of came to court drunk every day. How bad does traffic have to get before people realize that these "opponents" are selfish people who think that no one but them should be able to live in Charlottesville and everbody else can go to hell?
For those of you that don't know the history of McIntire Park and the golf course, the land for the park was donated to the city as a gift in 1926. When the Trojans reported for Fall Camp, they were greeted by a bag of new gear to rock for the coming season. We showed you the cleats, but check out the new Nike Vapor Jet gloves the Trojans will be sporting today. The guys over at Gear Patrol named the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S 4Matic Wagon the perfect car for anyone looking to drive the Triple State Mississippi River Run. Strikeforce was RED HOT in 2009, thanks to Fedor Emelianenko, Bobby Lashley and now Herschel Walker. Not everything about my two year stint in Phoenix was great, but the Phoenix Open ABSOLUTELY ranked amongst the best. It should be a crime that sports fans have to pay real honest to God money to see a game between the ‘Zards and Nets!!! The Tuesday night showdown between the Blue Hens and the Blue Jays is immediately amongst the most color compelling in all of sports.
Is there any truth to the rumor that I recently purchased a Drew Brees jersey to wear to Indy this weekend for the Combine? Some media outlets predicted the Terrapins to return to the top 25 this year, returning to Gary William's expected level of excellence. Heading in to tonight's game, the casual observer might look at Maryland's 9-4 record and wonder what is going on. Duke is better than usual, but my confidence in their abilities come spring disappeared long ago. This is a balanced team that is led by three seniors: Greivis Vasquez, Landon Milbourne and Eric Hayes. This line up appears to be working well, especially since Dulkys is shooting well and Kitchen has a new focus to his game.
Anne's-Belfield baseball and football standout, and 20-year-old son of Pro Football Hall of Famer and Ivy resident Howie Long, was arrested in the early hours of Sunday, January 4 and charged with driving while intoxicated by University of Virginia Police. After detecting alcohol on Long's breath, the officer administered a field sobriety test, which Long failed. Anne's, playing offensive tackle for the Saints football team and pitching for the baseball team. The Chicago White Sox drafted Long in the 23rd round of this year's Amateur Draft, but Long opted to attend college to play baseball instead.
His father's and brother's achievements and his apparent gifts create a climate of scrutiny and expectation from complete strangers.
Lewis was charged last month with misdemeanors of third-degree stalking and second-degree aggravated harassment for allegedly threatening his former wife a total of four times in August and November.
He also has another pending contempt case for allegedly violating an order of protection by calling his former wife several times. He alleges that the police collaborated with his ex-wife to force him from his job and embarrass him. The 32-year old was off duty but driving a marked patrol car when other motorists contacted the police about his careless driving. Lieutenant Phillip Griffith was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol and was later released on his own recognizance.
He doesn't drive a VW bus but his real wish is to be a real cop and drive a real police car. This will be a humiliating experience pasted and lambasted like this, but people want you to realize how many opportunities are before you that others will never have.
He screwed up, I'm certain he is aware of that, and God willing he'll learn from this and get moving in the right direction and this will be nothing but a speed bump for him and his family. But when it happens to somebody with a celebrity dad all of a sudden it's a case of bad parenting and irresponsible behavior from a kid who apparently doesn't know how good he has it.
This is wrong; the Hook investigated and chose run a story on this, not because of a press release.
Thus far nothing is known about where Long had been drinking, and any statements otherwise are purely rumor at this point. As you can see from this blog and others, Kyle Long is a famous person both because of his athletic accomplishments and his last name. I hope that he had a couple of intoxicated girls in the car with him when the cops pulled him over because that's what red blooded American boys do!!! Concentration on one of the leaves of one tree rarely makes one understand the whole forest. EVERYONE HERE GETS IT- I have a feeling you will feel the need to remind us again because we refused to have it tattooed on our foreheads. So far 156 cases have been dismissed and the state’s attorney is reviewing around 500 more arrests.
Please don't go away, I read these things for the comedy, and you used to be funny before you became so tiresome. That way, people who want to share your interest could flock to your forum where you could regale them with you cut and paste abilities. Could you please reference the Emily Post guide to posting that says that.I think what you are looking for might be Godwin's law- and I have not called you a nazi.
So every time one of you tries to sneak in the last word, it generates yet another e-mail in my in box, and those of presumably dozens of other folks.
Sounds a bit sanitized that "he was just moving his car from a tow-away space to a legal space." Yeah, that's the ticket! He parked in a tow-away zone because he was drunk and thought it said "Celebrity Son's Zone." Additionally, since the car is in Howie's name, the "car towed at owner's expense" was no deterrent. 11 USC women's soccer is looking to improve upon its Sweet 16 run last season when the 2016 campaign kicks off on August 19.
Established with the intent of bringing Mercedes-themed content from across the globe to one centralized location, eMercedesBenz has since grown to become the world's foremost Mercedes magazine by which to find the latest news, information, reviews and rumors pertaining to the Mercedes-Benz family of brands. If only there was a way to have a Tournament that also involved the Blue Devils, the Blue Bombers, the Blues, the Blue Man Group, Blue October and the Astro Bluebonnet Bowl; my head might explode.
Last year, the Seminoles went 4-4 on the road in the ACC with wins over Virginia, NC State, Clemson and Virginia Tech.
Maryland is currently ranked 41st in the Pomeroy rankings and is not ranked in the major national polls.
Why is Maryland's record not reflective of what this team is really like? There's a few things to be confident about for Maryland fans when looking at the record. Past that, UNC is having a down year and there's no other really good team in the conference. Where Maryland has difficulty on on the defensive glass, allowing their opponents to rebound 35% of their possible offensive rebounds, this ranks 246th in the nation. We tried to see if there was a correlation between the percentage of points Vasquez scores and whether or not Maryland wins, meaning if Vasquez takes over a game does Maryland win? I haven't been able to watch any Maryland game tape this year, so it is hard to say what offensive or defensive sets Maryland will run against the Noles.

Long shocked many in the collegiate sports media when he opted not to follow in his father and brother Chris' onto the college gridiron, despite the fact that he was courted by some of the top programs in the country.
I wonder how many other young people have been busted for similar things this month that we don't read about? Department spokesman Officer Kevin Green said Lewis hit a parked car in the area of 1052 Eastern Ave.
Court papers allege that Lewis said if he found his ex-wife with someone, he was going to kill whoever she was with and her. Green said Lewis was suspended without pay for 30 days as a result of the most recent incident.
City officials attempted to fire Lewis 10 years ago over allegations that he used a racial slur while off duty. Shreveport police were immediately dispatched to the area, where the found Welch asleep behind the wheel with the engine of the police cruiser running. Cherish them, respect them, and if you screw up don't take an innocent person down with you. Old Crow - how can you say that Kyle has "chosen a less desirable path" (than his brother, Chris) from one mistake that is commonly made by high school and college students? Just because of a few bad apples like Ike Whitaker and Brandon Ore doesn't mean all Tech players are problems off the field.
The City police issue a daily report, which anyone can access, and I would guess this is where they got their information. That means he's someone about whom people are bound to talk when something like this happens, regardless of whether we report about it.
He was honored three times for his tremendous efforts in keeping the roadways safe from drunk drivers.
But the posts apparently are going to be allowed to continue until February 7, no matter what. Anne's was a "prestigious private academy," charging out-of-this-world tuition and holding students to high academic standards. These things are all well and good, but I feel like there was another important name that helped bring Strikeforce to the forefront…. This year, the Seminoles are 1-0 on the road with a significant overtime win against Georgia Tech.
Every team Maryland has lost to has beaten a team that many or most people would consider better than Maryland (Cincy beat UCONN, Wisconsin beat Duke, Villanova is Villanova, and William & Mary beat Wake). Based on a very limited sample set, the results are mixed, especially because he had very limited production in the early going.
But, if Maryland starts pressing early and often, look for the Noles to settle into the Dulkys, Kitchen, Snaer lineup.
I also know what it would have been like to come home to my mom and dad after such a screw up. Driving drunk is a mistake that affects innocent people who do not deserve to die because of your bad judgements. And because he chose to go out and have a few beers with his friends, this now affects Howie Jr. The work they have done with the boys and girls club has really made a difference in this area. Maybe Al Groh should look into signing him to go along with all of UVAs off the field football issues! We at the Hook felt it was important to report the facts rather than ignore the story and let the rumor mill run wild. Maybe it's just a coincidence that you made a comment about the Longs needing to get the guidance that they needed and then followed it with parenting advice.
However, this cut and paste of barely related articles and holier-than-thou attitude is tiresome.
It is alleged he falsely reported the DUI defendant’s performance on the field sobriety tests. The W&M loss might come off bad on paper, but they've handled some good teams (they beat Wake at Wake). The Seminoles average 69.3 possessions per game which has been elevated in the last three games. However, it seems that the higher percentage of points that Vasquez scores, the worse Maryland does. Lewis’ attorney Kevin Luibrand said previously that his client has gone on disability for an undisclosed ailment.
When I spoke with Howie Long yesterday, it seemed like he understood that, and was willing to share information with us for that reason. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the DUI was issued here in Charlottesville - hints why the article was published in The HooK, a Charlottesville newspaper. Just because I mentioned drunk as an example doesn't mean I accused GET A LIFE of being drunk. The major blemish on their record is a home loss to William and Mary, keep in mind that William and Mary also took down Wake Forest.
Gary Williams' teams traditionally improve as the season goes along, so I'm going optimistic and saying Maryland will be 6th in the ACC with a late run. And as for your parenting advice - I do agree with you on the fact that parents need to be proactive and not "laxidasical"; HOWEVER, I truly hope that is not a message to Mr.
The interesting point about Maryland's pace is that they rarely turn the ball over, having a TO% of only 16.5%.
You are a miserable human, pissed off for no other reason that maybe some cop gave you a traffic tix in your vw bus.
Don’t misunderstand, Maryland had some problems that they don't have now - for instance, Vasquez has recovered from that glacial start - but this isn't the team a lot of people thought they would be.2. At some point we need to stop building roads and start thinking about better ways for us to get around the city.
Maryland received a lot of hype during the off season with the return of Vasquez and great recruiting.
As we have mentioned his name a lot, what is your assessment of Vasquez? We already discussed Williams and Mosley above, and you definitely should be worried about those two. Unless you are God, which you're not because you would know how to spell LACKADAISICAL, I feel that you should probably refrain from suggesting life lessons to others. In what ways has the team lived up to the hype, exceeded the hype and fallen short of the hype? Nice segue, I guess. As for another name, I could go a boring route and suggest the streaky yet important Landon Milbourne or the calm deep threat Eric Hayes, but I'm not a blogger to be boring.
Maryland doesn't take may three point shots, scoring 60% of their total points by the way of two point shots. If Vasquez gets tunnel vision and believes he has to win the game, it's likely that the Terrapins will have a tough night.
There aren't a lot of ways Maryland has exceeded the hype, although two players do heavily stand out in my mind - Sean Mosley and Jordan Williams.
Mosley is a quiet guy that isn't a particularly good shooter nor slasher, but he makes the hustle plays, is great defensively, and just knows how to score. You won't ever really think about him or notice him during the game, but then you'll look up and he'll have 15 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals.
He and Mosley have the best court awareness and ball sense on the team, and are often steal machines.
He's not in ACC shape, so his minutes top out at about 20 a game, but he's Maryland's best big man since Lonny Baxter in 2002. He's played poorly since tweaking an ankle last season, but he'll be a big part of Maryland's success down the road and was very good the first half of last year.
There's no bench production to speak of, and Vasquez's choppy start means that his recent blazing performance only brings him up to par at best.
Nonetheless, I have trouble thinking of a more passionate and, occasionally, dominant college guard than Vasquez not named John Wall. A few people were saying Maryland was a darkhorse contender for the ACC crown, and while that's not technically impossible, it's certainly unlikely.3. Vasquez will turn in the occasional stinker and has tons of holes in his game, but if you catch him on a good day, there's no stopping him. When he's off, the key is for him not to take Maryland out of the game with him - he's learning to defer and let others make things happen when he can't, and that will serve him and the Terps well toward the end of the season.

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