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Tags: arizona cardinals, buffalo bills, carolina panthers, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, cleveland browns, Denver Broncos, detroit lions, hot, Hot Read Hotties, jacksonville jaguars, Jaime Edmondson, jared ryder, Kansas City Chiefs, miami dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Giants, NFL, NFL team apparel, oakland raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, photos, pittsburgh steelers, playboy, playmate, seattle seahawks, st. Fun behind the scenes candid images from the first day of the 2015 Cheerleader Calendar Shoot at the Iberostar Playa Mita Resort in Mexico. JIM DOWDALLI started off as a trainee trapeze artist and then joined the Parachute Regiment. RICK ENGLISH I saw the film Viva Knievel when I was six and begged my mum to buy me the wind-up stunt cycle toy. ROY TAYLORI've been in TV and film since I was 16, and have been lucky enough to work on The Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter and St Trinian's, in which I doubled for Colin Firth getting thrown out of a window. Sony's Playstation VR will go head to head with Facebook's Oculus Rift and HTC's Vive next year.
The Halo series of games has won more than 750 media and industry awards in the last 14 years and has generated over US$4.6 billion in worldwide sales to date.
This year's eagerly-anticipated offering from EA Sports - available to buy now - received over 500,000 pre-orders in the UK alone, and it's frighteningly good. Microsoft has revealed detailed of its new Halo 5 game, and has revealed Xbox One owners will be able to play Xbox 360 games for the first time this year.

I was inside a German pillbox during the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan when it was ignited by a flame-thrower. I had to leave the forces after damaging my vertebrae, then got a job as an armourer on Where Eagles Dare and moved into stunt work. With stellar design, beautiful aesthetics and the best multiplayer to date, Halo 5 simply cannot be missed.
I wore a fireproof suit and mask, and my trousers were soaked in a protective barrier gel called Zel, which also cools your skin. I co-ordinated the tank chase in Goldeneye and worked on the car chases in The Bourne Identity.
When Steven Spielberg shouted, "3, 2, 1, action!" I held my breath to stop the hot air from suffocating me. My mum still asks me when I'm going to get a real job.The stuntUnderneath the suit is a custom-made fireproof layer and my face and hands are coated in Zel, a preventative barrier gel. As for the dislocated bones and broken noses, it's part of the job.The stuntThis is a perfect two-footed show-wheelie, in the style of my hero Evel Knievel. One breath can burn the lungs.The stuntFirst, the effects team buries a steel cone in the ground.

Then a lifting charge is placed at the bottom and it's topped up with a pint of petrol and chunks of cork to simulate rocks.
A lot.The stunt We rehearsed without the Aston first, using a gymnast's trampette to get about 7ft of height. My first job was on Starlight Express and I worked my way up to doubling for Pierce Brosnan and Richard Gere.
Rick pulls a martial arts kick just as I come soaring over the car with my left foot aimed at his head. I'm known for the big cliff-jump in The Beach, where Leonardo DiCaprio (me in a dodgy wig) runs off a waterfall and drops 70ft into a river. I thought, yeah, the checkout can wait.The stuntThis is an 18ft fall into a cardboard-box rig a€“ a jump would be feet first. The boxes are like the ones you use when moving house, and when we stack them together they make a cellular construction that collapses and absorbs the impact.

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