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Sometimes, you remember someone’s glory days so vividly that you almost forget that, like everyone else, they are getting older. The attack, which occurred in Texas, has left him with reduced use of one side of his body and he now struggles with speaking.
His son also said that the hockey star recovered well from spinal surgery this past summer and had regained the ability to walk up to a mile per day.

During his spectacular 25 seasons in the League, Howe played with the Detroit Red Wings (1946-1971) and won the Stanley Cup four times.
On top of that (as if that isn’t enough), he also earned both the Hart Trophy and Art Ross Trophy six times! Murray Howe, has said that his father is recuperating at the home of the legend’s daughter in Lubbock, Texas.

He also racked upĀ 801 goals and 1,049 assists in 1,767 NHL games with Detroit and the Hartford Whalers.

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