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The Seattle Seahawks are the defending Super Bowl Champions and every team will be coming after them in 2014. It’s week 1 of the National Football League season, and the Sunday Night Football game spotlights the Indianapolis Colts at the Denver Broncos.
US CITIZENS PLEASE NOTE: The information contained on this sports betting site is for news and entertainment purposes only. It includes the past two NFC East champions, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins.
The Colts look to be one of the favorites in the AFC, and definitely a huge favorite in the AFC South. The Colts feel like they will roll through the division, as Tennessee, Jacksonville and Houston appear to be way down. There is no doubt the National Football League knew what they were doing putting this game on Sunday Night Football.

They’ll travel to take on the Kansas City Chiefs who started the season 9-0, the San Diego Chargers who were an AFC Wild Card team and the Carolina Panthers who won the NFC South in 2013. The Broncos quarterback of course was fantastic; throwing for 5,477 yards and more than 50 touchdowns. The Colts face tough out of division games against Philadelphia, Baltimore and Cincinnati early in the season.
It’s always fun to watch Peyton Manning go, and at home against his old team makes it even better. For Denver, they are coming off a trip to the Super Bowl, and a loss to the Seattle Seahawks.
Denver will be without one of their top receivers, Wes Welker, who was suspended for four games for violating PED rules in the NFL. The Broncos won the AFC West, where both Kansas City and San Diego also reached the postseason.

This game also features quarterback Peyton Manning against his former team – the Indianapolis Colts. We were a little surprised that this line by the Vegas oddsmakers called for more than one score difference.
The running game from Trent Richardson was pretty poor a season ago after being traded from Cleveland. A season ago, in a pass heavy offense, these two guys amassed 1,600 yards and 14 touchdowns.
Many feel Richardson will be much improved in 2014, and the Colts will need his presence on the ground in this one as well.

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