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However seeing the new Riddell SpeedFlex helmet on a few guys (and reading a few articles about it), I had to know if they were in this game.
The gameplay is good for the most part but there's a slew of customization elements EA is dropping the ball on. RelatedPoliti: As Peyton Manning Heads To Denver Broncos, Frank Tripucka Is Happy To Lend Him No. On the day that Peyton Manning was introduced as the newest quarterback of the Denver Broncos, the buzz about the number Manning would wear for his new team, his familiar 18, seemed to equal that of the signing itself. You see, Denver had retired number 18 back in 1963, in honor of Frank Tripucka, the franchise’s first quarterback.
At the start of his introductory press conference Tuesday afternoon, Manning tried to clear up any controversy. The debate calls attention to one of the more baffling traditions in sports — the obsession over uniform numbers.
The case nearly ended up in court, before Portis and Ohalete settled for $18,000 — or 90% of what Portis owed. Any cash handed to a new teammate just to secure a silly number can certainly be put to a more charitable use.
Super Bowl 2014 here we come and what better way to get ready for this great moment with the ladies who spice up the game, they give fans their best moves, showed off their amazing curves, beautiful, flawless faces , with great pride we introduce you to the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders!!!!!!! Before we get to meet these beautiful ladies, let us tell you the story about how the Broncos cheer squad began.. It was  1971 when the first Broncos cheerleading squad began cheering at the Invesco Field in Mile High  now known as the Sports Authority Field at Mile High under the name of the Bronkettes, in 1977 they changed the name to the Bronco Belles and then again in 1977 under the Pony Express, sadly in 1980 they were force to put down their pom-poms after two members of the squad posed topless for Playboy Magazine. In 1993, after thirteen year the Denver Broncos decided it was time to bring the cheerleaders back and since then they have been cheering  during their games, they also toured to several military bases allover from Australia, Hawaii, Cuba, Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan. Every Spring  hundred of gorgeous women all over the nation auditioned to become a new Broncos cheerleader, but only 26 made the team! Kendal, This pretty rookie  a graduate from the Art Institute of Colorado is a talented photographer. Lauren this special events coordinator and marketing director is on her third year with the team. Lelanna, the Benefits & HRIS administrator from Thornton, Colorado is on her first year with the Broncos. Lindsey has been a cheerleader with Denver for three years, she is also an environmental consultant.

Pam, a stylist model and cheerleader coach from Detroit, MI currently on her 4th year with the team. Tara a dance studio manager, Boise State University graduate has been with the squad for five years. Toni D.  this is her third year, she graduated from the University of Minnesota and works as a high school poms coach. Toni G.  this is her second year for the recruiter from Minneapolis and University of Minnesota graduate. Follow The Denver Broncos cheerleaders on Facebook here, Twitter here, and check their website here. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, it’s safe to say Peyton Manning is one of the most talked-about professional American football players in the NFL. Peyton’s rookie year in the NFL came in 1998, when he was the first choice of the Indianapolis Colts in the draft. Peyton Manning married his wife, Ashley, in 2001 and they have twin children – one boy and one girl. Peyton, Eli, and their father have written two books – one in 2000 about their lives and careers and another in 2009, a storybook for children. As such, this is the first year that I wont be buying Madden and NHL and because of this, I have avoided all contact with news from the games. 18 Newark Star LedgerIn Denver, 18 Should Have Stayed Retired Pro Football Talk Ex-Bronco Tripucka Fine With Manning Taking No.
After all, what’s the point of retiring a number if you’re just going to bring it back decades later when a big name like Manning really wants it? In 2004, when former Denver running back Clinton Portis joined the Washington Redskins, he initially offered to box Ifenyi Ohalete for No. Also her first year  cheering and she is a Marine Project Engineer, from Boulder, Colorado. She was selected to cheer at the 2012 Pro Bowl in Hawaii and has been team captain for two years. Young and full of energy, Peyton comes from a family of football players as the son of former quarterback Archie Manning and the brother of quarterback Eli Manning.
During his senior year at Isidore Newman High School, his record for throwing and winning made him one of the top recruits.
It's called the Riddell 360, the helmet has more vents in it than the traditional Revolution Speed that's in the game, but it's the closest thing compared too tha Speed Flex.

After jocks join a new team, they are famous for bribing the player who happens to wear their precious digits. But we’re glad Peyton is wearing 18, because we got to learn a little bit about Frank Tripucka.
His winning spirit carried over to the University of Tennessee, where he set more than 42 different NCAA, school, and conference records. Since then he has been voted MVP four times – in 2003, 2004, as the Superbowl MVP in 2006, and again in 2009.
His annual salary of approximately $30 million comes half from his football salary and half from endorsements and other interests. He has also been an active supporter of the Republican party and is a devout member of the Presbyterian Church. He threw 85 interceptions and 51 touchdown passes during his three-plus seasons with the Broncos from 1960-63. When former outfielder Brian Jordan joined the Atlanta Braves in 2005, for example, he gave third base coach Fredi Gonzalez a $40,000 motorcycle for No.
His son Kelly, for example, was a hoops star at Notre Dame, a two-time NBA All-Star with the Detroit Pistons, and owner of a pretty sweet perm. He missed the entire 2011 season after having two neck surgeries, one in May and one in September. But after Ohalete was released that summer, Portis refused to pay the remaining half that he owed Ohalete.
Plus, Tripucka, who is 84 and battling Alzheimer’s, according to the Associated Press, seems to be enjoying this late-life recognition.
Manning could often be found studying tapes so that he could learn as much as possible about his opponents. Hall of Fame baseball player Rickey Henderson once paid a Toronto teammate $25,000 to wear No. He negotiated a contract with the Broncos and returned to the field in late August of 2012. And when Chad Ochocinco signed with New England last off-season, he reportedly was willing to pay top dollar for no.

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