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I would take Manning and the only reason I would choose him over the other two is because of his veteran leadership.
Trevor Siemian would be an interesting take for me here, but he has done really well in camp.
The professional football career of Washington Redskins is developed in NFL games in Washington D.C.
In the NFL history the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints are well known to all in America.
The overall winning statistical record of the Atlanta Falcons is 316-414 in the NFL career. So who would you rather see at QB for the Broncos this season, Peyton Manning, Mark Sanchez or Jay Cutler?

I am not sure if you meant that I would prefer Manning, Sanchez, or Cutler or if you meant Sanchez, Siemian, or Lynch. The Atlanta has won Conference Championship trophy 1 time in the professional football career. First one the Atlanta falcons played the professional football games of the NFL in National Football Conference division. For now, just on reading alone, I would have to go with the second year player out of Northwestern as the quarterback. The Washington Redskins is the only team who have started the professional football games within official marching band in the NFL history.
The career of the Washington Redskins can be evaluated by observing the total records in the NFL history.

In this time the team has won 23 playoff trophy and 3 Super Bowl trophy in their NFL career. Besides they also gained 1 Conference Championship trophy and 5 Divisional Championship trophy in the NFL history. In the NFL history they participated 5 Super Bowl games and won 3 times among them respectively.
The Washington Redskins has won 5 Championship trophy and 14 Divisional Champions trophy by tied football games through various famous teams.

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