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Parte dessa nova geracao de Wide Receivers altos e velozes, Demaryius Thomas tornou-se uma das armas mais perigosas da NFL. Atrapalhado por contusoes e inconsistencia no inicio da carreira, ele so veio brilhar mesmo a partir de 2012. Durante a campanha que levou os Broncos ao SUPER BOWL, anotou 1 TD em cada partida de PLAYOFF e quebrou o recorde de passes recebidos numa partida final (13) apesar do resultado final negativo.
Nesse dia, dentro de uma penitenciaria em Tallahassee (Florida), sua mae, avo e dezenas e outras mulheres, usaram a camisa nr.88 dos Broncos, cedidas por Thomas, debaixo de seus uniformes. Minnie Thomas is amongA 214 non-violent drug offenders, including 67 lifers, who had their sentences commuted by President Obama on Wednesday in what the White House called the largest batch of commutations on a single day in more than a century.The 60-year-old and Thomas' mother, Katina Smith, were jailed forA their involvement in a Georgia cocaine ring in the 1990s.
The good news comes just a year after President Obama commuted the sentence of Thomas' mother, Katrina Smith.
Thomas' mother is pictured above, watching her son play in a game after her release last year. Is Nike being a tease with these Broncos jersey photos, or is a legitimate uniform change in the works? We at MHR have been quietly following signs of a Denver Broncos uniform change all offseason. It was only a year ago that the NFL changed its jersey supplier from Reebok to Nike, which triggered a slew of uniform changes for every team across the NFL. Well, if the signs we are following prove true, those weird Bat-collars might be going away. These are clearly action photos from 2012 of Demaryius Thomas and Champ Bailey, yet Nike took the time to digitally tweak the collars on each picture to make them a solid color.

Still, photoshopped pictures hardly confirm a company's intent to sell a real, actual jersey. As our good friend Jon Heath pointed out, NBC's Sunday Night Football promo shoot featured Peyton Manning in one of these new uniforms. This picture of Montee Ball from the NFLPA rookie premiere suggests the opposite - that the Bat-collars just might persist.
Emails and phone calls out to Nike have not been returned, and the Denver Broncos don't seem to be any more in the loop than we are. Isto pois ainda crianca viu sua mae e avo condenadas por trafico de drogas (respectivamente 20 anos e prisao perpetua). Optou pela Universidade Georgia Tech, de onde ate pensou em sair na temporada 2008, quando um novo treinador instalou um ataque que nao maximizava suas caracteristicas. I was talking about my mom and saying thank you, and the fact that he mentioned my grandmother, I knew something was going to happen. The signs have been there for months now - an advertisement here, a photoshopped picture there, all featuring a slightly different Broncos jersey design than the one that debuted in 2012. For the Broncos, this meant a different uniform design, with a primary orange color, and a new striping pattern.
Nr.1 entre todos os Wide receivers da liga em 2013 no total de TDs (14) e 4? em jardas avancadas (1430). Significant racial disparities exist in marijuana enforcementa€”black men are significantly more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than their white counterparts, despite the fact that their usage rates are similar. It's the strongest evidence we've seen so far that Broncos uniforms have been altered for the 2013 season.

Crumbly will get out of prison in August 2017 while Jackson will get out in December 2016All told, Obama has commuted 562 sentences during his presidency - more than the past nine presidents combined, the White House said. Are we a Republic of men or a Republic of laws?' Twitter user Jon Weatherly asked.A 'I'm not sure that is a statistic to be proud of,' another user, Dave Wright, wrote. When Sherman was a young man, he wrote, he made some bad choices, got in over his head, and ended up with a life sentence without parole for a nonviolent drug charge.
At Sherman's sentencing, even the judge couldn't believe he was bound by law to hand down a punishment that didn't fit the crime.We know that Sherman's story is all too common in this country -- a country that imprisons its citizens at a rate far higher than any other.
Too many men and women end up in a criminal justice system that serves up excessive punishments, especially for nonviolent drug offenses.
Altogether, I've commuted more sentences than the past nine presidents combined, and I am not done yet.These acts of clemency are important steps for families like Sherman's and steer our country in a better direction, but they alone won't fix our criminal justice system. We need Congress to pass meaningful federal sentencing reform that will allow us to more effectively use taxpayer dollars to protect the public.I hope you'll take a minute to read and share Sherman's letter. The more we understand the human stories behind this problem, the sooner we can start making real changes that keep our streets safe, break the cycle of incarceration in this country, and save taxpayers like you money.

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