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The punter has accepted a contract restructure that bumps his $3 million base salary down to to $1.6 million for the 2015 season, according to ESPN's Field Yates.
In #Broncos re-work of Colquitt's deal team left '16 alone (last yr of deal), deal has $4M cap # in '16.
The Broncos brought in rookie punter Karl Schmitz this offseason to push Colquitt for the punting job.
He's been a more consistent punter than Schmitz throughout camp and has five years of experience under his belt. The fax machine blunder that resulted in the loss of Elvis Dumervil overshadowed the signing of Wes Welker.
The Broncos were lucky that Sylvester Williams slid to them in the draft and he’ll bolster the D line in need of a playmaker. And as good as Welker is in his role, he lives for dropping critical passes in big moments, and they will make Manning extra whiny. Smith is a perfect fit for Reid’s offense, and will play with talented players on that offense. There’s also not enough juice in the defensive backfield with the exception of Eric Weddle.
The Raiders are still a mess, but Reggie McKenzie is slowly digging them out of the ditch Al Davis put them in. Luckily for Raider fans, this team is well on their way to relevancy again, even it means another year of misery and a top 5 pick in ’14.
Tebow's every move was dissected by the New York Media — his shirt-less run in the rain during training camp grabbed headlines and his every move seemed to be a major distraction for the Jets Organization. The Jets tried out Tebow as a quarterback, H-back and even as a personal punt protector, but he never became anything more than a foot-note on an awful team. Although the Jets praised Tebow's work ethic, the majority of people in the organization felt as if his heroics in Denver were just that — miracles. In the 2012-13 season, Tebow completed only six of eight passes and had 32 carries for 102 yards and no touchdowns in 77 snaps last season.
Although I'm not the biggest Tim Tebow fan, I would love to see a team give him a shot the way Doug Flutie and Kurt Warner were given a second chance in the NFL. Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, each NFL Club has the option to carry over unused cap space from the prior League Year. Once the 2016 salary cap is set, the carryover amount and other adjustments from the 2015 season will be combined for each team’s official salary cap position.
Several undrafted rookies have emerged as being capable of making Denver's roster, which has included an undrafted rookie in 11 of the past 12 seasons. Cody Whitehair, Jonathan Bullard and Deon Bush all could start as rookies for the Bears this season. The Broncos released long snapper Aaron Brewer and he signed with the Bears, leaving Denver to look at the draft or free agency to find one.

Looking through the figures from NFLPA from this past week, the Broncos will open the week with about $6.6 million worth of salary-cap space.
Despite high-profile departures at other positions, the Denver Broncos are quietly focused on improving their offensive line and rush attack.
The Broncos cleared money under their salary cap Tuesday by releasing three players, including guard Louis Vasquez and tight end Owen Daniels. The Broncos need to shore up an unstable special teams unit, and they may have to do it without David Bruton Jr.
The Broncos will have several young players, including rookies Ty Sambrailo and Max Garcia, in key roles on their offensive line.
Of all the remaining free agents in the secondary, Walter Thurmond recorded the most interceptions last season. The Baltimore Ravens released Daryl Smith earlier in the offseason despite his solid play as a Raven.
About Roland StammI am currently a senior at Jacksonville University, majoring in Sport Business.
I have been working 50-60 hours a week with house renovations going on and some family drama. Colquitt's high salary was arguably the biggest knock against him going into training camp. The Broncos are as good as anyone in the AFC, but getting homefield advantage again is far from certain.
Yes, the addition of the best slot receiver in football will make Peyton Manning’s desires of throwing nothing but 8 yard passes a reality, but losing Dumervil is a killer. Peyton can’t wait to start throwing his arms up in the air when things go bad, and a big Welker drop in a playoff game would add to the pressure of Peyton desperately trying to reach one more Super Bowl. Bringing Dwayne Bowe back was a big first step, and he’ll give Smith the outside threat he needs. When McKenzie got to Oakland, he knew he had two years of cap hell to work through, very few high draft picks, no quarterback of the future and a disaster of a roster that needed an overhaul.
Hayden was the guy the Raiders wanted (he could be the best corner from the ’13 draft class), and their trade back from 3 allowed them scoop up offensive tackle Menelik Watson, who may end up being good enough to be their left tackle. Although the Jacksonville Jaguars were interested in dealing for Tebow last year, they have yet to share any interests this off-season.
Note that the Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints opted to not carry over the full amount available to them.
Subscribe to the Pro Player Insiders newsletter for exclusive content, VIP invites and special access delivered right to your inbox. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Your California Privacy Rights, Children's Online Privacy Policy and Interest-Based Ads are applicable to you. Right now, the current kick returner is Kaelin Clay and the current punt returner is Lardarius Webb.

Not only did Denver lose an edge rusher that was a perfect compliment to Von Miller, they took a brutal cap hit as well.
Smith will love Anthony Fasano and when he does take a shot deep (Smith loves picking his spots to take a shot downfield), Donnie Avery is a nice speedster to look to.
The smallest carryover amount is $11,587 by the Seattle Seahawks, and the largest is $32,774,928 by the Jacksonville Jaguars.
Webb is too important in the secondary, whether it be at safety or cornerback, to risk as a returner.
Eric Fisher has a ton of upside (you’d hope so in a #1 overall pick), but this team needs to figure out the Branden Albert situation.
And come next offseason, this franchise will not only have a top pick, they’ll be loaded with cap space to add to their more talent to their roster.
The Baltimore Ravens are coming off an eventful free agency period and a stellar draft performance. Considering that the secondary has typically been a weakness for the Ravens over their history and still is, it makes sense to acquire another player in the secondary. Baltimore could use a player to fill the void for one year as they either develop the players on the roster or figure out a long-term solution elsewhere. If Allen can get his knee right (PCL injuries are tricky and always linger), he can be an Anquan Boldin type of player.
For the years 2013-2016, Clubs are required to spend an average of 89% of the Salary Cap over the four-year period. Thurmond has not been great over his career, but he has moments of success and could surprisingly help the Ravens this year. This franchise has made good strides, and they don’t need a distraction as training camp looms.
League-wide, Clubs must spend an average of 95% of the Salary Cap over the four-year period.
With roughly $12 million remaining in salary cap space, here are some players that the Ravens should target to finish out an outstanding offseason.
Lofton has been a good all-around player throughout his career and would help the Ravens in 2016.
Jones was a crucial part of the Baltimore team that won Super Bowl 47 and maybe he just might have a little bit of that magic left if the Ravens bring him back.

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