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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is now in favor of the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas.
While it seemed like an outside shot at first, a team in Las Vegas could be a real possibility with the NFL’s two biggest owners on board. New England Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, left, chats Patriots owner Robert Kraft after the Patriots defeated the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL AFC Championship football game in Foxborough, Massachusetts on Jan. After punching their ticket to the Super Bowl, the Patriots with a 23-20 win over the Ravens; Mr. Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, has always specialised in giving nothing away.
The Patriotsa€™ sixth Super Bowl appearance in 13 years has been clouded by the so-called a€?DeflateGatea€? scandal, the suggestion that they broke the rules -by accident or design a€“ by using under-inflated footballs in the first half of the victory over the AFC Championship game victory Indianapolis Colts, giving their quarterback, Tom Brady, a better grip. Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. Jerry Jones has been very vocal about the Oakland Raiders relocating to Las Vegas, and now New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is in favor of the move too.

But as long as Kraft’s on board, more owners could soon follow suit as the move continues to gain steam. After his second quarter touchdown scored in Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Patriots running back, touched the MHK patch, then his face mask and then pointed upward, a tribute to Mrs. The program began as a unique savings plan to help parents send their children on an Israel experience during their teens. So the great stone face has been in his element this week before Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Stan Kroenke and Jerry Jones got the Rams to move back to Los Angeles, and it looks like owners will have a big say in a potential move to Las Vegas.
However, in New England since 1994 there has always been one constant, team owners Robert (Bob) and Myra Kraft.
In addition, Bob Kraft has donated millions of dollars to start the Israel Football League and build Kraft Family Stadium in Jerusalem. As the Patriots head to Indianapolis for their sixth Super Bowl during his ownership, Bob Kraft goes with a heavy heart.

At the same time, Myra Kraft helped to support and fund the Israeli Women’s National Flag Football Team. Prior to the season Kraft was not only battling the players in a labor dispute, he was also holding onto his wife of Myra Kraft who was battling cancer, a disease that eventually took her life in July. Together the couple donated more than $100 million dollars to a variety of charities focusing on education, athletics, women’s issues and Israel.
In 2007 Bob Kraft donated $5 million to his alma mater Columbia University in support of their athletics programs, the playing field at Columbia’s Lawrence A.

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