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Cuban took a few questions after revealing the new look and one that stood out wasn’t about the jerseys, but about the Houston Rockets. Back to the press conference, everyone aside from Richard Jefferson sat up there and took questions from the media as well as fans.
Cuban, Rick Carlisle, Donnie Nelson alongside Chandler Parsons, Tyson Chandler, Greg Smith, Al-Farouq Aminu, Raymond Felton and Jameer Nelson. Carlisle began the press conference with an opening statement- “Good Afternoon, thanks for being here.
We’re becoming use to it each year now, a lot of new guys for the last three years, which I like. One fan asked Tyson about his contract situation, “Just like 2010-11, you’re in your last year of your contract, what percentage do you put on being resigned this time around? Felton also got into the mix and was asked what it meant to be a Maverick- “Feels great, ready for a fresh start.
A lot of fans, without even starting their question, called out Tyson and welcomed him back to Dallas, where he spent the 2010-11 season with the Mavericks and helped the franchise win its first NBA championship. DALLAS - When Tyson Chandler came to New York, it was thought that just maybe he was the one with the championship ring, the leader who would help lead the Knicks out of the long title drought.

Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler (6) dunks in front of Knicks' Samuel Dalembert (11) in overtime Wednesday, Nov. But like so many before him, he left in chaos, dealt away by a new regime after a disappointing season last year.
Phil Jackson, who came on board as the team president in March, spoke of the need for a change of culture and chemistry - and then made Chandler the centerpiece of a trade shortly afterward, leading to accusations that he was to blame. But by the time hea€™d finished posting a 17-point, 25-rebound game Wednesday to help the Mavericks to a 109-102 overtime win over the Knicks he was at peace again. Chandler said that he did not have a relationship with Jackson - and never heard from him after the trade. Besides introducing Tyson Chandler, Chandler Parson, and all the new Dallas Mavericks today, the  team has also announced the winner of their jersey contest, which began May 2013.
Despite the jerseys not being available for this season, the team will sell shirts of the new jersey design. 23, the Dallas Mavericks held a press conference for the seven new players on this year’s squad at the American Airlines Center. In addition to the players, Mark Cuban revealed the Mavericks’ new alternate jerseys for the 2015-16 season.

And even with the championship ring and the success hea€™d had in helping turn the Knicks around, he felt that with the trade that sent him away hea€™d been saddled with too much of the blame for the teama€™s struggles. But he did speak to general manager Steve Mills and felt that he now put the three seasons in New York in the rear view mirror with no animosity. According to Cuban, the team will wear this jersey for a total of eight games during the course of the season.
But I completely understand when you say something - even this week, I was asked questions and then all of the sudden it comes out one way when ita€™s not meant that way. Last year’s team was not a good defensive team, on paper, and unfortunately we performed that way majority of the time. And he is excelling once again, proving himself to be what he was advertised to be when he came to New York.

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