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The undefeated Panthers clash with the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas in a blindingly bright battle. In what had been a recent Thursday Night Football tradition, the Panthers and Cowboys will for the first time will model their new Color Rush uniforms during the Thursday afternoon affair. The Panthers and Cowboys are two of eight teams sporting a unique look for the NFL’s Color Rush campaign featured on Thursday games this season.
In one photo from January 15, 1978, a group of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders line up by the football field during the Superbowl against the Denver Broncos.With their billowy sleeves, knee-high white boots and feathered hairstyles, they look every inch the Seventies women.

Another image from 1989 shows a Buffalo Bills cheerleader with wild blonde hair smiling at the camera, showing off her baby pink lipstick and blue headband worn on her forehead.Her shoulder pads - an iconic mark of the Eighties - are adorned with white fringe. As a result, this will be the first time that the Cowboys will have worn all-white from the neck down since 1994, when they wore 1960s throwbacks for the 1994 Diamond Season. The Carolina Panthers are one of those rare teams in which their uniforms are so solid that certain combos that shouldn’t work (such as their all-black look) actually do, and this definitely works for the Panthers. Whenever the Cowboys wear shades of blue and silver that (almost) match, it’s always a good thing.

Meanwhile, the Panthers will be wearing their awesome shade of blue from head-to-toe, and that’s always nice. This won’t be a bad matchup at all, in my opinion.Do you agree that this is actually a good-looking matchup, or have you had enough of the Color Rush, already?

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