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Skimming through a message board I came across the horrible designs that are claimed to be Nike’s ideas for the NFL future.
Neither the NFL nor Nike have confirmed that these sketches are indeed finalized, in fact, I don’t even think the two have begun discussing the details of uniforms. Go through the next few pages to see all 32 NFL teams re-designs and wait until you see some of these pants! In honor of the impending playoff matchup, this edition will be a battle of two marquee quarterbacks from the NFC, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers and Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys.
It’s possible they are just looking for feedback or some random guy on a forum drew them up.

Closing their schedule against the Dolphins, Jaguars, Texans and Browns, this year's Ravens have an opportunity to finish strong in a division completely up for grabs. Panthers: The Ravens used the offseason to solidify their offensive line and add targets for Joe Flacco.
New Orleans is a tough out in the Superdome, but stealing a win on the road would set Baltimore up nicely for its rather soft stretch run. For many of us that will not be the case but the thoughts of a Super Bowl title can reign supreme for some.
One of those targets -- Steve Smith -- will be the focus of attention when his old team comes to town in Week 4.

Now there are some nice ones like the Rams (my persona favorite), Falcons, Raiders, Bills and Texans, but for the most part they are awful.

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