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Meet Houston Texans Cheerleaders (10am-12pm), TORO (10am-11am) and Ambassadors Seth Payne and Wade Smith (11am-12pm) at the Houston Super Bowl LI Touchdown Tour at Space Center Houston (1601 NASA Pkwy, Houston, TX 77058) on Saturday, August 27 from 10am-2pm!
Tune into KTRK ABC 13 in Houston (or check local listings across Texas) each Saturday at 11 PM for this Texans show that covers all the happenings each week of the team throughout the offseason from community events, offseason training and various team functions with Cheerleaders and players.
The Houston Texans Team Luncheon is set for Tuesday, August 30 from noon – 2pm with the entire Texans team.  Hear from Head Coach Bill O’Brien and top Texans players as they prepare for the 2016 season! The following are common sense tips that I’ve assembled based on the experiences of fans who have travelled with the team since the beginning of the franchise. Tony Romo has found his future wife and has put a ring on her finger.The injured Cowboys quarterback is engaged to Candice Crawford, a 24-year-old sports reporter for KDAF-TV in Dallas. Michael Hiestand has covered sports media and marketing for USA TODAY, tackling the sports biz ranging from what's behind mega-events such as the Olympics and Super Bowl to the sometimes-hidden numbers behind the sports world's bottom line.

The only thing he likes more than his own voice is the sound of readers telling him when he's right and wrong. Most importantly, the nearby fans you try to make friends with will often vouch for you to security if for some reason there’s trouble.
In addition, since you don’t know these people, you have no idea how much alcohol they have consumed, or how they would respond to what you think is good-natured ribbing. Traveling Texans fans typically wear Battle Red on the road to stand out to each other and for the team to see their support on the road.
The Traveling Texans website has helpful info for each road game, and the Facebook page is good for more real-time communication with the group. Sometimes details are updated closer to the trip dates for things like various non-game meetups, group picture locations and times, and sometimes road tailgates.

You can find links to the Traveling Texans page in the above grid.Road trip events with other fans can be very fun. It’s amazing the number of friendships have been created through fans meeting on road trips.
It is similar to the friendships made through tailgating.Texans fans are creating their own fan history and culture from scratch, and I’ve heard reports back from opposing team tailgates and bars about how friendly traveling Texans fans are. I’ve always thought that Houston was the friendliest big city in America, and it has been great seeing our fans take that on the road.

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