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Grapevine Mills Mall is one of the biggest attractions in the Grapevine area for shopping, dinning, and entertainment. If that is not enough fun, the AMC Grapevine Mills 30 offers up 30 movies screens including some with a dine-in theater option. Below is a list of restaurants and stores in Grapevine Mills Mall, first by department and then alphabetically with the phone numbers for each store. About this siteThis site is brought to you by Grapevine residents who love Grapevine and want to provide the best information about the city and local events that you can find anywhere. We shop, eat, and live here and can provide the most up to date information that you can find.

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There is plenty of fun for the family including an AMC Theaters, Legoland, SeaLife Grapevine, and an ice skating rink. Be sure to check these out and order them now to be sure to get them in time for Christmas.
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