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That’s right, the lovely ladies from Big D are here to warm the globe and melt the snow. Without further ado, and since you probably aren’t reading anymore anyways, here is a behind-the-scenes look at the Cowboys Cheerleaders 2015 Swimsuit Calender.
Jersey Girls, the NFL season is here and it’s important that your football wardrobe represents the true, fabulous Jersey Girl that you are.
Jersey Girl Sports is a lifestyle brand dedicated to the millions of women who like to watch sports. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Every year, for as long as I can remember, the Walvoord family has gathered together to share food and give thanks. My Aunt Mary, Mary Elizabeth Walvoord Hale Dzuik (1928-2009), is the one who started a family custom that would eventually reach mammoth proportions.
Mary thought it was important to get the family together often.  In fact, she built her house in Hereford, Texas specifically so it would have enough room for family gatherings. Although not at Thanksgiving, this is an early gathering of Walvoords at Aunt Mary’s in Hereford, Texas circa 1956.
In later years, the post noon meal activities include a walk to a park for kids to play, or a game of ping pong or throwing the football around. One Thanksgiving, in Carrollton, Texas, when it was Uncle Johnny and Aunt Nan family’s turn to host, they thought to invite John F. Eventually the Walvoord Thanksgiving settled into a Dallas only rotation and the annual burden of hosting fell on my Aunt Nan’s family in Carrollton. To give her a break, one year my cousin Cindy (Hale) Horton (Aunt Mary’s youngest daughter), hosted at her home in Austin, Texas.

In 2009, my cousin Kristi (Dillon) Spess began hosting every-other-year in Austin, Texas and did so this past 2013. Although photos of various family groups have been taken nearly every year, many years, a photo of the entire family together was simply forgotten. I believe it was my cousin Jeanan, who one year, organized an approach to make a group photo of everyone.
Walvoord Thanksgiving in Amarillo, Texas in 1972Walvoord Thanksgiving in Amarillo, Texas in 1974Walvoord Thanksgiving in Amarillo, Texas in 1977. Many Walvoord descendants from this branch are very musically gifted and some even have degrees in Music (I’m not one of them). My cousins Lynn and Cindy who seem to always think of others before themselves, after losing their own mother several months earlier, packed up leftover turkey, dressing and all the fixings and flew from Austin to Florida so Randy and Mary wouldn’t miss out on Thanksgiving. My god, I would motorboat her for as long as it takes to pass out from lack of air or exhaustion.
Sporty, sexy jerseys: The NFL, the clear leader in sports fashion, has revamped its apparel line to appeal to its female fans which account for almost half of its fan base.
Accessories ARE necessary and no matter if you are conservative or air on the side of the trendy flair, accessories are the thing that remind the men you’re a Jersey Girl. We present sports from the female perspective--the way we see it, how we talk about it and what we have to say about it. My branch of the Walvoord Family truly enjoys each other and everyone looks forward to getting together each year. It was felt that Christmas should be spent with individual family groups, but Thanksgiving was a holiday that the whole Walvoord Family could gather for.

We all have our favorite jeans, but you want to make sure your jeans are flattering and comfortable.
While she can, we say leave the 6-inch heels for the sports bar and rock a cute wedge or boots to the game. Walvoord, Timothy Walvoord (boy looking back), Geraldine (Lundgren) Walvoord, Lynn Hale, Randall H. Hale (Granny Hale was Aunt Mary’s mother-in-law) made the most delicious variety of home-made pickles in her relish tray. Walvoord (who had died in 1978).  My Great-uncle John and great-aunt Geraldine and their children and grandchildren added another six to ten to the Walvoord numbers each year.
Aunt Mary also made delicious pumpkin pies from a recipe that was handed down from her Uncle Earl Korn’s wife Laurine. If you’re going to be out all day for tailgating and celebration, a pair of flats may be just what the doctor ordered.
In hindsight, we all wondered why no one had never thought to invite them before, because they added so much to the family. Of course myself and the rest of my younger cousins were regulated to the children’s tables (usually several card tables) sprinkled in other rooms of the house.

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