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Sometimes, what with the amount of preparation needed in establishing a bar or restaurant, owners overlook the necessity of advertising their business. An establishment’s logo is typically displayed outside the restaurant or bar, on the table napkins, and sometimes even on glasses and pitchers as decoration; however, having it printed on the staff’s uniforms is generally a good idea as well.
In designing the logo for t-shirts, keep in mind that although the colors should be eye-catching, it may raise your printing price on t-shirts.
Custom printed t-shirts as a uniform for the business’ employees is an investment since it is a form of advertisement. While using many colors has a lot of advantages, such as intricate designs, it also has the disadvantage of raising the production cost per unit. For the majority of our clients that are bars and restaurants, they opt for screen printed t shirts. Aside from this, custom printed t-shirts that are designed based on the “personality” of the business can be sold to customers. Indeed, using custom printed t-shirts is a creative advertising method and it brings a somewhat personal touch to any restaurant or bar. Custom printed t shirts with you bar or restaurant’s logo imprinted can not only promote your business, they can make you money as well.

Address: China Guangdong Shenzhen city Longhua town waves Tianchengli jute Pu Industrial Park No. Since there will be waitstaff, bar staff, cashiers and other employees inside the restaurant, the location’s company logo would be more visible to customers.
If for example’s sake, a white shirt with a one color print features a striking design or witty tagline to compensate for its simplicity, you can keep it simple. Also, remember that when investing in a promotional product, benefits should always be higher than costs. For example, if it is the customer’s birthday visit to the establishment, or if he spent a certain amount on the restaurant or bar, the t-shirt could be given as a token of appreciation for the customer’s support. If a customer enjoys your establishment, they are likely to consider buying one of your t-shirts to support your business, and also to have as a reminder of the fun they had. This can sometimes take a long while to build, and a strong branding strategy can help push the business’ popularity forward. Aside from the logo, the whole t-shirt can be customized and designed to have the address of the business, a tagline, or just a play on the restaurant’s name.
The logo is printed part by part since each stencil will be created for each detail that is similar in color.

If the customer wears the shirt at a public gathering, it will be exposed to other potential customers. Wallpaper and background images in the Custom Tee Shirts club tagged: personalized t-shirt customized t-shirt printed t-shirt. Our company was found on 2000, with 10 years'Experience, Our company have 10 designers and 15 QC.
2.Choose from our 100% polyester microweave moisture-wicking fabric or 100% polyester Dazzle fabric.
The first layer is dried out before adding the next layer and so on to make sure that it won’t smudge or get ruined. If it’s an older crowd, say one that appreciates the 1980’s or 90’s, go with a retro design that will click with them. Screen printed t-shirts are inexpensive to produce, but again if opting for multi-colors, can be costly in terms of setup.

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