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We are proud of our boots and prices and constantly checking our prices to ensure that we are giving you the best value possible. If you find another website where you can get a better deal, please contact us, we can normally beat that price by at least 5%. We can not always match competitors sale or special offer prices but ask anyway as we often can. America's Boot Source Since 1918Let our years of experience in the boot business benefit you.

A handmade buckaroo cowboy boot with an 18" top in all brown, medium scallop, saddle vamp, #5 toe and #5s heel with spur shelf. This new premium boot features an all leather sole, hand lasted construction for superior fit and high arch support for proper weight distribution. So if you order the wrong size, or they're just not what you expected, you can return them and it won't cost you a penny. Please look after the boots whilst in your possession and please only try them on a carpeted surface.

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