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As all eyes turn to the Chicago Blackhawks before their Thursday night premiere , many are wondering if the Blackhawks can return to their 2013 luster.
After a heartbreaking loss at home ended their season last year, the Blackhawks are hungry and ready to return to the Stanley Cup Final.
While EA Sports predicts that the Hawks will fall there, I believe the Blackhawks, with an improved squad, will at least win the West. Can't Miss Interview: Kris Bryant's high school coach, Derek Stafford, sits down with 'The 312' to talk about the MVP candidate. By the time the Minnesota series rolled around last Spring, the Blackhawks looked fatigued. There hasn’t been anything new to report regarding the alleged sexual assault against Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane, but any changes in the story are likely to first be reported by The Buffalo News. Mark Lazerus, the Chicago Sun-Times’ Blackhawks beat writer, was able to get a response from the Chicago Blackhawks regarding the situation involving Patrick Kane, of which you can read more about below. Not a surprising response from the Blackhawks at this point, as this situation is still very unclear and they’ll need to talk to plenty of people before making a statement of substance.
Patrick Kane update: 3 unmarked cop cars arrived at his NY home, plainclothes cops entered. It would be wrong to speculate any further on the matter at this point, but it’s fair to say this is bad news for the Blackhawks and their star forward. During the Chicago Blackhawks championship rally, broadcaster Pat Foley said that Patrick Kane had matured as a person on and off the ice. If Kane is charged with a crime, this would be the second off-ice incident involving Kane in Buffalo. Before this alleged incident, Twitter handles and pictures were the only memories that we had of Kane’s off-ice issues. CM Punk, the former WWE superstar and current UFC fighter, was on SiriusXM NHL Network Radio this past Tuesday. Hockey Halloween: Teen Wolf, Canuck costumes, Stanley Cup pumpkins - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! There are just those times when you have to take a step back and begin the slow clap of appreciation for a Halloween costume. Coming up, more hockey-centric Halloween whimsy, from artistic pumpkins to hilarious costumes a€” of varying degrees of execution and, thankfully, good taste. From 2010, a darn fine looking Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup champions pumpkin created by Nick Vogelsang (and submitted by Sarah Quinlan).
Of course, there's a new Stanley Cup champ this year in the Boston Bruins, and Michael Duarte celebrates them accordingly.
An awesome piece by Amanda Statland, depicting Marc-Andre Fleury(notes) of the Pittsburgh Penguins in pumpkin form. He colored the shoulders teal, made the logos and stripes as well and topped it off with WWCD.

Really amazing work here from Anaheim Ducks loyalist (and Los Angeles Kings detractor) Vicky Valderrama. FAMILY DENTISTRYNeed a cleaning, new filling or crown or complex restoration?COSMETIC DENTISTRYWant to get the smile you've always dreamed of?TMJDo you have a clicking jaw or headaches? The Blackhawks are too talented a team not to return to at least the Western Conference Final.
After a grueling road to the Stanley Cup in 2013, and sending 10 players to Sochi (most in the NHL), the Blackhawks never got a whole lot of rest. Knowing full well that they would likely have to part with either Johnny Oduya or Nick Leddy, Stan Bowman and the front office immediately went to work, locking up several young, serviceable defensemen in Trevor Van Riemsdyk and Kyle Cumiskey.
The outlet has been on top of this story from the get-go and has at least one reporter among those watching Kane’s Buffalo-area apartment closely. This time we check in with the Chicago Tribune, specifically senior digital news editor Mark LeBien, who appears to have an update on what’s currently happening in Buffalo. The Buffalo News is all over the Kane story today, with writer Tim Graham providing this very ominous tweet not long ago.
Reports are surfacing that Kane is the subject of a police investigation in Buffalo, according to The Buffalo News.
Aside from the occasional Stanley Cup championship party story, there have been no more party-boy Kane stories. There are two specific events that stick out in my mind when it comes to Kane’s party mentality. You can use these free cliparts for your documents, web sites, art projects or presentations.Don't forget to link to this page for attribution! According to Nate Gandt, we have Paul Bissonnette(notes) of the Phoenix Coyotes in pumpkin form. We know it’s a long road to the cup and NHL players have to endure numerous injuries due to the nature of the sport. If so, a sports guard to use for all contact sports is highly recommended by the Dental Partners of 5th Avenue, as we see elbows knocking out front teeth in basketball games, as well as wrestling and football injuries.
A revolving door of Michal Handzus, Andrew Shaw and Teuvo Teravainen provided few results, and highlighted a key need for the Blackhawks.
While they were able to beat the Wild based on sheer talent, there’s simply no way to beat a team like the Los Angeles Kings without putting in 100 percent. In Rockford, the Blackhawks already head fine defensemen in Stephen Johns and Adam Clendening (although both will likely stay in Rockford for the foreseeable future), and after the Blackhawks traded Nick Leddy, they added defensemen in TJ Brennan and Ville Pokka.Needless to stay, the Blackhawks are set on the blue line for at least 2014-2015.
Jonathan Toews, Marian Hossa, Brandon Saad, Patrick Kane, and now Brad Richards, opposing goalies should be shaking in their skates. The pair addressed what they have heard about the ongoing situation surrounding Patrick Kane in New York. After that incident and others, including his offseason shenanigans in Madison, Wis., Kane seemed to clean up his act.

Kane had worked very hard to shed that label, and sadly this incident might destroy all of his hard work. The first is Kane riding shirtless with teammates in a Vancouver limo in 2009, and the second is Kane’s partying in Wisconsin. I want to believe that this is a misunderstanding and that the issue will be resolved quickly, but the fact that officers involved are not allowed to comment makes me uneasy. Every Day.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox.
As a fighter himself, the man born Phil Brooks thinks that fighting is a part of hockey when defending your team mates.
Now seeing as how Sharks fans are known for their jersey fouls before you judge, know this, since he couldn't afford a real Clowe jersey he used his spare blank white jersey he uses for pick up hockey. So much roughness over the years on the ice caused Heatley to lose some teeth… hence the gap. The alternate captain for the Blackhawks was drafted in 2002… and since then he has grown with the team helping lead the way to two Stanley Cup wins over the last decade.
Anyone who plays or has kids playing these types of sports should contact us about different types of sports guards, including those purchased at stores to custom made guards. Coming off a few rough season in New York, Richards looked to latch onto a contender, perhaps for one final Cup drive. Kompon was largely responsible for the special teams unit, and while he built a formidable penalty kill unit, the power play units looked lost at times, and were largely ineffective. There are a lot of parallels between the 2013 Kings and the 2014 Blackhawks, and if the Hawks can rebound after a slightly longer Summer, the Blackhawks will be better off. He seemed to become a model NHL citizen, with the turning point in Kane’s development coming during the lockout. Kane’s off the ice issues were so recognized that several Twitter handles have been created for him.
Since he wore it to a party last night I threatened him with death if he doesn't wear it tonight when we play. Richards would sign a one year, 2 million dollar contract on July 1st, filling a hole while Teuvo Teravainen matures.
It’ll be a recurring theme throughout the year to see how Dineen will change the power play, if he does. Offense won the Blackhawks the Stanley Cup in 2010, 2013, and could very well win them the Cup in 2015. Kane chose to take his mother to Switzerland with him while he played in a Swiss league during the work stoppage.

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