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Twenty years ago today, the Chicago Bulls played their first game at the historic United Center. Ground was officially broken for construction on April 6, 1992 with the opening ceremony being held on August 18, 1994.
Since that date the United Center has hosted on average over 200 events per year, and been home to five championship teams between the Bulls and Blackhawks, who call the UC home. In commemoration of today’s anniversary date we will be counting down the most unbelievable facts from the past 20 years. Can't Miss Interview: Kris Bryant's high school coach, Derek Stafford, sits down with 'The 312' to talk about the MVP candidate. On September 4, 1911, Comiskey Park hosted what was at the time the largest live wrestling event in history with a gate total of $87,000.
It covers 960,000 square feet, stands 300 feet tall, and has the ability to seat upwards of 24,000 people.
Not sure if that’s an all-time record or not, I had to count every win and loss myself just to verify that 122-9 was correct. Also, since their first game at the United Center 20 years ago, the Chicago Bulls have the best home win percentage (min. If fictional movies and television turn factual, the Cubs should be winning the World Series very soon. It started with the Back to the Future Part II movie filmed in 1989 predicting the Cubs will be the 2015 World Series champions.

The addition of new Manager Joe Maddon, pitcher Jon Lester, renown hitting coach John Mallee (Mt. Chris Pratt plays Dwyer and coincidently threw out the first pitch at the Cubs’ game in September while he was shooting the episode. 500 games) in the NBA as of the start of the 2014-15 regular season with a mark of 307-210. Now, popular NBC show Parks and Recreation is depicting the same in its most recent episode on Tuesday. Carmel Grad) and a host of young talent led by All-Star first baseman Anthony Rizzo, is definitely reason for excitement.
Co-star NIck Offerman is a die-hard Cubs fan (see New Era commercials with a White Sox fan) but wasn’t in the Cubs scene. Please don’t link directly to the high-res image as that can end up costing us quite a bit of money in server fees. Thanks!*Nerdy stats are below the image and you can click the image for higher resolution (just please read that note above) to see the details including correct team patches for that year. The 1998 Detroit Red Wings are the last to win while wearing a team-specific patch, on their shoulder was a patch in support of three members of the ’97 cup winning team who were injured in a car accident and unable to participate that season.
Other patch winners include the 1992 Pittsburgh Penguins (25th anniversary + a memorial patch), the 1980 New York Islanders (1980 Olympics), the 1976 Montreal Canadiens (Olympics, again), and then the Detroit Red Wings in 1952 (City of Detroit 250th) and 1943 (patches in recognition of World War II).
The last team to wear anything else while winning the cup was the 2006 Carolina Hurricanes who wore red at home when they beat the Edmonton Oilers.

Prior to the Hurricanes you’d have to go back another six years to the 2000 New Jersey Devils. If Tampa Bay wins game six this trend is guaranteed to continue in 2015.Every team to win the cup since 1994-95 has either had black somewhere in their colour scheme or been the Detroit Red Wings.
Neither purple nor teal have ever been worn at all (as base or a trim) in a Stanley Cup final let alone while winning. Again, this is the case in 2015.Despite the fairly high amount of teams which wear it as their primary dark colour, no team has won the cup while wearing a blue jersey in 25 years, the 1990 Edmonton Oilers are the last to do so.
Before the Oilers it’s back the 1982 New York Islanders and then way back to the 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs. The Oilers only road cup win came in 1990, two years after his trade to the Los Angeles Kings. Going the other way, his counterpart Mario Lemieux has never won the cup (as a player or an owner) while at home.

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