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If you will be in need of an oil change in the next month, heres a printable coupon to save $20 off of your next synthetic oil change at Canadian Tire. Personally I take my car to Wal-Mart because if I have to wait I’d have a heck of a time killing an hour or so in a Canadian Tire! I wouldn’t trust Canadian Tire to change the oil on my bicycle chain, much less my car. We have had the same experiences as above, the worst and last one was as Elizabeth said – literally thousands of dollars down the drain and a vehicle not repaired properly.
I know a few years ago the same store, you wouldn’t take your car there to even get your windshield wipers changed.

Canadian Tire hires a bunch of high school kids and one certified mechanic and then charges full rates for fixing vehicles.
The experience I had at our local CT service centre was that I paid for a seasonal oil change that was supposed to include tire rotation and other things and they never did half of what they were supposed to including the tire rotation.
Please send me a free oil change coupon from canadian tire because I always change my oil there. I was wondering changing oil means find your vehicle having a proble that you have never known before.
I just had my oil changed 50$ with tax, hope they did what they were supposed to, had my alternator changed by them 3 times, faulty crummy parts!

Smart Canucks is Canada's first Canadian shopping deals blog and has been operating since 2006! In my hometown, my dad took my car in to get the tires changed for me (put on the winter tires).

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