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Wearing a uniform gives youth and adult members a sense of identification and commitment to the goals of character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. The Cub Scout uniform should be worn to all Cub Scout activities including, but not limited to, Den Meetings and Pack Meetings. Scouts have the option to wear their scouting hats, belts, pants, etc., but these are not required. As you prepare for yet another year of the Scouting program don’t forget to remind  your new Scouts and parents about the importance of the Scouting uniform. Do you remember the first time your little guy put on his blue shirt and orange neckerchief? The summer between my freshmen and sophomore year of high school my mother decided that I had to find something to do to keep me busy while school was out.
There is no doubt that the uniform is important to youth in our programs but let’s not forget about the adults too!

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My options were to find a summer job or take summer school classes and get a few credits out of the way early. In Scouting we learn to lead by example and the best way to encourage proper uniforming in your unit is to model it yourself. Do you still have a merit badge sash lined with success stories from your childhood days at Treasure Valley?
Did you know that among Oscar de la Renta’s contributions to American society were the uniforms he designed for the Boy Scouts of America in the 1980’s?
The uniform isn’t just a handy way to collect your patches but it brings a sense of community to the Scouting program. I didn’t know it then, but that year I would be developing friendships that would last me the rest of my life.

There is a certain code of conduct that you tend to expect form a Scout in a uniform that is much different than a young man in a baseball or soccer uniform. With many miles and years between us we always manage to catch up with each other and make plans when we know that some of us will be in the same state (or country).
I have always joked that had we all attended the same high school none of us would have been friends.
We would have divided up in to the adolescent cliques that our popularity levels and socio-economic statuses assigned us to. What initially brought us together and gave us a reason to get to know each other was that we were all in the same uniform and on the same playing field.

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