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The two super powers in American baseball Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, had already been rivals for as long as anyone could remember. If you want to determine which team is doing quite well with the fans, first you have to determine how much fans are actually making videos about them. It’s always sad to see someone you love and care about pass away. The YouTubers on this list represent those individuals that many have come to love. The two teams are always competing for the top spot in the World Series, the biggest baseball competition in the United States.

This seems to be quite a troublesome thing to do because of MLB advanced Media, they are quite strict when it comes to videos with contents that are related to Major League Baseball and they have a team dedicated on taking down videos in Youtube that has MLB content in them. Despite this we were able to know that there are 13 thousand fans making videos for the Yankees and 12 thousand fans making videos for the Red Sox.
This year the two competitive teams didn’t do quite well in the American League, but did they do well when it comes to attracting more fans and fan support?
Yankees had more view per video than the Red Sox but the Red Sox had more social interaction with regards to their videos.

Overall the New York Yankees are slightly on top of the Red Sox when it comes to how well they had an impact to the fans.

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