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This basketball uniform design was worn on the road by the Kentucky Wildcats during the 2011 season. Before you can submit your rating for this basketball uniform, you need to register as a part of our community of uniform critics and log in on the website. At Uniform Critics, we are constantly looking to add more uniforms to our database and complete the uni history for each team.
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As we mentioned above, we have 23 uniforms in the system for the Kentucky Wildcats, which you can scroll through below the comments section. The uniform was created by Nike and we currently have 23 Kentucky Wildcats uniforms in our database on Uniform Critics. Take a look at the other uniforms for this team and let us know which one is your favorite by rating them and leaving comments. If you want to become more involved, contact us with any uniforms we are missing and share our website with your friends that are sports fans.

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