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October 8, 2014 by Tanya Giraldo Leave a Comment Customers enjoy buying items they love that also contribute to helping others. September 17, 2014 by Tanya Giraldo Leave a Comment When filling your store with baby items, you aren’t just looking for unique products, but also items that are trending. From sterling silver baby jewelry to adorable outfits that have made the pages of People and O: The Oprah Magazine, Elegant Baby has recognizable products that catch the eye of all customers. BabyBinkz is a wholesaler with just the sort of eye-grabbing collection of products that makes any consumer stop in their tracks. Befitting a delicious bakery, these baby clothes and accessories are arranged in such a way that makes them look like milkshakes, peas in a pod, and cupcakes–among other creative arrangements.
February 12, 2013 by Kelly Curtis Leave a Comment Finding great baby products for your store is essential for the parents who shop in it.
Woolino Infant Sleeping Bag is of a high quality, practical, stylish, and made of 100% natural fabrics. This sleeping bag is designed to keep babies warm without overheating and is to be used for all seasons. Offer your customers premium baby sleepwear that comes in pink, blue, neutral colors, and yellow.
These sleep sacks are great for boys and girls to keep them warm throughout the day and are great for many ages.
January 21, 2013 by Kelly Curtis 2 Comments When searching for products for your store, you are always in search of unique designs that will stand out. Postcard AntiquiTEES originated from an early 1900s post card collection and captures the elegance of the past by custom enhancing and recreating each image onto all products.
An adorable onesie that features the alphabet, blocks or a dress or tee that features a design of a little girl or boy. Lets not forget that all of these items make great gifts for baby showers, birthdays, holidays, or special occasions. June 25, 2012 by Kelly Curtis Leave a Comment When you purchase items for your store, do you think of absolutely everyone that comes through those doors?
They started their company with the simple idea that both boy and girl babies would look positively adorable in baby clothes that made them look like sport’s balls.
Even if your customers aren’t parents-to-be just yet, they may be in the market for a great birthday or baby shower gift idea. This line is not only meant to keep little heads everywhere snuggly and warm, but to bring smiles to moms, dads and grandparents for years to come.
Also, they have cute scarves in adorable colors, baby cocoons that feature a bumblebee design, pea pod, ladybug, bear and beautiful knit designs.

Newborns are now having their pictures taken just a few weeks after they’re born and having props within their photos is definitely on trend, especially these hats.
Also, lets not forget that these hats, scarves, cocoons or holiday hats with matching mittens all make wonderful baby shower gifts. If found quality problems please don't directly comment on the difference after the purchase, or it will not be any after sale service. Differences in color may be caused by some other reasons such as color reflection in the monitor, lighting, background etc.
With a unique way to put on that doesn’t require buttons or zippers for added comfort, your customers will love how unique and philanthropic EZ1Z is.
Elegant Baby, for example, has a reputation for great merchandise that is popular with celebrities and their little ones. From the packaging to the overall look on display, customers want an item to catch their attention, especially if they are looking for a gift.
Not only are they easy gift items for a baby shower or party, but their packaging is original and very different from other items seen in stores. The Merino wool they use for their products is not the traditional itchy wool your customers may know.
It’s great for all seasons, grows with the baby, designed to be practical, reduces the risk of SIDS, great quality, and excellent value. It prevents babies from overheating, regulates body temperature, ensures a healthy sleep, allergy-safe, silky soft against baby skin, exceptionally breathable, lightweight, retains warmth even when wet, naturally antibacterial and odor resistant, fire-retardant, naturally durable, and easy care. Your customers can choose from their swaddle blankets & hats, baby sleep sacks, bodysuits, pajamas, and toddler sleep sacks. The owner began collecting beautiful postcards and other ephemera after a memorabilia night within Maine summer community.
When your customers’ children wear these fashionable clothing, they’ll definitely be comfortable and the cutest kid in town!
Hibiscus, zinnia, Shasta daisy, vintage designs of a dog, and vintage designs of a woman playing tennis.
You’ll find adorable baby onesies that resemble footballs, baseballs, basketballs, soccer ball, pool ball and a tennis ball. Also, they find that their mission is to only accept the highest quality when it comes to selecting the materials for their products.
You’ll also find cocoons, scarves, mittens, holiday hats, gift sets and ribbon designs.
Let your customers imagine having their little girl in an owl hat or their little boy in a bumblebee hat or having them wrapped up in their beautiful cocoons, that will definitely be a picture they’ll have to hang in their home.

Not only are these items unique, it’s a small way that customers and businesses alike can make a contribution. Consider products already in the limelight, like Elegant Baby, that will shine on your shelves. Whether they are looking for nutritious food, fashionable clothing, or items that make for a good sleep; they want the best. Pair these great items with other baby items and find the right gift packaging to go with it. If you’re looking for products that feature unique vintage designs, choose Postcard AntiquiTEES. Postcard AntiquiTEES onesies, dress, tees, and bloomers they offer are comfy, cozy, silky, and soft.
They found that there were similar items out there, however, nothing that had the quality and the same designs that integrated both front and back of the sport’s balls. Each and every one of their hats are exceptionally hand-crafted and made with little heads everywhere in mind. For the little girls, your customers can choose from pink and white striped knit hats, white bonnet, owl inspired hat, pig themed knit hat, strawberry, cupcake & elephant hats and even adorable knit hats with flowers and a long braided tail. All of these accessories are great for the cooler weather, cute fashion accessories, make great photo props and wonderful gifts. Even if it’s for your target market, they may even need accessories for the little ones in their lives.
If you have parents in your store that are definite sport’s fanatics, this clothing is definitely for them.
For the boys, they can choose from owl, lion, sharks, bears, carrot, football and even a hat that resembles a koala. They can choose from great vintage designs, such as watermelon, beans, onions, beets, eggplants, or sweet basil.
Either they find something they like, or parents and consumers are always on the look out for great products to buy them. Whether your customers are shopping for gifts or the essentials for their children, one company that satisfies both needs is The Daisy Baby LLC.

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