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The Zika virus may be spreading through local mosquito and human populations in Texas, Arizona and California. No one knew that a tropical disease was spreading in Houston and that local mosquitoes were the culprit.Many had been told by doctors that their illness was a mystery. This morning, Draya hopped on Instagram to celebrate reaching the 6-month mark in her pregnancy, but she also threw in a few subliminals that would lead one to believe she and Orlando were done.
So we did a little digging, and found out Draya gave Orlando the $400K engagement ring back on New Year's.
Meanwhile, Draya has been opening up about heartache in a series of captions on her Instagram account. Stevie talked to the site revealing he returned to his house flipped upside down on Monday following a studio session with Faith Evans and Kelly Price in the studio. Stevie claims Joseline went into a jealous rage because he was in the studio with them and totally trashed his belongings. More free cute and lovely birthday poems & rhymes * short birthday quotes, sentimental quotes being added all the timea€¦ Why not add us to your favorites!!
The infection could go undetected until babies are born with birth defects, some tropical medicine experts say.The virus has been linked to nerve damage in adults and to brain, skull and eye deformities in babies. The remainder do not suffer symptoms but are able to pass the virus on to mosquitoes.And there lies the problem, said Hotez.

Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network. The site said there are rumors going around that Rap-A-Lot Records CEO Jas Prince could be the father.
That's true, we checked his account and he does not follow her, but he does still follow her swimwear company's IG Mint Swim. If the rumors are true, let's hope they can get along well enough to co-parent effectively for their baby boy. There was bleach used, things were smashed and items were destroyed, totaling more than $65,000 in damages.
He claims she destroyed a vintage $10k Bad Boy jacket (that was a gift from Diddy), $40k worth of clothes, $15k worth of Versace china and at least 20 pairs of sneakers. If you do not want to comment with a social network, please consider writing a letter to the editor.
Meanwhile, Joseline Hernandez went into a rage and trashed her husband Stevie J’s home. You’ll recall, Orlando called it off back in July 2015 saying he realized marrying her would be a poor decision. BSO also reported Orlando deleted all pictures of Draya from his account, but doesn't seem to be true.

Dengue fever killed two people and sickened nearly 50. That dengue outbreak was diagnosed 10 years later by an astute veterinarian, Dr.
In 2009, a New Yorker fell ill with dengue after traveling to Florida, where a few dozen people were diagnosed with the disease.Zika testing Zika can be challenging to diagnose in humans. Murray pulled thousands of frozen blood and spinal tap samples taken in the early 2000s from sick Houstonians who had tested negative for West Nile fever. In the first week of infection, doctors use a test called PCR to look for the virus in the blood. If they do, “the system for health care providers to do Zika testing is cumbersome,” he said.
You’re not going to be able to test everyone with rash and fever for Zika.”Mosquitoes can be tested for the virus, too.
Using the PCR, scientists can look for the Zika virus inside the insect, but even during big outbreaks, few mosquitoes test positive.Hotez studies another tropical disease spread by mosquitoes called lymphatic filariasis. Seema Yasmin, a physician and former CDC epidemiologist, is a professor at the University of Texas at Dallas.

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