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Courtside seat Manziel is sitting in tonight typically resells for about $400 on regular games, $600+ for games like Heat. Whether or not Manziel bought the ticket himself and how he got the money to do so aren’t even the right questions. Johnny Manziel has a marketable skillset that scores of adults profited from over the past year. This scenario could even be enacted in a manner such that academic institutions do not have to draw resources away from classes, other sports, or even their administrators’ own pockets.
The only people who believe that the NCAA system should remain as it is are those who currently profit from it. If you had your pick for next season and next season only, which would you prefer: Johnny Manziel and average SEC coach, or Bret Bielema and an average SEC quarterback? Even if you picked Bielema, you had to think about it for a minute, and he’s making over $3 million per year at Arkansas. There’s probably very little you and I can do about this, but we should all agree that each time we hear somebody like Steve Kerr sound SHOCKED and APPALLED that a COLLEGE KID could afford expensive seats, we should bring more shame upon the messenger than those who may or may not be violating arbitrary, un-American rules.
Steve Kerr: “Is sarcasm not understood by folks on Twitter, or it just went right by people I guess?
It’s more that they are still a butt-hurt that Manziel won so they’re trying to make a big deal out of NOTHING! The furious response overwhelmed Whitley, who had to fend off accusations of racial profiling, prompting his editor-in-chief to take the unusual step of writing a defence of the opinion piece in which he admitted Whitley could have finessed certain points.

Whitley, who is the father of two adopted African-American daughters, was even criticised by Kaepernick's parents - who revealed that his tattoos are in fact verses from the Bible.
The column which was published on Wednesday, seems to take aim at the new tattoed breed of sporting stars and declare that it is inappropriate for someone in his position on the team to possess them.'San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick is going to be a big-time NFL quarterback. Responding to the criticism he received, Whitley refuted any suggestions that he was racist.'It didna€™t occur to me that admitting Ia€™m not a fan of body art would be admitting I dona€™t like African-Americans,' he told his website. Those are expensive seats,” Steve Kerr said gravely, wondering how such a good kid went bad as if Manziel had been caught stealing laptops.
Another mystery solved by Scooby Doo and this one didn’t even involve ghosts or real estate fraud. They should be able to monetize their talent by signing autographs, attending corporate events, or appearing in commercials for anybody who will pay them for their time.
Indispensably talented employees in profitable industries are valuable and get compensated as such.
Who gets hurt if some car wash titan in Alabama wants to spend thousands of dollars to help make sure his alma mater continues to have a running faucet of NFL-ready defensive linemen?
Johnny Manziel’s phone is getting inundated by text messages and tweets from friends and people wondering about a comment made by Steve Kerr about how he got these seats. Moreover, if Manziel paid face value for the tickets himself, he complied with NCAA regulations. It's pretty irritating is what it is.'Responding to the fury, Sporting News editor-in-chief Garry D.

8 Louisville lost at home to Central Florida and then spilled into a bloodbath Saturday.No.
If Johnny Football were a free agent and other schools and their boosters were allowed to bid freely for his services, he could conceivably command a guaranteed contract worth several million dollars.
The original hero stuck his finger in the dyke to save Holland.'Pro QBs were the last line of defense against the raging sea of ink.
I guess you just have to roll with the punches.''Somebody asked me if I got mad about that. 13 after last week's loss at Utah, will find itself hip-deep in the BCS top 10 and right back in the national title race.Stanford, remember, still has a Nov. 2 Oregon.The Southeastern Conference got turned upside down as Missouri, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Tennessee and Mississippi pulled upsets against Florida, Georgia, Texas A&M, South Carolina and LSU.The SEC is suddenly a multi-loss mess with Alabama and Missouri a€” Missouri! The Aggies entered the SEC with Manziel as their starting quarterback,Missouri's rise is more surprising.
Fresno State (5-0) hosted Nevada Las Vegas in a late Saturday night game.Northern Illinois used the BCS clause last year to earn a bid to the Orange Bowl.

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