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Steelers receiver Antonio Brown stuck the landing at the end of his 56-yard touchdown on Sunday against Cleveland. After Antonio Brown's front flip into the end zone Sunday, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin told reporters to judge it during his post-game press conference.
Brown, who had 10 catches for 139 yards and two touchdowns, concurs with Retton, joking after the game that the Russian judge also probably would've awarded him a 10. 1) Ben finds Antonio Brown 2) Brown catches it 3) Browns runs for 56 yards and FRONT FLIPS into end zone. Channels Music Style Pop Culture Sports Sneakers Life Videos Shop Our Sites First We Feast Pigeons & Planes Collider Sole Collector Green Label Ride Channel Watch.
Antonio Brown Played a Phenomenal Game, Then Cursed Out the Officials on Twitter By Tony Markovich Assistant Editor. Mizzou Journalism. Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown doesn't like it when someone messes with his statistics. Brown made a terrific catch that appeared to be a touchdown in the fourth quarter of the Steelers' 30-23 win over the Houston Texans. Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch, Cliff Avril Voice Disappointment in Percy Harvin Trade to Jets When the fifth-year receiver saw the photo he responded saying, "f---ing refs," according to Bleacher Report. Brown has 50 receptions for 719 yards, both of which lead the league, and five touchdowns through seven games this season. I was in attendance at Steelers training camp on Wednesday to see how the 2016 edition is rounding into shape, and I walked away knowing All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown is already in mid-season form. Brown ran routes all by himself, against defenders in one-on-one drills and in scrimmages where 21 other players were involved. Brown made a leaping catch of a Ben Roethlisberger pass in the corner of the end zone during a goal line scrimmage.

Moments later, in a more traditional scrimmage where the players had the whole field to navigate, Brown ran a fly pattern and caught a deep pass from Roethlisberger over his right shoulder.
You add his productivity to his preparation, route-running and hands, and Brown is clearly the best wide-out in the NFL. The flip was instant social media fodder not just among Steelers’ fans but throughout football fans on Twitter, Instagram and so on.
Once the excitement of Brown’s athletic achievement died down, common sense questions started to come in and to be very honest, they are valid. As a strong believer in old school football principles for the most part, let me say that I think team end zone celebrations should be allowed. What concerns me more than the act itself is not the injury possibility, it’s the way it makes Tomlin look.
Tomlin has in the past expressed his disapproval of flipping into the end zone but he has apparently changed his tune. Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton isn't a reporter, but is certainly more qualified to score the end zone somersault. 1 also grabbed nine catches, one of which proved that his crotch is better at ball protection than 70 percent of the NFL wide-outs, for 90 total yards. In the video, it appears that his foot touches the white, but there's no way to be 100 percent sure.
So when he had a touchdown taken away in Monday night's game, Brown took to Twitter to voice his frustration with the referees. But the play was reviewed and officials determined his second foot came down out of bounds, thus overturning the call. On the ensuing play, Brown caught a short pass from Roethlisberger at about the two yard line and waltz right into the end zone.

84’s tremendous skills, but to point out that he might actually be the best player in the NFL right now. However, that hasn’t stopped him from reaffirming his believe that he deserves a new deal.
Antonio Brown’s forward flip, in which he stuck the landing better than Mary Lou Retton, was awesome. I understand the NFL’s attitude toward individual celebrations especially those like what we used to see from Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson. Watt began the evening dominating the Steelers 13-0, Pitt ripped off back-to-back-to-back-to-back scores with a field goal and three TDs, and eventually closed out a 30-23 W.
A second photo (below) also popped up on Twitter and gives a second angle that would prove Brown's catch should have been counted. But given how the NFL usually handles criticism of its officials, it is likely for a fine coming in Brown's future. Green and Demaryius Thomas, but what does size matter if it doesn’t stop productivity? It was the culmination of a long catch and run in which Brown put the game away against Cleveland. The second of those TDs was on an incredible trick play that had wide receiver Antonio Brown throwing three yards (it was more like 13) to Lance Moore for the score.

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