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I will include brand new ink cartridges, cleaning cartridges, cleaning supplies, pre-treatment solution, sprayer, and blank t-shirts to get you started. We are selling one (1) nearly new Anajet Sprint Digital Direct-to-Garment Printer, a $17,000 retail value. We bought this with the intention of expanding our printing business to include custom t-shirts and sweatshirts. I later decided I didn't want to partner with him, and he does not want to venture into this on his own. This machine is ideal for printing custom light and dark t-shirts, hoodies, mouse pads, or any other flat material you want to customize with your own designs.

Unfortunately we never dedicated the proper of amount of resources to running and properly marketing this part of the business, so it has sat largely unused for most of the time we?ve owned it. Given that I work full time and have a young child, it is too much for me to take on at this point. We?ve made a number of t-shirts and mouse pads for our own use and enjoyment and will be sad to see it go, but we can?t justify the cost if we?re not going to market it properly.
I was going to open a mall kiosk, until the person that was going to run it decided he didn't want to do it. I am keep this for one reason only, its extreemely easy to use and Anajets tech support is awesome.

I am currently using the machine so I really can't say how much ink I will have left at the time of the sale.

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