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This weekend America witnessed a limited crash in the computer systems that manage electronic benefit transfers across the country. The outage lasted less than a day, but it proved what many already knew, that America had become a nation so dependent on government subsidies that any glitch in the system could lead to total pandemonium. We say next month because the USDA, which oversees the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), has just issued an order to SNAP agency directors calling for their respective States to implement an emergency contingency program because of government funding issues. What this means is that should Congress fail to increase the debt ceiling this week, come November there will literally be millions of people in the United States who will have exactly zero dollars transferred to their EBT cards. Think this past weekend and multiply it across the entirety of the United States of America. In the State of Utah the immediate effect of the USDA’s contingency plan will be a freeze in benefits for 100,000 people. We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details).
This report is a BOO tactic and nothing but… This is barely worth the time and energy to read it. The US is defnetly not doing well we just had a goverment shut down I amm a disabled persone trying to do what i can and I can tell y were heded for at the lest another goverment shut down.
The USA lived just fine without welfare, the federal reserve, and income taxes for a long, long time before the socialists got their grubby little brains in on the way our country was run. We won’t be going hungry either, because we can fish, hunt, grow our own fruits an veggs and do for OURSELVES. What this article leaves out is the fact that these people who were at the grocery store caught wind that there was unlimited funds on the EBT cards and when the cashier told them no, they were then told that they should be allowed to purchase whatever they wanted … like stealing. I am sure it sounds crazy but just wait, we will soon find out what the FEMA camps are really for. My husband had a well-paying professional job and we were fully responsible for our family’s medical and grocery needs. We did not want to receive government assistance, but when faced with the choice between getting assistance or our family going hungry, we chose to apply for Food Stamps. Every conversation that I have seen online or overheard in real life about Food Stamps includes judgmental stereotypes of lazy welfare recipients that sit around doing nothing all day, refusing to work. Who are you to judge this woman, whether she is able to work or not, and dare call her lazy?
Wondering is probably one of the people paying for their food and has every right to question the integrity of those using the system. It is not the food stamps or day care assistance that is the problem it is the process of getting off of them that is the problem.
We need to stop blaming and realize that this is a trap and it is purposely put up so that people will be relying on the government.
On a side note those who think that immigrants are bad should go back to wherever their family came from. May Your Boss’s Day Consist Of Terrified Employees Awkwardly Lavishing You With Gifts They Can Barely Afford.

Like To Follow Your Footsteps And Be Like You Some Day, You Inspire Me Happy Boss’s Day! The AFGE was the only union officially invited to join the president and civil rights leaders for a walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge on March 7 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. To which, Obama replied: “This is the second time they asked me for a raise today,” according to The Washington Post. And it probably won’t be the last time the president hears about federal worker pay, and rightly so. Large budget deficits continue to cast a dark cloud over Washington — and most spending is placed under the microscope. But the likelihood of the workforce receiving a large across-the-board raise is slim, especially when agencies like the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) suggest cutting annual raises as part of a massive rollback in spending in order to trim deficit spending.
The CBO also suggested restructuring federal workers’ benefits as well as reducing the “number of federal civilian employees at certain agencies by 10 percent” through attrition in an attempt to save billions of dollars. Through executive order, Obama increased federal workers pay by 1 percent in 2015 after Congress failed to appropriate money for a pay increase. MyFEDBenefits is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by the Federal Government or any U.S.
Within hours of the crash panicked food stamp recipients who were left with no way to feed their families rushed grocery store shelves to obtain everything they could while the system was down. But, my wife and I are not stupid, We grow a lot of stuff, have plants inside for winter, can fish and hunt. There are a lot of people who need food stamps but there is a lot more that are taking the system for a ride.
I work 45 hours + a week, on disability AND yes, I get help and we still can’t make it.
I am ready for this to happen in many ways if its a riot they want then we should give it to them right on capital hill! Then he suddenly lost his job, and it was almost 2 years before he was able to get hired for a new job (even then, he had to settle for whatever job he could get, which was a low-paying blue-collar job). My husband is a very hard worker; he works as many hours as his employer will allow him to, and we still can’t make ends meet.
Oh wait, I already know who these people are…a bunch of immigrants milking the system while they do work for cash on the side and steal from us and badmouth us when we have our back turned. You don’t know any of the immigrants personally therefore you have no right to judge NO ONE!!! In recent years, federal workers have suffered through pay freezes and minuscule pay raises.
However, it is highly unlikely the Republican-controlled Congress is taking much of the president’s 2016 budget blueprint seriously. For the first time since 2004, FEGLI open enrollment will be available for all Federal employees from September 1-30. If we want to fix it then we need to start freezing gas then let every thing Else Kech up.The people will ethere speek up or loose all we know and have grown to like now is the time to say What y want or as they say pay for the farm.

I am being told over & over by the local DSS that it is simply because the workers are behind.
Don’t be so judgmental that people are lazy and riding the system not everyone is like that. Once the EBT’s are cut, the criminal government will ask all these people to head to the nearest FEMA camp for food and a roof over their head. The mother is 61 and has 50 grandchildren already and none of them have ever worked or ever held a job. Navigating federal insurance can be confusing, and many Fed workers may not know if FEGLI is the right choice for them.
Honestly, my wife and I wish we could work like the rest of you, but, like you, we are ready for this and we will survive.
These will be the first group to be exterminated, next the government will go after the unemployment checks. We have already used up all of our savings, started selling off personal belongings, and we mostly shop at thrift stores and discount grocery stores… What else can we do? They brag to her how they steal things and think it is great while their stolen pit bull is abused in the side yard and not even fed, forced to live on rocks. Known plenty of hard-working Americans and foreigners who HAPPENED to have black skin, too. It was definitely a struggle to provide Thanksgiving dinner for my entire family with the only income I have. The longer we adhere to Kickcanistan politicks the worse it will be when it finally collapses.
Bottom line is benefits have been frozen and people who depend on it (like the elderly and disabled as well)are going hungry. This nation has become a lazy, good for nothing, feed me, and give me everything for free country. I hate the fact that my hard earned cash must compete with so called free food stamps at the grocery store. I am ashamed of the assistance I receive from the government, but I know I could not make ends meet without it.
I am a firm believer that a riot will start if the funds are not sent out to the mass majority that do receive government assistance. I can’t feed my kids, pay bills, clothe my kids and pay medical on my low paying job AND disability.

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