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The Air Jordan 31 is set to be officially unveiled at a press event in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, but Jimmy Butler and Carmelo Anthony debuted the sneaker Monday during the first day of Team USA practice. Nike didn't become Nike without being borderline psychotic about anything that might potentially affect their brand image or their categorical market dominance. When USA Basketball team photos are taken, the guys who aren't wearing shoes with Nike swooshes are obscured.

Before players hit the court, there was a team photo taken which showed both Butler and Anthony wearing a white colorway of the sneaker that featured red and blue accents. As pointed out in the tweet, a few of these players have shoe deals with other brands, yet those brands obviously have to make concessions to allow said players to rock Nike uniforms, i.e.
This year's photo was released on Monday and it was no surprise that the feet of Harrison Barnes , Kyle Lowry and Klay Thompson were hidden.

When the Dream Team won gold, the three Nike spokesmen -- MJ, Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley zipped down their jackets and famously put a towel over the Reebok logo.

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