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Ms Russo has been following her son's growing celebrity status from the stands at football matches but longs for a deeper relationship with him and often comments on his Twitter profile.
As he grew up, the Kaepernicks sent Ms Russo pictures of Colin until contact fell away when he was around seven years old. Show your team spirit (or lack there of) with this fantastic Spiritless Chearleader Child Costume. After getting his first NFL start against the Chicago Bears during Monday Night Football last month, Kaepernick scored two touchdowns, massacring the Bears' tough defense and drawing high praise from the 49ers head coach.
She regularly congratulates him on his success on the football field and even bizarrely on his diminishing body fat. She'll be sure to scare away the competition and hopefully they run fast away fast enough (do you have any idea how hard it is to get browns out of a cheer uniform?).

When she initially emailed him as an adult, the footballer sent a few messages asking about his father with whom Ms Russo has had no contact since her son's birth. Hopefully this little zombie will stay away from the brains and just have a craving for candy this Halloween. She met with the Kaepernick family three months ago when the Niners played the Denver Broncos but has had little interaction since.
We're looking for the best and the brightest (er, make that, worst & dullest) to join our macabre ranks.
Also check out our Dead Zone Zombie football player uniform as well as the adult sizes of this costume. Ms Russo, who now has an eight-year-old son, told Mercury News: 'If and when he changes his mind - he may never change his mind - I'll watch him from home.

It doesn't matter if you're a zombie, ghost, or ghoul, (though ghosts won't make good lifters but maybe jumpers!) we are accepting all monsters for our nationally ranked cheer squad.
Keep workin' hard Colin!' Although she has had contact with Colin in the past, her son seems reluctant to build a relationship. We've got a show coming up at the halftime show when we take on the Werewolves in blood ball.

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