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Fairfield will take on Cumberland, Rhode Island for the New England championship on Saturday at 7 p.m. Jamie Flink got things started for Fairfield, hitting a solo home run in the first to put Fairfield up 1-0. Barnstable manager Joe Burke credited Davenport with keeping his team off balance all game long. Sports Illustrated Kids Names Little League Pitcher Mo'ne Davis Sports Kid Of The Year And Gets A Shout Out From Michelle Obama! The Stealth Retro has a 2-Piece Bat Construction and is crafted with a 100% Composite Design. The Limited Edition 2016 Helmer Flex softball bat features an all-new flex barrel construction for softer compression and maximum performance right out of the wrapper.
First College, next was High School, now at the Pony and Little League levels we will see a Youth BBCOR Bat! There will be no limit to how light a bat can be, which should be helpful to younger players.
Long story short, everyone who plays Little League, Pony, and the other organizations mentioned above will need to buy a new bat starting in 2018.
In an email from the President of Rip It Matthew Polstein, the Baseball bat and softball bat maker has decided to drop their line of baseball bats and other baseball products and focus solely on softball bats, softball helmets, softball face masks, and other softball protective and safety products.
Polstein stated that over a period of 18 months, through a customer development project, the company came to the conclusion softball players would be best served by a Rip It that focuses 100% of their efforts on the further development of the core of their business, which is softball helmets and softball facemasks, as well as softball bats.
The revelation comes as somewhat of a surprise as Rip It has always done well in the sales of BBCOR Bats.
January 17, 2016 by Mike Leave a Comment Twelve bats to rule them all… The 2016 DeMarini Slowpitch Softball Bat lineup may be the best ever. This is the USSSA Brett Helmer Signature Model for 2016. 2-Piece, 100% Composite Design using Thermo Composite Technology.
This is the ASA Brett Helmer Signature Model for 2016. 2-Piece, 100% Composite Design using Thermo Composite Technology. The Bryson Baker is the Bomb Squad bat that’s made with a Balanced Swing Weight, giving contact hitters the increased swing speed and improved bat control that they long for. 2-Piece, 100% Composite Design using IMX Composite, which is Easton’s tried-and-true composite material they have used for many years. If you like your bat made with the traditional 1-Piece Bat Construction, then the Bomb Squad Brian Wegman is the bat for you.
Composite – Both the Mako and Mako Torq baseball bats use the best composite Easton has ever made. Two-Piece Technology – The 2016 Mako and Mako Torq also share the patented CXN (ConnXion) rubber piece connects the handle and the barrel, eliminating sting and vibration.
360 Handle (Torq models only) – The revolutionary 360 Easton Torq handle gives hitters a shorter path to the hitting zone. August 17, 2015 by Kris 7 Comments This year, if you include the Speed Brigade Bats, Easton has delivered 13 all-new BBCOR Baseball Bats for 2016! Comments considered to be trolling or for the sole purpose of angering others will be removed. The 2014 Major League Baseball season is upon us, which means its time for the important things in life: hottest MLB WAGs. Apparently TLC is upset with Rihanna showing off her skin, which we’ve seen a lot of lately. The Guardian reported that Mario Balotelli took care of some personal business before Italy meets England in the World Cup on Saturday as he proposed to his Belgian girlfriend Fanny Neguesha.
Being that we are on the brink of the World Cup and our WAGs of the World Cup Countdown has been so successful, We thought it was only right to throw in a couple of bonus Balotelli WAGs for all of Busch League Nation to enjoy!
We can’t forget that Mario has a daughter from a previous relationship with Italian Showgirl and Model Raffaella Fico. Maxim Magazine hosted it’s Hot 100 party on Tuesday night in Hollywood to celebrate its annual list of the hottest 100 women in the world (Guess the writers at Maxim missed out on the epic BLS Wags of the World Cup Countdown because I only see a couple of our 55 girls on this list, what a DAMN SHAME). Either Blanchard or surfer Anastasia Ashley (also not found) are a million times hotter than Rousey Maxim. Brazil, the host country of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, has rested a lot of its hopes on the shoulders of its young, brilliant striker Neymar. Since we looked extensively at Gabriella in the WAGs countdown, it’s only right to have a better look at Bruna. Nike Football is running this awesome animation short on YouTube and has also made snippets from it into commercials for the World Cup coverage on ESPN. The Neymar love triangle we reported on in yesterday’s cooler cram has not gotten any clearer upon reviewing the social media accounts of the WAGs involved, after his huge day on the pitch. Shayk posted this photo Thursday, of Ronnie explaining something to her at the Cotto fight last weekend. One of favorite WAGs Yolanthe Sneijder (#13 on the WAGs Countdown), will not be missing out on Brazil!
Alberto Aquilani’s wife Michela Quattrociocche, posted this shot of herself in a bra on Thursday. Finally, it is unclear whether Edin Dzeko’s girlfriend Amra Silajdzic is partying in Brazil or their native Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bruna fired the first shot early Friday with this Selfie of herself in an elevator mirror with a huge bouquet of RED ROSES! Gabriella then responded about 8 hours later with a shot of her modeling for Rosa Clara, who makes cocktail and wedding dresses.
An early theme is developing at this World Cup and it’s not something that is unusual from the norm; the Dutch have the most fun! Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau is a BLS favorite and #13 on our Wags of the World Cup Coutdown, We loved her enthusiasm yesterday as she painted her face and headed off to the stadium to cheer her man on! Winonah also went face paint for the game and was seen drinking a cocktail from a coconut prior to the game.
Hey Paola Torres, stop tweeting weird World Cup designs and head to Brazil to support Diego Reyes, and tweet some photos of your pretty face to the WAG fans while you’re at it!
Another trend developing in the early stages of the World Cup is WAGs either not showing up, or being left at home. In order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service.
This includes the Z-Core Speed Whiteout BBCOR Baseball Bat, the Stealth Retro Fastpitch Softball Bat, and the Helmer Flex Slowpitch Softball Bats (one for USSSA and one for ASA).
The patented 2-Piece ConneXion (CXN) Technology maximizes energy transfer and eliminates vibration from getting to your hands, ultimately eliminating that unwanted sting at the moment of impact. Major brands like Easton, DeMarini, Louisville Slugger, and Rawlings are already hard at work on these new youth baseball bats with the USABat stamp. In 2012 and 2013 Rip It had the number 1 selling Adult Baseball Bat on the market, but times have changed and we applaud Rip It and their effort to make our girls safer on the softball field. The handle is a mix of ZnX (aluminum and zinc), heat treated for stiffness and less vibration. The 2016 DeMarini Steel is the latest single wall, steel barrel softball bat to come out of the Oregon bat maker’s facility.
Includes 360 Torq Rotation Technology that keeps you on plane and in the hitting zone longer, improving your timing and rids you of the classic rollover that would normally lead to weak grounders and inning-ending pop ups.

This Helmer has the CXN Zero Technology, which is the barrel-to-handle connection that virutally eliminates all vibration, improves overall feel, and adds more power behind every swing.
Made as a 2-Piece, 100% Composite bat using Easton’s tried-and-true IMX Composite material. Made with 100% Composite material, a 12″ Barrel Length, and an End-Loaded Swing Weight for power hitters, this bat is ready to help you drive the ball to the wall. Made as a 2-Piece, 100% Composite bat using IMX Composite material, this bat is made to last season after season. The 100% 7050 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy build is more durable and better performing than the Durable aluminum the S300 and S50 are made with. The all new crop of 2016 baseball and fastpitch softball bats are in the building and waiting for a new home. If you need help choosing a new bat for the 2016 season we are here to help at 1-800-589-4487. At no point during our testing did anyone experience unwanted sting or vibration in their hands. The balanced version is not overly balanced, and the end loaded XL models are not over-the-top heavy.
The TCT (Thermo Composite Technology) is light weight and strong, allowing Easton to make the sweet spot MASSIVE compared to other composite bats. This allows batters to get the baseball bat to the ball faster, ultimately giving the swing more power to all fields, especially when the batter is jammed with an inside pitch. We are the only bat seller to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, No Hassle Returns, and Free 2 Day delivery on most bats and gloves. This is your last chance to make one last trip through the buffet line before we get to next week’s menu. The party attracted mainly B-list women from the pictures that I’ve seen, you know, the Paris Hilton types.
Stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels debuted the first trailer during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday. Some of soccer’s biggest stars are portrayed in a story of risky football vs clone football.
Various outlets have reported that Neymar is now with Brazilian model Gabriella Lenzi (Who made #7 on our WAG Countdown) and she was in the stands watching him play Thursday. It looks to us like Croatian defender Dejan Lovren (Southampton) left his gorgeous wife Anita Lovren at home (we bet he could’ve used some comforting after the bogus foul he got called for in the box).
Does this message to Ronaldo yesterday from the #1 WAG on our Countdown Irina Shayk mean she isn’t coming to Brazil? On the 2nd day of the World Cup we saw a passive aggressive battle on Instagram between the 2 Fillies in Neymar’s stable, Bruna Marquezine and Gabriella Lenzi. There was no caption on the post just a red rose emoji (the subliminal message from Bruna to Gabriella was: LOOK! Although we are still in the very infant stages of this tournament, the Dutch WAGs seem to be partying down like it’s an endless happy hour at the local Amsterdam coffee shop, and we at Busch League Sports applaud them for it! It looks like Kevin-Prince Boateng sent his woman, Melissa Satta (#25 on the BLS list) some flowers on Friday. It’s hard to believe how many WAGs did not make the trip to the World Cup, or at least have not yet made it to the tournament. Diego Forlan’s ex, Victoria Saravia (who came in at #10 on the BLS All-Time World Cup WAGs list) was fired up for the Uruguay game yesterday as she posted this photo on twitter. We thought the picture of Alex Gerrard sipping wine on the beach from day 2 was in Brazil, turns out she may be on a holiday with her girlfriends somewhere in Europe. Not only did he have to sit out Saturday’s game with a sprained ankle, but it is also reported that his gorgeous wife Alena Seredova is divorcing him. Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned.
With the 19 team double elimination bracket, it makes it easy for anyone to understand what exactly is going on in a tournament or the playoffs.Using a 19 Team Double Elimination BracketWith a 19 team bracket, the six teams with the worst record must play for the final three spots of the winners bracket.
The barrel is made with Easton’s tried and true IMX Composite, which combines durability with ridiculous pop right out of the wrapper. Baseballs will likely not be hit as far with these bats, BUT the larger diameter barrel on the baseball bats can and will make the baseball easier to hit for many players.
As a father of a young softball player, I can’t say how grateful I am for companies like Rip It who continue to develop and innovate to help keep our children as safe as possible. This is the bat you want if you play in several different leagues or associations and don’t want to invest in two or more slowpitch bats.
This particular Mako Torq is made with a Balanced Swing Weight and is approved for 1.20 BPF USSSA, NSA, ISA, and SSUSA. This particular Mako Torq is made with an End-Loaded Swing Weight and is approved for 1.20 BPF USSSA, NSA, ISA, and SSUSA. This particular Mako Torq is made with a Balanced Swing Weight and is approved for ASA & ISF only. This particular Mako Torq is made with a End-Loaded Swing Weight and is approved for ASA & ISF only. Power hitters will favor this bat as it has an End-Loaded Swing Weight, giving you additional weight at the end of the barrel for additional power potential with every swing.
With a Balanced Swing Weight, this S500 gives you great bat control and fast swing speed while going through the hitting zone.
Our firsthand knowledge of baseball and softball bats help us guide you to the best bat for you in 2016. We literally had to TRY to hit the ball off the end of the bat to even feel any discomfort. We’re going to go bat-by-bat and let you know what each bat is made of and what type of hitter they cater to. Download and print the bracket for free on this page.The BCS and Calls for a College Football Playoff SystemSince 1998, the national champion in college football has been determined by the Bowl Championship Series. In an effort to round up the best baseball has to offer, we’ve compiled the sexiest girls who claim a major leaguer (whether that major leaguer really claims them is for a different time and place). If there are any wives or girlfriends that you think deserve to be featured, let us know in the comments below – we are here to protect (the sanctity of hottest WAGs) and serve. Simpson, 33, and Johnson, 34, hosted about 40 people, including their bridesmaids, groomsmen and Johnson’s former football teammates. The 1st installment is still one of the most quoted movies for anyone in the 25-40 year old range today. We at BLS think Neymar may be adding to the pressure he faces on the pitch by creating a love triangle off of it. Friday morning was just one of those times as 2 of our favorite people, Kate Upton and Dan Patrick, eerily appeared in our sights on a similar topic but in a completely separate and different way. Let’s hope they get CARNIVAL CRAZY down there and give us all a month of solid entertainment. However, her seats did not look to be in a location that would be reserved for players WAGs. We actually couldn’t believe our eyes when we looked at each of their accounts today. Both basically gave us nothing on Friday, both are not living up to their potential and possibly both didn’t even show up to the World Cup.

Sadly, Rafa Marquez’s wife, Jaydy Michel, was the only Mexican WAG that seemed to show up on social media in Brazil. Unfortunately for her (and Forlan), Uruguay got dominated in the 2nd half and lost to Costa Rica. Judging by these pre-game pics from his gorgeous fiancee, Fanny Neguesha, we bet she was going wild in the stands for her man! Everyone who loses, including the first three teams, still has a shot at winning the tournament.
The barrel also has a Balanced Swing Weight, giving you faster swing speed and improved bat control. The 1.2mm Hyperskin Bat Grip has a nice tacky feel with the right amount of cushion so you can grip it and rip it. Also, this bat is equipped with Easton’s new Hyperskin Bat Grip for more power through a softer feel. Ultimately, this bat is made as a price-point single wall barrel bat for those that either play in a coed league, church league, or just need a batting cage bat to take some hacks with while not beating up your more expensive bat. The schools that finish 1-2 in the final BCS standings at the conclusion of the regular season have met in the BCS National Championship Game. The party last night gives us at BLS a reason to take a long hard look at this list and let Maxim know where they have gone wrong.
We hope the sequel can bring us some more epic one-liners to deliver for the next 20 years.
As the Barcelona forward prepares to start the World Cup today, fans are wondering who the football star is currently dating. First, on the Dan Patrick Show this morning it was time for the Danettes to settle up their bet on the Belmont Stakes.
Obviously, SI has to do some Photoshop touch ups of these shots to make them appropriate for print. Neymar’s ex (or maybe not his ex) Bruna Marquezine, posted a picture of the former (or current) couple with a heart-felt message on Instagram Thursday morning. The whole triangle is really getting comical and we are hoping for more fireworks between the 3 as the tournament rolls on! Their positive attitudes paid off for them in the end as their Netherlands squad smashed the defending World Cup Champions Spain, 5-1. Spain has some of the top WAGs out there; #12 on our WAGs countdown Sara Carbonero, #18 Pilar Rubio , and #14 Edurne just to name a few. The real question is, are the WAGs being left at home because the footballers want to focus on the game?
Here’s what we saw from some of our favorites on social media on day 3 of the World Cup.
We did get this photo from Chris Smalling’s beautiful gal Sam Cooke, rooting 3 Lions on from home. This Stealth also has advanced Carbon Nanotube Technology, which is an advanced composite that makes the bat lighter. The Raw Steel gives you a unique feel and optimal barrel flex, making it one of the most popular models DeMarini has ever made. Lastly, this bat has the 1.20 BPF USSSA, NSA, ISA, and SSUSA approval stamps for slowpitch softball play. We are sure to have what you need from Easton, DeMarini, Rawlings, Louisville Slugger, Mizuno and Anderson In Stock and On Time. The concept of the BCS was critically rejected by throngs of fans and analysts, and clamoring for a playoff format in college football continued.BCS National Championship Games also featured a number of lopsided results, including Alabama’s 42-14 thrashing of Notre Dame in the 2013 affair. We will also keep an eye on the unlucky significant others cheering their men on from afar. Enters the field today and gives your show, I’ll be all proud seeing vc doing what he loves! Or are the WAGs being left at home because the players are all basically Playboys and want to get their groove on in the hot spot that is Brazil?
We hope to see more action like this tomorrow from Alex as England takes on Italy in the match of the day.
Making the bat lighter allows Easton to make the bat longer without the extra weight, giving the Stealth Retro a larger sweet spot for you to take advantage of!
According to an article in April from the Daily Mail, Neymar is dating Gabriella Lenzi (who came in at #7 on the BLS World Cup wags countdown, have a look), a supermodel who was born in Sao Paulo. Lastly, the Focus Flex Technology increases the overall power of the bat, which results in further hitting distances with just the right amount of barrel flex. If she wants to show off her body then it’s her right to do so and her music speaks for itself. The Brazilian beauty is a frequent user of Instagram, which leads to part of the confusion about whether she and Neymar are still going out.
Kate Upton turned 22 on Tuesday, and what better way for Sports Illustrated to wish her a happy birthday and thank her for all she’s done for the rag, than to post a picture of her HOO-HA on their Daily Swim website!! Alabama has won the last two and three of the last four.How the College Football Playoff System Will WorkCollege football’s national champion will be crowned following a four-team playoff beginning in 2015. Lenzi posted pictures from Times Square in New York City on June 10, just 2 days before the World Cup start.
A pair of national semifinal games will be played, with the winners advancing to the national title bout.
However, it does look like Lenzi has made it to Brazil, posting a photo at the airport with a friend upon arrival. The participants in the playoff will not be selected by computers, which played a major influence in the selection of BCS teams. The other part of the confusion stems from a post from the fan blog NeymarJr, which posted a photo of Neymar and Bruna Marquezine, who broke up in January. Thanks to DP, Kate and especially Sports Illustrated for getting the weekend started for us! Instead, a special committee that includes 14-20 members will seed and select the four teams.Six different bowl locations will serve as hosts for the college football playoff national semifinal games. There was also footage accompanying the post that shows the actress watching a Brazilian National Team training session. On January 1st, 2015, the first-ever college football playoff semifinal games will be held at the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl.
Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas will host the first National Championship game with the playoff format on January 12th, 2015. We actually have people on the ground in Brazil and we’ll be monitoring social media closely to see what ensues. We will also continue the WAG watch for all WAGs in Brazil in our new series WAGs at The World Cup, which you can expect daily until someone hoists the World Cup.

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